The best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An

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Vietnamese foods are famous all over the world. Restaurants of Pho noodle soup or Banh mi sandwiches now appear in many countries like USA, the United Kingdom, Singapore. Admiring them right at their home is one of leading reasons people travel to Vietnam.

Among over 70 cities in the country, Hoi An features as one of food capitals. It boasts a varied collection of dishes, notably regional and city specialties. From streets, market, local to tourist restaurants, you feel relaxed to find out delicious bites in Hoi An!

In this article, Hoi An Life focuses on restaurants succeed in serving Vietnamese food (of course local foods included!) only. We also have other articles about must-try street foods and traditional coffees as iced milk coffee (Ca phe sua da), coconut milk coffee (Ca phe sua dua) and egg coffee (Ca phe trung) to help you fill the gaps.

The best Hoi An food specialty restaurants

The best Mi quang resraurants

Mi quang is one of must-try local foods in Hoi An, made by white thick rice noodles, porks, shrimps, quail eggs, raw vegetables and served with an appetizing soup. Other proteins like chicken (second most popular kind), fish or beef are also used. Whenever want to eat it, Hoianians prefer locally-owned restaurants to big and very invested places. Read Hoi An Life’s article to know the best Mi quang restaurants in Hoi An.

In reality, many Mi quang makers add turmeric powder into rice milk in the first part of noodle making. This is reason why you see yellow-colored noodles alongside the white one.

The best Cao lau restaurants

Cao lau is another type of must-taste Hoi An food specialty what’s made by rice noodles, juicy slices of pork, crispy snacks, raw vegetables and bottomed by a rich sauce. As rules, local makers have to use water sourced from ancient Ba Le well (close to the Old town) and wood ash from Cham islands within steps to produce the noodles itself. In addition to, this work requires a couple of special techniques as well. By contrast to the past, there are only some families still keep the craft alive.

Cao lau restaurants in Hoi An is varied in location, price and recipe (especially family-run eateries). As same as Mi quang, local people prefer to eat it at locally-owned establishments to classic restaurants in town. Read our article through to know the best of their kinds in Hoi An.

The best Banh mi restaurants

Banh mi sandwich owns a crunchy barguette outside and tasty fillings inside. The bulk of proteins and raw vegetables are possible to be a part of it. In actuality, locals prefer to eat in the morning and evening rather than afternoon. But not for all, it’s a finger-clicking dish of plentiful people whenever during the day, even to replace basic meals (Vietnamese usually think about rice for these, specially lunch and dinner).

Hoi An city is the home of the most famed makers in Vietnam. Its sandwiches stand out, diverse, nutritious and bring fit-for-a-king taste. Any corners within the country, you’re able to get it for giving a try. See our article to know what are the best Banh mi restaurants in Hoi An.

The best Com ga (chicken rice) restaurants

Hoianians eat chicken rice daily because of its pleasant taste. It suits for everybody and every meals during the day. Differientiate to other sister and brother across the country, Com ga Hoi An is made by a shreded chicken salad with papaya, sliced white onions, herbs topping on the rice base and served with a side bowl of chicken organs soup. More than that, the water body left after boiling chicken also is re-used to cook with rice and spices (that’s why it has a yellow color) to add more flavour.

Like Cao lau and Mi quang, chicken rice is sold in a variety of restaurants from street stall, small locally-owned eateries until large restaurants for tourist. Browse our article to find out the best chicken rice restaurants in Hoi An.

The best Pho restaurants

If you are first timers traveling to Vietnam, you’re advised to try Northern-style Pho before touch your chopsticks in other sisters. According to local foodies, Sen Viet is the best restaurant of this kind in Hoi An.

Pho noodle soup has a variety across the country. In comparison to the original, Hoi An’s one shows some differences like noodles itself more chewy, more raw vegetables to eat with or sweeter taste of broth-based soup. Places to eat Pho mainly are establishments with ‘a roof and four walls’ and street stalls account for just a small number. Browse our article to find out the best Pho restaurants in Hoi An. Keep in mind that this list consists of both Northern-style and Hoi An noodle soups.

