What to do in Hoi An in two days? 48 hours in Hoi An

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Between so much options to select and tailor your travel plan, you are little confused? No worries because in this guide, we outline the highlights to help you find out the answer for questions of what to do in Hoi An in two days or what to do in 48 hours in Hoi An.

The best times to visit Hoi An

Before design your travel itenerary in Hoi An, make sure you know the best times to visit this eminent destination in beautiful Central Vietnam. Browse our article for detailed information via http://hoianlife.net/the-best-times-to-visit-hoi-an/.

How to get from Da Nang to Hoi An

Day One

Visit Hoi An Ancient Town and its historic places

UNESCO-listed Hoi An Ancient Town is great to start your first day of the trip. It brings so much funs, from historic interests, shopping, coffeeing, photography, many delicious foods to sample to loads of activities that suitable for all ages. A ticket is required to every travelers and especially for who wants to sightsee stunning attractions inside it like Japanese covered bridge, Vietnamese old houses, Chinese assembly halls or museums. The cost is 120.000 VND (5.2 USD) and this covers the chance to admire traditional art performances and five sites to visit. See detailed information about all of them in Hoi An Life’s article through http://hoianlife.net/hoi-an-ancient-town-ticket-and-included-sitess-complete-guide/.

Wandering or cycling around are popular ways to explore Hoi An Ancient Town, because of their convenience. Within pedestrian times, bicycles are still allowed to enter. Think about getting a cyclo ride if like to have something special. Come to the Museum of Folk Culture to meet riders and select your favourite one. Keep in mind to make sense how long the ride is, its price and even tipping to your riders to have a truly enjoyable experience.

If looking for good places to eat in the Ancient town, check out Hoi An Life’s articles about the best Vietnamese restaurants and the best vegan restaurants.

Get a personalized garment in Hoi An tailor shop

Tailoring in Hoi An has a long history. Between 15th and 19th century, the town functions as a major stopping point of the South-East Asia on inter-continent Silk Road. Through this extensive trade network, high quality products from Hoi An’s tailors are brought to many countries around the world. From nineteenth century onwards, Hoianian genenations have kept alive their father craft and diversified what they make to adapt well different periods. Today, garment products are very diverse, fashionable, of nice material, made by professional workmanship and offered in a reasonable price. Together with skilled tailors, service with great care, quick processing (within 24 hours often), all makes Hoi An become a “capital of tailoring” in Vietnam. Popular item of clothings are suits, dresses and jacket, both for gentle men and elegant women. Additionally, travelers can be a designer when they can choose any favourite from the internet and have their own creativity, from fabric, style to lining. People in the shops will listen carefully, give proper advices and work with a high responsibility to complete your garment as perfect as possible. For more detailed information, browse our comprehensive guide via http://hoianlife.net/tailoring-in-hoi-an-history-prices-tips-and-best-tailors/.

Hoi An’s best tailor shops are in and near the Ancient town, so a visit to them is convenient to any trips around the UNESCO site.

Stop at a Hoi An Ancient Town’s coffee shop

Vietnam is second largest coffee producer in the world. It also boasts of its highest position on the global ranking in exporting Robusta beans. In addition to, other kinds of coffee and specialty coffee are still good, worth it to try when visit around charming Hoi An Ancient Town. Alongside with traditional offers such as Ca phe den (black coffee), Ca phe sua da (black coffee with condensed milk), Ca phe sua dua (coconut milk coffee) or Ca phe trung (egg coffee), Western-styled mainstays are also ready to serve you in Hoi An best coffee shops. While you will walk in an old house with the inspiring decor at somewhere, other places in this group provide absolute awesome concept, quality of drinks or even nice viewpoint to take picture. See the list in our article via http://hoianlife.net/hoi-ans-best-coffee-shops/.

If want to try coffee like a local, you should come to Japanese covered bridge before 8 in the morning. At there, people sit on low plastic stool on the pavement, enjoy coffee and chat to each other. The atmosphere is hubhub, active and lively.

Taste local foods in Hoi An Central Market

Hoi An Central Market is a food mecca right in the core of the Ancient town. It opens everyday from around 5 a.m (fish and vegetable stores) and closes after 6 p.m. Generally, this Hoi An’s largest market includes three zones as for cooked food in the front, for fresh food&cooking utensils in the middle and for fish by the river. To taste local dishes like Mi quang, Cao lau noodles, Pho, fried wonton, white rose dumplings or Banh mi, just come to women-run courts lining its aisles. Name of the food and price are clearly shown on the menu (the thing make travelers love Hoi An more than some other cities). So, no worried about a costy bill. In addition to, having the meal (as well as visiting around) in the market helps us to know more authentic local ways of life than classy restaurants in town. We have an article about all markets in Hoi An, browse to see if interested.

An Bang beach

Picteresque An Bang beach is another stunning place, to help you answer the question of what to do in Hoi An. It’s reputation comes from long stretch of fine sand with the view over famous Cham islands, turquoise water, lots of sunshine, gentle waves and breezy seafront restaurant-bars that transform into chilly oasises by night. A fantastic place to relax, cool down and get closer to beautiful nature. From the Ancient town, it takes you just few minutes to reach and all vehicles are convenient to move between both well-known attractions. We have an ultimate guide to this Hoi An’s best beach, check it out through http://hoianlife.net/an-ultimate-travel-guide-for-hoi-ans-beaches/. Morever, An Bang beach also is ideal to dine, especially in establishments of live music.

If have no swimsuit or forget it in the room, you absolutely can buy in An Bang beach. Local shops line the main street namely Hai Ba Trung.

