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Golden Bridge within Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills has been under the spotlight of every travel lovers globally since very first days of its opening. All of Instagrammers knows and is willing to come at least one time. It’s described as a magnificent, elaborate, harmonious and inspirational work of art. And probably a must-visit destination.

Hoi An Life outlines this article to inform you how to travel Ba Na Hills (the Golden Bridge) from Hoi An. Read our complete guide about whole mountain resort as well, to deepen your understanding. If like to start your day of exploration from Da Nang, check out another article via

The Golden Bridge’s location, best times to go, ticket and its significance

Location of the Golden Bridge and how to get it from foot of Ba Na Hills

Cau Vang (the Golden Bridge) is sited at Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort, 45 kilometers away from Hoi An center (over one hour drive). Construction of this splendid building starts from Jul 2017 and completes on Aug 2018. Even so, the idea about establishing it originates from a long time ago. Due to its remote location, cable car is only way of transport designed to take people from mountain foot.

When arrive, you have to get Hoi An station first and then walk over steps as well as go up by escalators to reach the Golden Bridge. In many days, people land the mountaintop zone (‘French village’) before for operation reason. From there, move to Louvre station for cable car down and you will see the Golden Bridge immediately at landing place.

How to get Ba Na Hills (the Golden Bridge) from Hoi An

Organised tours

Nobody traveling to Hoi An (and Da Nang) misses out Ba Na Hills therefore plenty of local tour operators provide day trips to it. These usually include two-way transfer at your hotel, lunch with buffet and English speaking guide as well as in active hours from around 8 a.m to mid-afternoon. Nonetheless, you’re able to request without lunch (possible to buy buffet ticket at restaurants with a same price but come early to avoid overbooking). Read our article to know the best tours to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An.

By private car

There is no difficulty to make a reservation for private car from Hoi An to approach Ba Na Hills, both online and offline. You are advised booking at your accommodation first because of the convenience. Hotel-ers know which one is good in reality, however, a higher rate given at sometimes. Travel agencies and transport companies also offer awesome deals together with helpful advices. Keep in mind that their prices may be affordable but you have to spend time for doing research which one is the most suited. On the other hand, reserving through online sites is another popular way. Check out reviews written by latest customers, if possible, get the name of driver highly-recommended.

Walk towards the Big gate where you can buy ticket and approach cable car stations for boarding (following the crowd will be the easiest way if go without a guide). From car park to it, quite long distance so the mountain resort usually arrange free-of-charge transfering buggies to carry people.

Note: Save your driver’s telephone number to get in touch when needed. Additionally, letting him know when you return is a should do. If not sure, message him at least 30 minutes in advance (open-access wifi available in Ba Na Hills).

By motorcycle

Motorbike rental shops in Hoi An

Getting on motorcycle is one of the most selected ways of transport from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. It takes around one hour and twenty minutes. Major roads leading this celebrated mountain resort are smooth and spacious basing on recent upgrade projects. Although that’s convenient but you need to be careful when drive, especially at the intersections or in rainy days. To know Vietnam’s requirements to motorcycle renter, overal picture about places to hire and the best rental shops in Hoi An, read our article via for detailed information.

About parking of your motorcycle, when you see Ba Na Hills Golf Club, keep going for more three kilometers and staffs will instruct how to get it. Keep in mind that there is no fee at all. From motorcycle parking area, you easily see the Big Gate where ticket counter stands. Following the crowd is the best way to reach exact station because the lion’s share of tourists go with a guide.

Note: Motorbike tours to Ba Na Hills are usually available on request. Consider carefully how long you like to be there to decide visit it only or combine with other Da Nang’s attractions for a day out.

Quickest road from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

Newly upgraded DT607 is the best and shortest road reaching Da Nang from Hoi An (similar to bus route). To get Ba Na Hills, at its intersection with Nam Ky Khoi Nghia four-lane road, turn left and keep going until you see QL14B. Then, turn right and go straight further 4.5 kilometers towards Tuy Loan intersection. From this point, follow AH1 till you beautiful Ba Na-Suoi Mo six-lane road leading the mountain resort. Due to nearly all of roads are invested, with a tree-covered median strip, your drive will be smooth. Can save time than any routine else.