The best Hoi An dumplings (white rose) restaurants

Nha Hang Bong Hong Trang

Opening hours: 7:30 a
m to 8:30 p.m daily
Prices: Foods from 70.000 VND, drinks from 15.000 VND
Make a reservation: call to (+84) 903010986, Facebook page, walk-in 533 Hai Ba Trung street

Nowhere else in Vietnam we can find Banh vac (white rose dumplings), exept Hoi An. And only one of thousands families in the city still makes it today. That is Nha Hang Bong Hong Trang.

Traditionally, its dough is created by fine rice taken from famous cultivation areas and fresh water sourced from Ba Le well. Local makers use a small piece of it to cover a mixture of pork, shrimp, chopped onions, bamboo root cubes and wood ears what previously spiced up and stir-fried. Then formed into a white rose shape. Consequently, people call the dumpling as ‘white rose’ by this feature. Do not miss out Banh bao and Hoanh thanh chien (fried wonton) if you come here for a real local food exploration.

The best Banh xeo Hoi An (pankcake) restaurants

Banh xeo Hai Dao

Address: 160 Ly Thai To streetOpening hours: 7 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Prices: Foods from 40.000 VND, drinks from 10.000 VNDMake a reservation: call to (+84) 905 315 450, Facebook page, walk-in

Crispy rice pancakes rolling with rice paper, a bunch of raw vegetables and coming with peanut sauce is the favourite dish of many foodies in Hoi An. Not a star on social medias or online channels, Banh Xeo Hai Dao is a hiddem gem where the most tasty pancakes made according to votes from locals, short-term and long-term expats. You’re recommended giving a try to Nem nuong (grilled ground pork skewers), Thit nuong (pork skewers eaten with peanut sauce and vegetables) and Ram cuon (fried spring rolls).

Hoi An pancake differentiates to its sister in the South by more batter poured into a pan (so thicker) and more crackling feeling when eat.

The best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An Ancient Town and its environ

#1 Nha Hang Den Long Pho (Lantern Town Restaurant)

Opening hours: from 8:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 20.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND
Make a reservation: call to (+84) 235 393 9345, browse Facebook page, walk-in 49 Nguyen Thai Hoc street

The name of this famed restaurant is inspired from pretty Nguyen Thai Hoc street-‘street of lanterns’ it locates. You need to walk or take your bicycle to get it if like to have meals from 9 to 11 a.m and 3 to 10 p.m in dry season (3 to 9:30 p.m in rainy season) (city program for pedestrians within Hoi An Ancient Town). During other times of the day, feel free to drive your motorcycle reaching here.

Aim to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the people around the world, Lantern Town Restaurant offers an extensive food list. You can find Hoi An specialties like iconic Cao lau noodles, white rose dumplings or Mi quang with a twist served in an artistic layout and elegant style. Additionally, other pleasant-tasting dishes from different regions of the country are added also. They’re prepared with a care from local chefs, not inferior to the culinary prides of their hometown. For Ca nuong la chuoi (grilled fish in banana leave), the fish itself is well-seasoned, juicy and its side spices do not dominate.

An entrance of Lantern Town Restaurant leads to the riverside where you have no difficulty to get a lantern boat ride or night market around Hoi An central market after dinner.

#2 Orivy Hoi An Local Food Restaurant

Address: 576/1 Cua Dai streetOpening hours: 12 p.m to 7:30 p.m daily
Prices: Foods between 180.000 VND and 240.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VNDMake a reservation: call (+84) 909 647 070, browse webpage, Facebook page, walk-in

Situates in an alley of Cua Dai street (to North-east side of Hoi An Ancient Town), small family-run Orivy Restaurant is one of foodie’s first choices for enjoying Vietnamese foods in the city. Its menu covers dishes of meat, fish and vegetables in abundance that fitted for all family members or friends in the group. There are many healthy option among them. Ingredients used to prepare everything are totally fresh, sourced from local market, fishermans and celebrated Tra Que herb village into the bargain.

In other words, the bulk of Hoi An food specialties such as Cao lau, Mi quang noodles, Banh xeo (crispy pancakes), Com ga (chicken rice) or Pho are always ready to serve in its operational time and served in an elegant, contemporary fashion. To make the menu more wealthy, it addes other regional Vietnamese dishes as well. That’s stunning, especially for first timers who wants to try representatives of different parts of the country.

