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Staying overnight will help to maximize time to explore stunning things to do, landscape and culture of a city. It also means that the uncomfortable time on car, bus, train or airplane is minimized. Sleeping on a restful bed are much better!

Throughout Vietnam, the bulk of travelers are recommended taking note of Hoi An on the bucket list, not only for visiting but also to spend a night. So, where can find the best place to stay in Hoi An?

Hoi An boasts a variety of accommodation and lodging business including guest house, motel, hostel, homestay, airbnb, hotel, villa, resorts and of price from budget, mid-range to luxury. They stand in various different areas where you will receive the advantages and disadvantages if stay in. The most suited place to sleep depends on your taste, budget, time and travel plan. This article of Hoi An Life outlines every area and analizes its own features to help you easier for selecting your favourite.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Things you need to know about Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town’s the central core of Hoi An city and its non-official borders is wider than UNESCO World heritage site designated area. Basically, Phan Chu Trinh, Cao Hong Lanh, Hoang Dieu streets and Hoai river form it. All tourists have to buy an entrance ticket with a price of 80.000 VND for Vietnamese ID holders and of 120.000 VND for foreigners to access the area as well as visit its sightseeing places. Read our article http://hoianlife.net/hoi-an-ancient-town-ticket-and-included-sitess-complete-guide/ for further details.

Why stay in Hoi An Ancient Town?

Accommodations within the Ancient Town are the best places to stay in Hoi An. Firstly, by their great convenience so you save your time&money in transport and have a bonus to relax or participate other things. You just need to take some walks to must-see attractions like iconic Japanese covered bridge, Vietnamese old houses, ornate Chinese assembly halls, centuries-old temples&pagodas, central market, featured museums and awesome points of shopping such as the best tailors for customized garments, the best leather shops for high-quality bags, shoes and jackets, cloth and night markets, highly rated survenirs&gift shops. Additionally, the best cafe, the best Vietnamese restaurants, many stalls selling must-try street foods, money exchange, western union points, ATM, convenience stores and more are in a walkable distance. Taxi or car is only necessary for getting beaches and sites in the countryside.

In case of activities, you have no difficulty to look for and reach a fantastic cooking class, lantern boat ride, some of the best craft workshops and food tours near you.

Secondly, you have the chance to see, feel and photograph the life of people in a living Medieval town all the times during the day. For instance, bustling scene of fish market at Cho Hoi An and sunrise watching opportunity in the early morning what you may miss out if not stay here. Right after, it takes just few minutes to approach local breakfast stalls and coffee shops on the pavement near Japanese covered bridge. Keep in mind that the morning is one of the best times to capture moments in Hoi An.

Reasons make places to stay in Hoi An Ancient Town not recommended

Although convenient for nearly everything, there are some disadvantages you may face when stay in the accommodations within Hoi An Ancient Town. During tourist seasons, nowhere else around you is quite, except your room. Countryside areas, seacoast resorts or non-popular beaches are highly recommended if look for the leisure holiday. In addition to, the flooding in typhoon season also is another issue you need to keep in mind. Compare to other areas, river-nearby parts of the town have most affects. Read our article about the best times to visit Hoi An for further information.

Secondly, at certain times of the day, the town becomes a pedestrian-friendly area where taxi, bus, car or motorcycle are not allowed to access. For that reason, organised tours will have to pick up and drop off you at a meeting place on its edge. Meaning that waking up ealier to reach and wait there is a must-do.

Around Hoi An Ancient Town

An Hoi island

To the South of Hoi An Ancient Town, An Hoi island composes of various homestays, hostels, hotels and resorts (Hoi An Silk Marina, Vinh Hung Emerald, Vinh Hung Riverside).

Pros: Accommodations in An Hoi advantages a short distance to the Ancient town where every tourist wants to visit (see the best things to do in it here). Staying in this area Moreover, it boasts of the largest night market in Hoi An on Nguyen Hoang street. You’re likely to find out finger-clicking street foods, plentiful choices of souvenir, gift, accesories, colorful lanterns and ready-made clothes. There are a couple of live music restaurants as well as night bars and clubs just outside of it along Nguyen Phuc Chu street. These absolutely make you have good nightlife and especially no worried about long-distance transport after partying with friends (including security issue).

