Where to stay in Da Nang?

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Da Nang is one of major tourist cities in Central Vietnam region, together with serene Hue to the North and vibrant Hoi An to the South. These “nucleus” create a fascinating “travel route” what nobody wants to miss out. Due to just 25km from each other, Da Nang and Hoi An are often on the same travel plan of visitors. Morever, leading international airport (Da Nang airport), sea port, bus and railway stations all also base in this city. It plays very important role in the transportation as a result. In other words, people have to come to it before transfer to somewhere else. Thus, either have long-term stay to explore its famous places or just for a while before/after departure a trip, the accommodation is a need. So where to stay in Da Nang?

In the fact that Da Nang stands as Vietnam’s fourth largest urban zone (population of over 1 million people), with a wide radius. Making looking for one place to stay satisfying every travel purpose become more difficult. To help you easier to search, in this article, Hoi An Life outlines every main area of the city and advantage/disadvantages when sleep in there. We also have another awesome, helpful articles you should read as Da Nang beach resort.

Places to stay in Da Nang city center

Local people often mention Han river banks and Hai Chau district as Da Nang city center. These zones have the highest concenstration of tall buildings, state headquarters, premium hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Because of Da Nang’s well-planned road network, there is very convenient to get any places from its center. It takes you only few minutes to explore world’s best beaches, impressively designed bridges, major transportation hubs, best bars&pubs, best Vietnamese restaurants, best coffee shops, modern facilities and not more than 45 minutes to approach the Marble Mountains, Hai Van pass, Ba Na Hills, the Monkey Mountain or Hoi An ancient town. If stay in central Hai Chau district, must-see attractions like Cham Museum of Sculpture, Han market, the Pink church are in the walkable distance. That’s awesome for who likes to travel on foot to appreciate beauty, people and cuisine of the city. Its streets feature the spaciousness, under full shade of trees and non vendors. Accommodations stand within this area also are close by the airport where all flights to Da Nang (and Hoi An) land. They have great locations!

You have plenty of choices of place to stay to choose from as well. Guest house, hotel, hostel, homestay, arbnb are all easily found and reserved via popular online sites. In the course of off-tourist seasons, feel relaxed! Only few times of the year, overbooking occurs but it doesn’t last long (some days maximum, read our article here for further information about this topic). Prices are varied, from pocket-friendly, mid-ranged until luxury offers with a high-end quality. No matter your budget and taste, you find a couple of your favourites here.

Alongside with, many hotels in Da Nang center offer a stunning view. Not only with streets but also magnificent mountains, blue sea, poetic river, endless green riverside parks as well as graceful bridges. You can get a picteresque bird’s eye view from the highest floors of Novotel Danang Premier Han River or breath-taking scene of vast sea&grand Thuan Phuoc bridge from rooftop Olympic-sized swimming pool of Danang Golden Bay Hotel. Grand Mercure Danang and Vinpearl Condotel Riverfront Da Nang offer very great night scenes from their river-faced accommodations.

On the other side, you will pay little more if like to stay overnight in Da Nang center generally. It’s easy to understand why and common to any other cities around the country.

Riverside hotels

If you’re looking for one of the most pretty riverscape in the country, think of accommodations along Bach Dang “Pub street” and Tran Hung Dao street. Interestingly, local people call it as ‘Little Singapore’ view. Furthermore, a large number of places among these provides bright-colored eyesight during days of the International firework competition. More daily, brilliant sunrise and sunset over shimmering Han river.

If visit Da Nang in rainy (or typhoon) season, you have better views from riverside hotels than beachside ones. Above all, check weather forecast carefully once book anywhere.

Hotels near Da Nang airport

Like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang airport is in the city center instead of the outskirt making it become the most convenient of its kind in Vietnam. In a walking distance from both domestic and international terminals, you can find lots of good accommodations that suit for either short-term or multi-day stays. Most facilities necessary for your trip like restaurants, spas, stores are near and not difficult to search. Additionally, there is under 3.5 kilometers to reach must-see attractions in Da Nang centre and under 40 kilometers to other ones at its four directions (see below). Best view hotels overlook 29th March park (Cong vien 29 thang 3), main avenues and the bay. Keep in mind that the wet season is not a proper time to accommodate in beachside hotels near Da Nang airport. Rains and typhoons block your room’s view during it. Strong waves make not really ideal conditions for swimming as well. Check out Samdi

Must-visit tourist sites around Da Nang: Hai Van pass, the Monkey Mountain (Son Tra peninsular), the Marble Mountains, beaches, Ba Na Hills, Hoi An ancient town.

Fact: Da Nang international airport is the busiest one in Central Vietnam. In 2019, 60.000 flights carrying 15 million passengers landed here (including the bulk of flight to Hoi An).

Hotels near Da Nang railway station

Tourists from Hoi An/Da Nang often approach this railway station for taking trains to famed tourist destinations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Hue (to see Hai Van pass‘s amazing coast), Dong Hoi, Ninh Binh or Nha Trang. If like to stay somewhere convenient in location and good in quality, Five Homestay Da Nang satisfies both (according to our personal research). Contact ahead of time in case you want to stay for a bit, late check-in or have special requests via its telephone number (+84)782022151, Email (hi@fivehomestay.com). Also, you’ve not a lot difficulties to find out places to eat, coffee shops and convenience stores around the station, like other important transportation hubs.