Flavourful Vietnamese-styled food is the core value but not all. Alongside a tranquil and non car-horn-sound atmosphere, the restaurant’s lush garden of tropical trees, flowers and ponds is another plus. If like to explore the secrets after its toothsome dishes, check out its cooking class. Market visit, three recipes and hotel pick-up are included. Contact soon to know details about menu choices and reserve your slots. Read our article about the best cooking classes in Hoi An for a comparision.

#3 HOME Hoi An Restaurant

Opening hours: 12 a
m to 10 p.m daily
Prices: Foods start from 75.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND
Make a reservation: call (+85) 235 3926 668, browse webpage, Facebook page, walk-in 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc street

As same as Lantern Town Restaurant, you have to walk or take your bicycle if want to eat out in HOME Hoi An from 3 to 10 p.m in the dry season (or 3 to 9:30 p.m during rainy season).

HOME Hoi An not only brings delicious authentic Vietnamese and Hoi An classics, but also adds interesting twists to their recipe what hand over over centuries. With a high attention, its highly-skilled chefs do not miss out to put these on any parts of the menu. For example, the appetizer, you’re able to see presence of Goi ga-a flavoursome salad made up by shredded boiling chicken and Tra Que village herbs. It reminds people about famous chicken rice of Hoi An. Popular Vietnamese dishes to end a great meal such as Chuoi nuong sua dua (braised banana in coconut milk) or Che khoai mon (taro and jelly sweet soup) also join the list.

Seafood dishes are other hightlights on HOME’s menu. The restaurant guarantees the freshest and locally-sourced sea creations in every food it makes. Herbs, spices and vegetables also under its strong care. No surprise, lots of people come here to start a night culinary exploration at Hoi An ancient town.

In pedestrian times, leave your bike at parking near Phap Bao pagoda and then walk along Hai Ba Trung street to get HOME Hoi An restaurant.

The best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An’s beaches

An Bang beach

#1 Phuong’s Beach Restaurant

Opening hours: 8 a.m to 9:30 p.m dailyPrices: food starts from 50.000 VND, drinks start from 20.000 VND
Make a reservation: call (+84) 945311114, Facebook page

This hidden gem stands in North corner of one of the most popular Hoi An beaches. Its colorful furnitures and decorations make anybody impressive when walk in, in the first time. The founders share that every single color represents a feature of beach: blue of the sky and sea, yellow of the sun and white of the sand. Phuong’s Beach Restaurant also own a couple of lounges where you’re able to enjoy cold drinks, flavourful Vietnamese foods, sun bath and swim without hustle from crowd.

Small and newly-established restaurant but from local specialties of Hoi An, original Vietnamese, seafood to inspired dishes, they all show theirselves on Phuong’s Beach menu. If you like to admire tasty foods on immediate sandy shore, feel free to share with people in the restaurant. They are happy to help.

#2 Purple Lantern

Opening hours: 7 a.m to 11 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 45.000 VND, drinks from 10.000 VND
Make a reservation: call to (+84) 93542190, Facebook page

Purple Lantern is an off-the-beaten-path restaurant within the heart of An Bang village. From the most populated spots on the seashore, it takes around 10 minutes for walkers and only a half for motorcycle&bicycle riders.

More than any other ingredients, the restaurant makes full use of a great sauce of on-site seafoods to create tasty dishes by long-standing recipes passed down over centuries. It prefers herbs, spices and vegetables from nearby Tra Que village for its cooking to ensure that they’re fresh and contain no preservatives&harmful elements. If not, the village market (An Bang market) usually becomes the second target. In general, Vietnamese food list here is not too long, but each one has a good taste (some dishes rated as phenomenon like scallops) and local specialties covered.

While seafront restaurants are favourite lunch spots, Purple Lantern is a dinning oasis for An Bang stayers and visitors. Check out the best homestays near it here if interested.