By bicycle

With a distance of 45 kilometers from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills, it seems that your journey will be challenged in some ways if travel with common bicycles. You are advised taking mountain bike or hydrid bike. As top cycling tour directors, Hoi An Cycling, the Heaven and Earth or Grasshopper Adventures absolutely enable to provide you good-quality bike of these kinds. To hire one of them, contact in advance at least twenty-four hours for the best preparation. Furthermore, packaged tours on bicycle are up for grabs on resquest as well. Having a chat with leading operators above to discuss and find out the most fitted one to your needs. Read our article about the best Hoi An’s cycling tours if interested in through

Note: Newly-built Ba Na-Suoi Mo road is very smooth and beautiful by lots of trees. Notwithstanding, be careful when drive on and keep in mind that there is no mechanics along it.

Where to hire a bicycle in Hoi An?

Hoi An houses a couple of good-service companies offering fine and well-maintained bicycles. Their skilled mechanics check cautiously yours before head out and explore the Golden bridge. In addition to, these have many year experiences in operating cycling tours that don’t mind to share you helpful tips and stunning recommendations also. Contact directly if like to get a customized trip.

#1 Hoi An Cycling

Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street
Opening hours: from 9 a.m to 9 p.m
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 919 882 783, webpage, Facebook page, Email (
Price: get in touch for the best prices

#2 Heaven and Earth

Address: 61 Ngo Quyen street
Opening hours: from 7:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 768 422 260, webpage, Facebook page, Email (
Price: get in touch for the best prices

#3 Grasshopper Adventures

Address: 621/1 Hai Ba Trung street
Opening hours: from 8 a.m to 5:30 p.m
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 932 034 286, webpage, Facebook page, Email (
Price: get in touch for the best prices

By public bus

In fact, there is no public bus with a stop at Ba Na Hills from Hoi An and Da Nang. Therefore, you have to get on it first in Hoi An bus station to move to Da Nang bus station (the nearest and last point) and then use another vehicle if like to experience. Read our guide about how to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang to find out the best way of transport for yourself when leave Hoi An bus. Because of its quite long-time reschedule, start the trip in early morning is a should do. Ticket fare is 20.000 VND (nearly one USD). See all information about this transportation from Hoi An to Da Nang here.

Keep in mind that the last bus leave Da Nang bus station at 5:50 p.m. Be on time if you do not like to get back to your hotel in Hoi An by another way.

The best times to visit the Golden Bridge

In the year

Lovely days in the period from March to September are the best times to visit Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge in particular. Weather during this time span is decribed as ‘four seasons in one day’ with spring-like in the morning, hotness like summer in midday, coolness of the autumn in the afternoon and little wintry temperature at night. It’s very worthy to spend a day of sightseeing and enjoy ideal climate conditions. Take note of two big Vietnamese vacations as the Reunification day on 30th April&1st and the Independence Day on 2nd Sep. You may face huge crowds anywhere, especially beaches and price of nearly everything will be higher than common.

Following September, that’s typhoon season when not easy to find out a day with clear weather in the Golden Bridge. Generally, it is misty, rainy and very wet. For that reason, the outdoor activities and games are not arranged like previous months. Check weather forecast prior to you make any decisions in this period. Additionally, at ticket counter, there is an TV showing what’s going on up the mountain allowing you easier to decide.

During the day

Weather in the Golden Bridge area is changeable during the day. From March to September (best time to visit), the morning is the most chosen span because of its moderate weather, ideal sunshine for photography as well as convenience for sightseeing other places. Consequently, it’s busiest time making your photo opportunities not too much. In Ba Na Hills, need to join in long queue at most cable car stations up and down the mountain as well. You are advised departuring early (specially Hoi An stayers) to have time richly and comfort.

Afternoon start is more suitable for who staying overnight for leisure in Ba Na Hills. In the evening, it’s calm, winter-like temperature and French-styled buildings turning into glorious fashion with elegant lights. Although the nighttime is another best time to visit Ba Na Hills but not for the Golden Bridge (because it closes).