Daily public boat to Cham islands departures from a pier on An Hoi island (near Silk Marina resort). It suits for who likes to travel on a budget or wants to bring own vehicle to explore the archipelago.

Cons: Fooding is the biggest disadvantage when accommodate in An Hoi island. It happens during rainy season but not every year (browse here to know Hoi An weather to avoid or pre-prepare). At several times, the floodwater rises up to over the chest of local people.

Cam Nam island

Cam Nam is another island on Thu Bon river, to South-east of Hoi An Ancient Town. It houses numerous selections of homestay, hostel, hotel and luxurious river-facing resort. You need to cross Cam Nam bridge no matter where you stay overnight in this island. To know more about different aspects of it, read Hoi An Life’s article here.

Pros: As same as An Hoi island, accommodations near Cam Nam bridge own a perfect location where their guests just need to spend few minutes to get the Ancient Town as well as main stage of Hoi An Memories Show. Peaceful atmosphere is another plus because of non high traffic on the island.

Cons: Although choices of accommodation around Cam Nam island is in abundance but only Cam Nam bridge connects them with the rest of the city. In high flooding, it’s often covered by riverwater that make the island isolated. You may not have a good time if being put in this situation. Additionally, places to stay stand far from the bridge also disadvantage pick up/drop off services of organised tours.

If stay in Cam Nam island, make sure you know three its food specialties: Banh dap (wet rice paper clamped by crackers and eaten with savory fish sauce), Hen xao (stir-fried baby clams served with rive crackers) and Che bap (grating corn sweet soup). Local restaurants along Nguyen Tri Phuong street are the best places.

North of the Hoi An Ancient Town

Just out of Hoi An Ancient Town designated area boundaries, you come in this part of city core. It covers Cam Pho, Son Phong anh Tan An wards where plentiful accommodations stand.

Pros: Places to stay in the North of Hoi An Ancient Town are varied. You can search nearly all types from guest house, motel, hostel, homestay, hotel, airbnb to resort that also diverse in price (budget, mid-range and luxury). If book a room within Cam Pho and Son Phong, its distance to the Ancient town is walkable and bicycleable (free bicycle is often included in whichever accommodation but checking it again before reserve).

In comparison to lower parts, this area usually is not flooded in the rainy season and closer/more convenient to get Da Nang, Tra Que vegetable village as well as beaches. Pick up and drop off services of the packaged tour are covered as well. Thus, this area gives us a great convenience, short distance to the Ancient town (see things to do in the daytime and nightime within it here), various choices of restaurant and no extra fee when join tours.

Cons: North ancient town’s accommodations may not fitted for second (or more) timers, beach lovers (sun seekers) or who prefer to stay near green areas. Additionally, these places are often overbooked or very busy with mass tourism travelers that other guests may not receive the best services from hotel-ers and stay away from hustle and bustle. Getting in touch ahead of time to your preffering accommodation to know what’s going on in next days. This help you more proactive.

Between Hoi An Ancient Town and best beaches

Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que is an organically-grown vegetable village situating between Hoi An Ancient Town and An Bang beach. It’s tranquil, full of green color and home of the highest quality herbs. As a result, many accommodations (especially homestays) choose it as their base. To deepend your understanding about the village and everything relating to, browse Hoi An Life’s article here.

Pros: An Bang beach-one of the best beaches and the Ancient town-a must-visit destination are all in walkable and bicycleable distance to places to stay within Tra Que vegetable village. Therefore, you do mot need to notice about taxi, shuttle bus, bus or other kinds of transport if just want to reach that places. Rice fields near the village as one of the nicest sunset-watching spots is another thing to note.

In addition to, you have the chance to see, feel and record beautiful moments of life when farmers at work. If like to learn their traditional cultivative techniques, nobody in the village minds about. Tra Que’s establishments also hold Vietnamese cuisine cooking class, countryside cycling tours to Cam Thanh or local food tours on foot.