Cua Dai beach

#1 Cao Cao Grasshopper Restaurant

Address: Opening hours: 8 a.m to 10:30 p.m daily
Prices: Foods start from 45.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VNDMake a reservation: call to (+84) 235 392 8245, walk-in 06 Cua Dai street

This family run restaurant has a close distance to beautiful Cua Dai beach that great to reach sands and sea after or before meals. Its decoration is just basic, enough for making people want to take a seat and enjoy foods but the bulk of its Vietnamese food dishes are much more awesome. For example, Ca kho to (braised fish in clay pot) has a harmornious combination between very fresh-juicy sea fish, specific flavour of locally-sourced fish sauce and popular spices. It comes with steamed rice. Interestingly, the pot’s taken from Thanh Ha pottery making village to make full use of local cultural materials and showcase Cao Cao Grasshopper’s pride about traditional crafts.

#2 Chinh’s Riverside Restaurant

Address: 54 Cua Dai street, Cam AnOpening hours: 11 a.m to 11 p.m daily
Prices: Foods start from 40.000 VND, drinks from 10.000 VNDMake a reservation: call to (+84) 797 109 917, walk-in 54 Cua Dai street

Chinh’s Riverside Restaurant is easy to be seen from small Cua Dai bridge if move from Hoi An center. During the day, it stands as a stunning place for admiring Vietnamese foods just made by the owner family or a ideal spot for watching sunset and getting a beer, cocktail or cold drink when last sunshines disappear. In the evening, a calm oasis to chill out. On the other side, its menu mainly covers Vietnamese and local foods, especially many seafood dishes. Definitely Hoi An specialties like Mi quang, Pho noodle soup, fried wonton and pancake are not forgotten.

Between An Bang and Cua Dai beaches

Tan Phat Restaurant-Hoi An

Address: Lac Long Quan street (in front of Boutique Hoi An Resort)Opening hours: 8 a.m to 11 p.m daily
Prices: foods from 60
000 VND, drinks from 20
000 VND
Make a reservation: call to (+84) 905149558, browse Facebook page, walk directly

In between two most popular beaches in Hoi An, this graceful-styled restaurant serves delicious Vietnamese dishes with an authentic recipe. If stay in resorts, food here gives you a reason to go out alongside times of relaxing with heaven-like seascape and sandy beach. Prices also well-corresponds to values in quality of food, services amd atmosphere given.

The best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An countryside

Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que Garden Cooking Class and Restaurant

Opening hours: 11 a.m to 4 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 60.000 VND, drinks from 30
000 VND
Make a reservation: call to (+84) 902 866 603, browse webpage, Facebook page

Tra Que Garden is a locally-own restaurant and professional for hosting cooking classes. With the advantage of being inside Tra Que village, vegetables and herbs used for preparing its foods are always in the status of freshness. They’s produced from long-existed farming techniques (learning about these traditions with local is a part of every tours to the village).

Basically, Tra Que Garden’s menu covers a wide range of foods from Hoi An signatures, appetizing dishes taken from different regions of Vietnam and inspired dishes with the contemporary decor (western foods imcluded as well but not plenty). Several one of them are major content of its cooking class. Sign up to get in-depth information about Vietnamese cuisine.

Eating in Tra Que Garden is also an experience. Both its outside and indoor seatings overlook to green, lush and transquil vegetable gardens. As a result, there are lots of fresh air, cool breezes and countryside feelings the diners given. During the day, the scene of farmers at work and local ways of life is in your sight (nice to photograph) making your lunch time more outstanding.

Cam Thanh countryside

#1: Red Bridge Cooking Class and Restaurants

Opening hours: 8 a.m to 11 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 135.000 VND, drinks from 30.000 VND
Make a reservation: call (+84) 235 393 3222, browse website, Facebook page

Long-established Red Bridge Restaurant positions in a peaceful piece of countryside 2 kilometers away from Hoi An center. So, it’s suggested to who likes to have meals and stay away from hustle and bustle in town. Moreover, the restaurant stands next to both the main road-Tran Nhan Tong and the river making a great convenience for all kinds of vehicles.

Food list of Red Bridge is quite long, covers local specialties, Vietnamese traditional foods as well as dishes inspired from them. Besides use of fresh seafoods from nearby sea, fruits and vegetables from local farmers, the restaurant gives every dishes organically-grown herbs planted right in its gardens. You’re recommended sending an email ( to know the latest menu before make the reservation.