The Golden Bridge ticket

Ba Na Hills is an unified complex operated by the Sun World so there is single ticket offered to tourists. Meaning that you are unable to pay for the Golden Bridge only. Up to the present, ticket price is 750.000 VND (about 32 USD) for both Vietnamese ID holders and foreigners. It encompasses sightseeing places, art performances, furnicular experience, entertainments as well as the bulk of games and without meals, wax museum entry. At many times, one ticket is used for both entrance allowance and meal (so have to keep up for next time after pass first check-point). You should review with care your tickets to ensure non mistakes made.

Note: Ba Na Hills ticket’s validity is one day and it expires when you are back to foot of the mountain. Make sure you visit all favourite spots once get final cable car. Specially, take note of Indochina and Marseille stations because you will go straight down from there.

Where to buy the Golden Bridge ticket?

Many places you can choose to buy Ba Na Hills ticket for seeing the Golden Bridge. There are ticket counter near the Big Gate, tour operators, booking desks, tourism information centers and online sites including official webpage of the mountain resort (

Alongside with Vietnam dong, US dollar also is accepted at Ba Na Hills ticket counter. Cashier will let you know the exchange rate ahead of time to you decide which one prefered. Moreover, as a leading company in tourism field, Sun World gets happy with payment by popular credit cards like Visa or Mastercard.

Need to book ticket in advance to see the Golden Bridge?

If book Ba Na Hills ticket in advance, you will skip the line at the counter and even receive promotions, a cheaper pay for example. However, it is not electronic ticket making you have to meet up with someone or come to the office for taking the allowable one. Getting in touch at least 24 hours to make sure responsible persons noticed your reservation. Another choice, ask for a help from your driver if hire the private car. He knows which is the best way to get tickets, no worried (definitely same to public price).

Note: Keep in mind that there is no limitation in number of Ba Na Hills ticket sold within a day, therefore you have the chance to see the Golden Bridge anytime from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Significance of the Golden Bridge to Ba Na Hills and Da Nang tourism

Prior to the Golden Bridge built, Ba Na Hills mountain resort was a dream place for tourists inside Vietnam plus from Asian countries. At the time, Europeans knew about this surprising destination not much like nowadays. It rapidly became eniment after tons of very stunning pictures taken by Instagrammers worldwide posted. Number of visitors has increased significantly since then. As a result, Da Nang tourism collects the larger amount of revenue and other attractions are also better known besides the beaches.

Need to know when visit Ba Na Hills’s Golden Bridge

Popular questions about the Golden Bridge

Is the Golden Bridge wholly made by gold?

Really not! Railings of the Golden Bridge are made by stainless steel and just plated by gold.

What do the hands mean?

Ba Na Hills is a ‘climate and ecological pearl’ so architects try to harmonize its buildings with natural world. Two hands of the Golden Bridge raise to feel, appreciate and respect priceless values the Mother Nature endowing.

Places to eat near the Golden Bridge

Near the Golden Bridge, Sun World company arranges some food courts dealing in fast foods like donut, hot dog sandwiches or Vietnamese Banh cam fried balls. Drinks’re also ready to serve anytime. If expect for barbecue, wine and seatings with a pretty view, go further to Debay bar (within the Gardens of Love).

Hotels near the Golden Bridge

The closest accommodation to the Golden Bridge is Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills managed by the Accor Group and meeting world-class standards. Booking online will be the nicest method to own a room here. Promotions often go with your reservation.

Taking photo at the Golden Bridge: Hoi An Life’s tips

The Golden Bridge is usually full of people during the best months and owns three-meter wide so you have to fight for good spots to take picture at most times (notably in the morning). Keep in mind that less people in the end of bridge than its head (near the Dome). Selfie stick will be necessary if you like to have appealing photos from little above. For sure, nobody possibly obstruct your front.

Direction guide to get other places from the Golden Bridge

After moving on its 150m long, you have a way leading to the Gardens of Love to the right-hand side and another to cable car station for mountaintop zone (French village, theme park, restaurants) to the left-hand side.

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