Things to do in Hoi An countryside

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Traveling to countryside is unrivalled. Firstly, you get the privacy and transquility what you lack during days in the city. Instead of traffic noise, air pollution and worlk&life stresses, your trip will be filled by utter peacefulness, tons of fresh air and people with smiles on face. Open, green spaces are in abundance around countryside lands that perfect for outdoor activities with all family members. Especially, childrens have the chance to see and learn new things. Anywhere can be their playground!

Hoi An countryside is rich of rice paddies, gardens, farms, small villages, picturesque beauty spots and traditional crafts just waiting you to explore. Its atmosphere is calm, breezy, almost unspoiled and . Let’s imagine that you accommodate in this area and start to design your travel plan for next days ahead. So what to do?

To give you the solution, Hoi An Life outlines every highlighting things to do in Hoi An coutryside to make your researching and planning works being quicker. The collection covers all times during the day and all areas to choose from. Depending on your favourite and convenience, you have different answer which one is the best.

General view of Hoi An countryside

Hoi An countryside embraces the Ancient town and covers partly Cam Ha, Cam Chau, Thanh Ha, Cam Thanh as well as Cam Kim. Cam means ‘silk, fabric’ in local language and is used to start the name of most rural communes to memorize history of the city (trading port on Silk Road). Generally, there is not really far to get sites within this large area, less than 20 minutes. Travel on foot, bus, car, bicycle, motorcycle or even boat are all quite convenient. Each piece of Hoi An countryside features different things. Their highlights will be outlined as following below:

  • Tra Que vegetable village (Cam Ha): plenty of lush gardens, local use a set of traditional techniques to produce good quality vegetables and herbs, various photo opportunities of farmers at work, extremely calm by night.
  • Cam Chau: Facilities with a rice paddies view, ideal place to see sundown, cycling tours.
  • Cam Kim: vast rice fields and charming villages, featured handicraft villages, friendly people, best stage for tours on bicycle.
  • Cam Thanh: primary water coconut forests, basket boat trip, host of fantastic cooking classes, home of villas.
  • West side (Thanh Ha): long-established pottery making craft, adventuously accesed by boat.

Check out other Hoi An Life’s articles about craft villages, where to stay in Hoi An, cooking class, boat trips, cycling tours for further information.

Accommodations in Hoi An countryside

Anyway staying in accommodations of Hoi An countryside is more relaxing, greatly escape from hurry-scurry atmosphere in town and good to start a slow life. At many places, you have closer interaction with host family and have the chance to join jands in their daily activities as well. While homestay is popular around Tra Que village, Cam Chau and Cam Thanh offer you lots of choices of hotel, hotel with pool plus villa. Because of traffic issue, the hospitality’s not too developed in Cam Kim river island but you still can find uniquely designed places in Triem Tay village (cross Cam Kim bridge and turn right).

To know pros and cons when spend a night in Cam Chau, Cam Thanh, Tra Que village and Cam Kim countrysides, browse our article through We also have other helpful pieces of writting offering the insights about villas in Hoi An to support you. Read at your convenience.

Things to do in Hoi An countryside

Tra Que vegetable village and Cam Chau (North Hoi An countryside)

Farmer experience in Tra Que vegetable village

Three kilometers away from Hoi An center, Tra Que vegetable village is between the Ancient town and An Bang beach. Inhabitants living in this rural area are still practicing traditional farming techniques what disappeared at anywhere else. They help to produce the highest quality vegetables. In the past, only passed on from father to son but today everybody has the chance to know. As a part of annual Le cau bong, competition of making Tam huu (rolls of pork, shrimp and vegetables) shows the pride of villagers about their labor results. Browse our article via for further information about this best things to do in Hoi An countryside.

The bulk of cooking class in Tra Que vegetable village offer this experience as an inclusion. When difficult to contact with someone for joining it seperately, make a reservation.

Cooking class in Tra Que vegetable village

Cooking class operators in Tra Que vegetable village make full use of great on-site source of green ingredients and Vietnamese traditional ways of cooking. In whichever class, you not only experience and learn about a new culture but also enjoy nutrious dishes make by yourself. Childrens will have fun when work with ingredients and cooking utensils. Full of fresh air, green color and countryside vibes atmosphere is another plus to explain why a bunch of people come to the village to join. According to country-to-country travelers, Tra Que Garden cooking class is the best of its kind in this green pearl of Hoi An. See more details in our full guide to cooking classes around the city via

Watching sunset

Rice paddies around Tra Que vegetable village and in Cam Chau (North-east of Hoi An) are mind-blowing area to witness sunset. Just get out from your room and take a few minute drive, you will approach these breezy lands. The bicycle is the most popular way to transport and you have no difficulty with other vehicles. Read our article to know other outstanding sunset-watching spots in Hoi An.