Get your chance to understand deeper Vietnamese foods and cuisine, sign up Red Bridge cooking class. After hands-on experiences under the instruction of a local chef, you will enjoy all pre-made dishes by yourself. Thus book one but double values.

Note: Red Bridge daily opens for lunch, but for dinner, you have to request in advance. Should not get it to dine out with no precious annoucement.

#2: The Field Restaurant and Bar

Opening hours: 9 a.m to 10 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 100.000 VND, drinks from 40.000 BND
Make a reservation: call (+84) 235 392 3977, browse webpage, Facebook page

Like its name, The Field Restaurant and Bar faces rice paddies that is always endowed with cool breezes and sense of serenity, countryside vibes. Interestingly, all the guests are able to play folk games or catch fish with The Field’s people in adjecent river. You’re advised sharing your thinking about yes or no for joining these things to do to the restaurant ahead of time. Grass area is wide, spacious for kid and children-friendly activities as well.

There are lots of choice for seating and space in The Field Restaurant. Riverside bamboo house, field-overlooking main house with balcony, lounge&bar areas and bamboo gazebo near the lake are ready to serve you. It’s rarely packed during tourist seasons, so pre-booking to secure your table is unnessary at sometimes. However, getting in touch before your prefering day to come is a should do. If unfortunately, you may not have any spaces for yourself because it often arranges private, company or group parties by request.

The Field’s food and drink list encompasses original Vietnamese as well as inspired foods. Browse its official webpage to know each dish when needed.

Cam Kim island countryside

#1: Quan Ben Xua

Opening hours: 8 a.m to 7:30 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 30.000 VND, drinks start from 10.000 VND including popular local beers
Make a reservation: call (+84) 834259860

Cross Cam Kim iron bridge, turn right and keep going for more 400 meters, you will see Quan Ben Xua restaurant to the right-hand side. The bulk of material used artisticly to design it are bamboos (many buildings in its Triem Tay home village also feature the same). Just leave your motorcycle or bicycle at the outside once enjoy everything.

Local people like to come to Quan Ben Xua, not only because of its delicious Vietnamese foods cooked by family chefs but also for calm atmosphere and cool breezes flowing from nearby river. It becomes an ideal spot in hot days of summertime or in the evening.

There is non affects from tourist movement in Quan Ben Xua, therefore you’re able to find very authentic Vietnamese and local foods. For example, Mit tron (boiled jack fruit salad) or Ruoc kho xa (Shrimp paste with lemongrass, chilli and spices).

The most convient vehicles to get Quan Ben Xua from Hoi An are motorcycle and bicycle. In near future, new Cam Kim bridge will help car drivers easier to come.

#2: Quan Ca Duoi Nuong Co Hue

Opening hours: 8 a.m to 10 p.m dailyPrices: Foods from 50.000 VND, drinks from 10.000 VND
Make a reservation: call (+84) 905692243, leave an message on Facebook page

Quan Ca Duoi Co Hue focuses on serving grilled sea rays (rolled by rice paper with raw vegetables and dipped in savoury fish sauce) and other local foods to enjoy with beers. Daily, locals start coming to this place to eat after 11 p.m, for lunch, dinner and parties with friend.

The restaurant is facilitied by some couples of metal chair and plastic chairs. Some beautiful paintings about Hoi An iconic buildings are also added on its wall where all guests are easy to notice. Additionally, rest rooms look much better than many places in the rural areas and also have separate one for woman.

To get Quan Ca Duoi Nuong Co Hue from Hoi An center, cross Cam Kim bridge, search Viet Nhat homestay and turn right till nearly end of the alley.

The best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An’s Cham islands

Nha Hang Dan Tri

Opening hours: 6 a.m to 2 p.m and 5-10 p.m dailyPrices: Foods start from 30.000 VND, drinks from 15.000 VND
Make a reservation: call (+84) 906460030

Organised day tours always includes a set lunch at restaurants near beaches, consequently, not a lot of tourists know this hidden gem. Day to day, not only look for good-tasting basic foods coming with rice, residents of Cham islands also arrive for its fresh seafood dishes (and appreciate with beers then). There is a market nearby where you’re able to get living fishes, squids or sea snails. If impossible to cook in your homestay, Dan Tri’s owner family do not mind to help (with a small fee).

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