Hoi An Night Market

With over 150 vendor stores stretching along Nguyen Hoang street, that’s great to wander around, sample delicious local foods and buy cheap survenirs from dozens of choices in the Hoi An Night Market. It opens from 4:30 until 10 p.m but close later during high tourist seasons. Beside that, a couple of restautants arrange live music that also stunning to take a seat, dine out and enjoy vibrant surrounding atmosphere. If like to have good pictures with shimmering colorful lanterns, you may pay a fee (about one dollar) at several places or buy something from them. See further details in Hoi An Life’s article through http://hoianlife.net/comprehensive-guide-to-hoi-ans-markets/. Just the outside of this busy area, there are many boat ride owners offering you to take a trip along the lightful river as well.

Keep your eyes on your personal valueables when walk around Hoi An night market.

Day Two

Explore My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is another UNESCO world heritage site in Quang Nam province besides the ancient town of Hoi An. It’s a complex of intricate Hinduism temples and ruins dated back from 4th to 13rd centuries. All is set in the scenic river valley surrounded by forested mountains 45 kilometers away from Hoi An. More than any of its kind, this sacred group of buildings functions as religious and spiritual center of whole Champa kingdom (2nd century-1832). After long time of abandonment, My Son is rediscovered by French. Since then, they had done in-depth studies, carried out excavations, classified its constructions into groups and numbered them according to letters in the Latin alphabet. Museum of Cham sculpture at Da Nang is also established at the time to preserve precious artifacts found in the sanctuary.

You should wear proper clothes when visit My Son sanctuary. Simply, just make sure that airpits and navel are covered, long pants (below the knees).

All vehicles are convenient to get My Son sanctuary from Hoi An. You have no difficulty to rent bicycle, private car or motorcycle to carry out your self-organised trip. If just visit the temples, it takes you half of day commonly. In addition to, organised tours are plenty in town and range from sunrise/early morning, half-day, full-day to sunset/afternoon offers. Travelers also have choices of car/bus, motorbike, bicycle and jeep to select favourite way of transport. More than that, several local operators design a long boat ride along Thu Bon river as a part of your experience from Hoi An to My Son. Meals, lunch for example is optional. See the best tours in our article via http://hoianlife.net/my-son-tours-from-hoi-an/.

Free rountrip transfer by eletric buggy is offered to access My Son’s temples. Call for a help from Vietnamese people near you if could not see any drivers coming.

Join a Hoi An’s cooking class

Cuisine in Hoi An is abundant, specific and of long history. This becomes richer when the town receives numerous new foods, ways of cooking and recipes from several countries in the world, during the time it’s a trading port on the Silk road. Additionally, the fertile soil helps local farmers cultivate good-quality vegetables and the location nearby either river or sea brings local fishermans bumper catches. All city’s natural endowments make ingredients are fresh in most seasons and very diverse in type.

Today, many cooking schools or restaurants organize hands-on classes to introduce global travelers values of Hoi An cuisine. They start whenever during the day, no matter the morning, afternoon or evening. In which, “students” will learn about local ingredients and make various dishes under the instruction of Hoianian chefs once enjoy them. Everything is from scratch and a market visit may be covered in many tours but only available upon request at sometimes. Vegan option can be changed from another one but not at all places. Contact direct for further information in this aspect. Browse our article to know the best cooking classes in Hoi An. Keep in mind to check the hosting place carefully, to give you the most convenience.

Get a massage

After loads of awesome things to do in Hoi An and before the next, you need a massage to make your mind more relaxing and your body feel better. The parlours can be find anywhere around the city, both in and outside of the ancient town or near the beach. Quality and pricing are also very diverse that hard to compare but Hoi An’s best massage parlours offer a balance between them.

Try Hoi An street foods

From late afternoon onwards, Hoi An ancient town and its surrounding turns into a home of street foods. Trying them while wandering around and enjoy great atmosphere in this zone is a must do, especially for food lovers. Delicious bites of Banh beo (water fern cakes), mouth-watering rolls of Thit xien nuong (grilled pork skewers), crispy pieces from Banh trang nuong (Vietnamese pizza), addictive Banh bot loc (clear dumplings), Che sweet soups to little nervous feelings with balut, they all just await you to taste and know how good they’re. Prior to walk out and start your self-designed culinary trip, read our guide through http://hoianlife.net/must-try-street-foods-in-hoi-an/ to get information about typical dishes. If need a local guide and willing to deepen your understanding about Hoi An street foods, you should book a guided food tour. Check its time carefully to make your travel plan not too busy, still in a relaxing-prefering holiday. For something more special, experience it with a motorcycle, jeep or bicycle.

Take a lantern boat ride in Hoi An Ancient Town

What to do in Hoi An by night? Don’t miss out to get a lantern boat ride if you have at least one night here. Ignore aggressive offers sometimes, this activity to very worth it to experience. Along breezy Hoai river, your boat leisurely moves and gradually sparkling scenes of the ancient town’s riverfront houses appear. There are lots of photo opportunities during the whole trip. In addition to, a pretty lantern is often offered to each “passenger” to drop down the river and make wishes then (included in ride price, make sense once walk in the boat). You can start from whichever river bank, Bach Dang or Nguyen Phuc Chu streets or near Japanese covered bridge. For more details and advices from us, read our article via http://hoianlife.net/boat-trips-in-hoi-an/.

Dive in nightlife of Hoi An pub street

Just close to Hoi An night market, there is another nightlife spot to recommend you known as “pub street”. It houses a number of restaurants, bars and pubs where fun seekers can find upbeat music, social atmosphere, good deals of drink, funky games as well as pretty views over the lantern-dressed river. Last places close at around 2 a.m here according to city regulations. Browse our article for more details.

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