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Places to stay near Da Nang bus station

Da Nang central bus station (Ben xe trung tam Da Nang) is the largest of its kind all over Central Vietnam. Meaning that you’re able to get on a bus to reach most cities in the region (and vice versa). If plan to move within a distance of about 200km like Hue or Dong Hoi (the provincial city near Phong Nha), there is possible to find daytime starters. Especially to Hue, plenty of choices to choose from. On contrary, you have to spend a night on bus if want to approach tourist destinations over 200km (and vice versa, from that places to Da Nang). In case of early morning arrivals, stay in the pleasant accommodation and give your holiday more comfort!

Near Da Nang bus station, guest house, hostel, homestay and small hotel have the greatest concenstration. Commonly, people would like to just stay for a bit and change to another better option later. General price stretches from low to medium, from that reason. And probably less expensive significantly than most accommodations around city center and popular Da Nang’s beaches. Additionally, their customer reviews on social sites like Google map, TripAdvisor are not rich. Take note of places to sleep along main roads, you may find a good one among them.

Da Nang’s hotels near My Khe beach

Bai bien My Khe is the king of Da Nang’s beaches. It draws million tourists yearly due to its outstanding natural qualities, great convenient location and leverage from the media. Top 6 world’s sexiest beaches by the Forbes in 2005, for example. In fact, accomodating around this precious part of coast will be the most fitted if you don’t look for a resort. The selection is plentiful, from different standards, amenities/facilities, quality of service or pricing. The best choice depends on your budget, liking and taste. In case prefer an eco-friendly hotel, make sure you know the Chicland. Restaurants (specially living seafood one) and nighttime entertainments such as night market, pub/bars are really easy to reach from your accommodation also. Probababy, the beach’s just in your doorstep and private-like in the evening.

Keep in mind that multi-storey hotels lining Vo Nguyen Giap coastal road offer the best view overlooking My Khe beach. If just like to take picture, come to their rooftop cafe/bars.

Da Nang beach resorts

Da Nang coast is lengthy, of white powdery sand beaches and rocky-cliffy around the Monkey Mountain. Specially, its East section stretches further 10 kilometers into Hoi An’s boundary. Along this world-class shoreline, you have numerous choices of high end resorts such as Premier Village, Furama Resort, Fusion Maya, Hyatt Regency, Vinpearl Luxury or Sheraton. Within the Crown Plaza, there is an only casino of the region standing (bring your passport when like to come, just foreigners allowed). Nestled in the jungle, Son Tra peninsular’s resorts bring the ultra privacy, like ‘a perfect nest’ where you stay away from crowds and city noise. Read our article about Da Nang’s beach resort to deepen your understanding about this topic.

Fact: The Furama was first five-star resort in Da Nang. It opened from 1997.

Beachside resorts near Hoi An

Along coastal “five star road” of Da Nang, the Sheraton, The Ocean Villas, Naman Retreat or Grandvrio Ocean Resort have the shortest distance to Hoi An (it takes around 15-20 minutes drive). By this position, you do not need to spend much time to reach the most celebrated tourist attractions like the Marble Mountains or Hoi An ancient town. Of course, the beach is immediate nearby your room. Not packed like upper parts, may have very relaxing time on beach near these resorts. Vehicles’re convenient to get in and get out as well, except the public bus.

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Resorts in Son Tra peninsular (the Monkey Mountain)

Only two resorts with a sandy beach in precint of the Monkey Mountain: world-famous the InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort and Tien Sa Retreat. Both offer you the private, heaven-like stretch of sand and all essential services for your holiday. Due to their quite remote location, the shuttle bus’s available to take you to the city center, with a fee. Let the tour operator know which resort you plan to stay to get good deals. In many situations, the additional fee may be charged. If unfollow its timetable, get a taxi or Grab car when needed (you’re advised that should not go with unlicensed drivers “vendor taxi” to avoid the overpriced pay or dangers en route).

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Accommodations in Ba Na Hills

What is Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills is a famed mountain resort on the qaltitude of around 1.400 ASL, 25 kilometers away from Da Nang city center (around fourty-five minutes drive). It composes of grand French-style buildings, amusement park with over 90 indoor&outdoor games, appealing gardens where tourists have to get cable car to reach for a visit. World famous the Golden Bridge‘s also inside this huge complex. For more information, read Hoi An Life’s articles about Ba Na Hills (full guide), how to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang and from Hoi An.

Why stay overnight in Ba Na Hills?

In comparison to other places around Da Nang, staying in Ba Na Hills gives you some great time in very moderate, comfortable weather (especially in the summer) and have the chance to feel its beauty by night without tourists. More than that, see sunrise from the altitude of 1500m ASL and become first persons visiting the attractions within it in the day after. During peak periods, you will stay away from crowds and really relax to enjoy taking impresive pictures. A kingdom of freedom awaits you! Normally, discount for Ba Na Hills ticket and promotions are often offered for the guests.

In addition to, receive the world-class quality of services from professional management of the Accor (a global leading hotel group in hospitality).

The best hotel in Ba Na Hills

The best accommodation in Ba Na Hills is Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills. Like its name, this high end hotel locates inside the French village (Khu lang Phap) featuring many elegantly architectured buildings. All rooms’re lavishly decorated, well-equipped with a full amenities and provide beautiful views overlooking different parts of the summer resort. As a guest, you have over ten choices of restaurant, coffee shop and bar, long list of activities/services to do during your stay. Browse its official webpage to see options and make your own reservation.

Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills commonly provides hourly accommodation service. If like to experience its four-star quality or look for a resting place during your visit, browse here for further information.

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