Cons: Nightlife spots, entertainments and things to do by night are not really rich in Tra Que vegetable village. However, it’s not too far to An Bang beach area or the Ancient town where they are usually ready to serve. On the other side, you have to walk to main road Hai Ba Trung to see your guide/driver if book a guided tours. An additional fee may be charged in some cases.

Cam Chau

Places to stay in Cam Chau lie between must-see Hoi An Ancient Town and Cua Dai beach. They mainly concenstrate along artery Cua Dai street or stand near rice fields. About the category, homestay, hostel, hostel, airbnb, hotel with pool and resort are all in their collection.

Pros: The Ancient town, beaches, Cam Thanh countryside and Tra Que vegetable village are all in a quite short distance from Cam Chau (under two kilometers). Therefore, you will have no stress about check out each one of these places or not if stay within its boundary. Meaning that your travel plan possibly cover all of them. Additionally, it takes only few minutes to approach green-windy rice fields as well. More than anywhere else in the city, paddy-facing restaurants and cafe are easy to search like Cam Chau (check out Roving Chillhouse as reference). Think of chilly atmosphere, lots of cool breeze, good drinks&foods and brilliant sunset.

More pocket-friendly price is another advantage when stay in Cam Chau, from food, motorbike rental, laundry service and tours. That’s awesome for who travels on a budget or just want to spend money smarter.

Cons: Although accommodations in Cam Chau are quite near the Ancient town and famous places, it seems that an own vehicle is necessary. Thanksfully, free bicycle usually is an inclusion of your hotel price. Checking this part of policy carefully when book. However, for multi-destination plan, motorcycle is better way of transport (browse here to know the best rental shops).

Keep in mind that areas near rice field or river in Cam Chau is often inundated during the rainy season (establishments on or close Cua Dai street not). Check weather forecast carefully about the typhoon prior to make a reservation.

Hoi An countryside

Cam Thanh

Three kilometers away to the west of Hoi An Ancient Town, Cam Thanh boasts of its vast green rice fields, charming villages, calm river and pristine water coconut forests. All vehicles are convenient to get it from every parts of the city. Furthermore, getting a boat or bicycle are popular ways to explore its highlights.

Pros: Alongside its beautiful countryside, Cam Thanh own the largest number of villas in Hoi An. If travel with family, company or group of friends, these places are fitted. Think of a great time together with pool, parties and comfort like home. Of course, it happens away from hustle and bustle in town. In case you are an exerciser, cyclist or outdoor activity seeker, Cam Thanh is a ‘huge park’ where rice fields and green spaces are easily found. Moreover, mass tourism travelers often do not stay over here also make it not too touristy, is another plus.

Fact: Cua Dai bridge in Cam Thanh is one of the best spot for both sunrise and sunset in Hoi An.

Cons: Location is first disadvange of Cam Thanh’s accommodations. It seems that they stand away from well-know sites (except Bay Mau water coconut forest) making you not too smooth to design an awesome travel plan. The distances are quite far for bicycle, walking and taxi fare is relatively costy (compare to city center). The motorcyle is the best choice for personal vehicle. Beside that, an extra fee will be charged into your guided tour price, pick up and drop off at hotel for example.

Cam Kim island

Cam Kim is a peaceful river island to the South of Hoi An city center where small villages, rice paddies, temples, pagodas, family-cult chapels and traditional handicrafts stand. It is connected with An Hoi island and the Ancient town by Cam Kim iron bridge. Islanders use the ferry boat to reach as well. Read Hoi An Life’s article http://hoianlife.net/hoi-an-islands-cam-nam-cam-kimcu-lao-cham/ to know more.

Pros: Spending time in Cam Kim island brings you many opportunities to see, feel and experience authentic rural ways of life. Most specially, expand your horizon about long-standing handicrafts like woodwork making in Kim Bong carpentry village, sedge mat making, rice noodle making, rice wine making. Local people are friendly, hospitate and happy with sharing you steps to create and their stories. In Triem Tay village, places to stay are designed creatively by bamboo material that create a signature for itself as ‘bamboo village’.

Morever, there is quite convenient to approach the Ancient town if stay in an accommodation near Cam Kim bridge or Kim Bong pier (these areas also own the best Vietnamese restaurants in the island). It takes only 15 minutes no matter which way of transport you get.