Cam Thanh (East Hoi An countryside)

Basket boat ride in Cam Thanh water coconut forest

Peaceful Cam Thanh suits for a fantastic escape from hustle and bustle of city center. Its maze-like waterway system and immense green water coconut forest to its low parts are often in bucket list of tourists globally. Traditionally locals use basket boat to move around and work daily like catching kinds of fish, crabs, shrimps as well as eels. During Vietnam war, this part of Cam Thanh served as hiding place of the Communists and round-shaped boats were very helpful vehicle. Today, they’re used to carry tourists. Check out Hoi An Life’s article for detailed information.

Taboo Bamboo workshop

This is one of the best craft workshops in Hoi An and held near the river piers where basket boat trips board. For that reason, feel free to combine them into a journey exploring Cam Thanh. It focuses on crafting products made from bamboo (it’s the enblem of Vietnamese spirit). You can select the morning or afternoon to start your experience with bamboo things. The founder (also the instructor) is directly infused from his father and grand father who have worked in the field for years. Although he will help you to tailor ideas, you’re advised preparing the favourite item what you like to make at least one. Browse Hoi An’s article through for further details.

Cooking classes in Cam Thanh

Cooking class in Cam Thanh is plentiful and its operator’s long-established like the Red Bridge and Thuan Tinh Island. In general, the hosting place has eco-friendly location, near gardens and groves. A boat trip and market visit to get closer to nature as well as culture of Hoi An are also parts of many Cam Thanh’s cooking classes. Differentiate to others in town, you will have an enjoyable time without city air. Check out Hoi An Life’s article what reveals all best cooking classes in Hoi An just for you (including Red Bridge and Thuan Tinh island of this full of peacefulness countryside).

Watching sunrise and sunset in Cua Dai bridge

Cua Dai bridge (Cau Cua Dai) is only favourite place in the city for both sunrise and sunset seekers. Experience about these special moments of the day is worth it. Scenery is gorgeous and include distant marvelous Cham islands in the crack of dawn. Fishing nets installed by locals and boats also are awesome additions into your photos or video. Its railing at two sides is wide, good invested. Keep in mind to bring your personal legged stand to stabilize the camera if like to use it in a long time. You may face medium to strong winds when be on top of it. See more information about this icon and other best sunset-watching spots of Hoi An via

Cam Kim island (South Hoi An countryside)

Cycling tours and traditional handicraft experience

The best thing to do in Hoi An’s Cam Kim island is the tour on a bicycle. You’ll paddle cross thumping green rice fields, see ancient temples&scenic beauty spots, lush gardens in sight, meet extremely friendly people, learn a lot about traditional handicrafts and rural ways of life. Both half-day and full-day trips are in abandance that suit for different levels, ages, itenerary and budget. So where to find it? You’re able to receive expert advices and book cycling tours in lots of travel operators around the city as well as on online sites like webpage, Facebook page or Instagram. Keep in mind that booking desk, hotel or information center are resellers. Ask name of the operator and check official information on its webpage to protect your full benefits (also compare to have good deals). We outline an article about the best cycling tours in Hoi An (including from Hoi An center to Cam Kim island), check out for further information.

Visit Kim Bong carpentry village

On opposite bank to Hoi An ancient town, Kim Bong village has a long history of settlement and making handicrafted woodworks over centuries. There are some craftman households locating near the pier where you land first following 15 minutes on boat ferry. People feel free for your participation into their daily work as well as take photo with. Shops selling in survenirs, gifts, sculptures, statues, works of art like mother-of-pearl inlay furnitures are daily operated near them as well. Hoi An Life has an article about Cam Kim island, browse to deepend your understanding about different aspects of the village.

West Hoi An countryside

Thanh Ha pottery village

Situate in a clay soil-rich area on the left bank of Thu Bon river, Thanh Ha village boasts of its 300 years-old pottery making craft. Development of this gem strong associates to history of Hoi An ancient town. In other words, villagers produce high quality clay items for merchants bringing back their home for sale. When the town stopped its historic role, craft in Thanh Ha declined and only several households retain after. Under help of UNESCO and local authority, everything is partly revived like the past.

Thanh Ha village offers the Terracotta Park (ticket required), sourvenir shops lining peaceful alleyways and the largest fishing market at its entrance. Most specially, pottery making class (included in entry ticket fare) in this famous destination stands as one of the best things to do in Hoi An’s countryside. We also have an article to inform you fully about Thanh Ha village via

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