Cons: Like Cam Nam island, flooding causes some negative affects to villages in Cam Kim yearly. At some times, it rises up to over the chest of local people and moving on both the ferry or bridge is not in high safety (see our article here to know the best times to visit Hoi An to avoid or pre-prepare the solution). This issue will be improved significantly when new Cam Kim bridge completed. Additionally, the island owns very small number of nightlife spots, entertainments and standard restaurants with a service making it not really fitted for busy travelers.

Hoi An beaches

An Bang beach area

An Bang beach general view

Three kilometers away from Hoi An center, this sandy stretch of sand is among the most well-liked beaches. There are many selections of accommodation within the village next to it from guest house, homestay, hostel, hotel, villa and airbnb. Following recent coastal erosion occured in Cua Dai beach area, more and more people come to it for getting fresh, swimming, playing sports and eating out. Read our article here to know everything about An Bang beach (and other beaches in Hoi An). We have other helpful articles of the best homestays, best Vietnamese restaurants and best sunrise watching spots in detail too.

Advantages of staying overnight in An Bang beach area

You have a couple of advantages when have the overnight stays in An Bang’s accommodations. To know what are they and details about them, browse Hoi An Life’s article http://hoianlife.net/the-best-homestays-in-an-bang-beach-area/.

An Bang beach is among the most populated living area of expats. If plan to live in Hoi An (even for a while), take this note.

Disadvantages when sleep in An Bang beach area

If come to Hoi An during the rainy season, An Bang may not your choice. Notably in typhoon days, its accommodations are under a medium to serious influences (browse here to know Hoi An’s weather in the year to know when). Besides that, as a favoured beach spot for both local and tourist, this part of coast often is crowded in the summertime. The ongest Vietnamese holidays also falls into the time making it very packed. Consequently, overbooking is a common thing. Less touristy places are more suited like Tan Thanh or Hidden beaches to the South.

Many bus tour operators do not cover pick-up and drop-off services in An Bang beach area. An additional fee is charged if someone like to join their tours. Contact and discuss personally with them for detailed information.

Cua Dai beach area

Cua Dai beach general view

Cua Dai beach positions three kilometers away from Hoi An center and brings us a magnificent scenery of seascape overlooking to Cham islands, sandy coastline as well as good restaurants under the shade of coconut trees. To know every aspects about this piece of heaven, read our articles about the best beaches in Hoi An, best Vietnamese restaurants and its best cooking class (Bamboo Cooking School).

Why stay overnight in Cua Dai beach area?

Cua Dai beach houses an amount of luxurious resorts accompanied with highly-standarded services and amenities what ansent in other seaside areas of Hoi An coast. You can check out Palm Garden Resort, Sunrise Premium Resort or Vinpearl Resort if looking for a fantastic time with your family and partner. More than that, these places are very convenient to approach Cua Dai harbour for reaching Cham islands. No matter you travel by yourself or guided tours.

Reasons make Cua Dai beach not recommended to stay over

The main reason to explain why Cua Dai beach area not recommended to spend a night belongs to its damaged beach. Coastal erosions happen in recent years make it not really ideal for sun seekers and beach lovers. To keep safety of people, local authority set up hippers marking ‘safety zone’ what easy to notice from the distance. Rescue team is also established from skilled Cua Dai-ers.

On the other side, it takes you at least 15 minutes to go to the Ancient town (a must-see) by your own vehicle. It seems that by long distances, walking and cycling are not really ideal (doesn’t mean impossible). However, most resorts arrange their rescheduled shuttle bus to that area daily.

Between Hoi An and Da Nang

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai and Le Belhamy Resort are two best resorts to stay over between Hoi An and Da Nang. Not only enjoy white sandy beach with a beautiful view, also receive the convenience to travel Da Nang. For detailed information about

Should-read articles: must-see attractions in Da Nang city center, Dragon bridge, the Marble Mountains, the Monkey Mountain (Son Tra peninsular), Hai Van Pass, Ba Na Hills (the Golden Bridge), must-try street foods, best Vietnamese restaurants.

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