The best times to visit Da Nang

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Da Nang functions as one of the backbones of Central Vietnam tourism, alongside with Hoi An and Hue.

In general, the weather itself plays a very important role in making your trip enjoyable or not at many Da Nang’s attractions. The main reason belongs to their mountain locational setting where it has more volativity than city center. The Monkey Mountain or Hai Van pass are under the influence of natural phenomenon from the sea. Furthermore, annual typhoons within the wet season also make the importance of selecting the most proper travel times increase.

In this article, to support you the information for your trip ahead, Hoi An Life outlines not only the best times to visit Da Nang but also its separate major destinations. Read our sharings about Hoi An and Hue as well if plan to travel that renown cities.

Da Nang seasons during the year

The dry season

The dry season in Da Nang lasts from February to September yearly and features high temperatures, average between 28 and 30oC. City center core will be more a bit due to the urbanization effects but you feel better in sea-nearby areas or elevated mountains. Distictively, soaring Ba Na Hills offers lower degrees, about 20oC making it became a top choice for French “heat avoiders” formerly. Its quality of four seasons in a day you have no difficult to encounter. Morever, the hottest months are June, July and August with the sunshine time reaching up to 248 hours per month (about 8.3 hours a day). Sun cream, hat, umbrella or especially fresh water is extremely necessary to prepare to stay away from direct sunburn and to reduce effects from very large amount of solar radiation. Interestingly, you can see locals fully-covered by face mask, long dresses, sun glasses, long pair of gloves and more whenever they go out (fascinating nickname “street ninjas” originates by this reason).

Thanks to clear sky, transporting to and visiting around any renown destinations are more awesome than in rainy season. From high lookouts in Hai Van Pass, Ba Na Hills, The Marble Mountains and Monkey Mountain, catching all-inclusive panoramic views is such an easy work for you. No doubt to say that ideal to carry out explorations without worries. Furtherore, somewhere with a high-budget (for instance Ba Na Hills), you have many extras that good value for money. Weather forecast plays its vital role in providing you which time is the most perfect one to board a day out. Additionally, good friend of sunrise and sunset hunters. Read Hoi An Life’s article about best spots to watch them in Da Nang via.

The wet season

Da Nang’s wet season is between October and January the year after. It features the high rainfall with a average number of 2.500mm that is at peak during October and November (much higher in mountains, Ba Na Hills for instance). For that reason, the humidity generally increases. Especially when typhoons come inland, local looding occurs in some low parts of city center and trees may be falled down due to strong winds. Bear in mind to check out weather forecast usually to avoid traveling to Da Nang in the course of that times. On the other hand, outside temperature gets down slightly, ranging from 18 to 23oC and sunshine time decreases to 69-165 hours each month averagely (around 2.3 to 5.5 hours per day). Because located in the transitional belt of North and South Vietnam climatic zones, low-temperatured air flows (aka “China winds”) still move in Da Nang but have weaken quite a lot by reason of the handrance of towering Hai Van Pass. Occasionally, some of them cross the sea and make drizzles then.

Best times to visit Da Nang by night

Nightlife in Da Nang is worth it to experience, first of all, because of shimmering cityscape. In overall, the best time to explore if after eight when it reaches its most bustle scene. Streets, symbolic buildings, banks of Han river are all well decorated by countless multi-colorful lights. Particularly, each bridge shows its unduplicated beauty due to distinctive design of a creative color-changing lighting system. Dragon bridge also offers public fire show in every weekend, at 9 p.m. You should be this place a couple of minutes before to own your ideal spot to witness. If like to do something more special, reserve the river cruise and start your night out earlier. After that, think of meandering around Son Tra Night Market nearby (largest of its kind, opens from 6 p.m) or dive into the vibrant life of pub/bars along Bach Dang street on the opposite side. Take note of Sky 36 Bar on high floors of the Novotel, you definitely can catch breath-taking panoramic view over the city center, with awesome drinks. Bear in mind that almost everything become much quiter following 11 p.m. So, above chill oasises are suited choices to go in case you prefer to energetic entertainments. See more information and advices in our article through.

Best times to visit Da Nang’s beaches

Da Nang coast stretches from Hai Van pass, over Son Tra peninsular to the North of Hoi An. It features two long streches of sand along the shore of Da Nang bay and Facific ocean. The rest of it are small-sandy-private beaches under the foot of mountains and rocky. The best-known part is My Khe that was awarded as one of world’s six sexiest beaches by the Forbes. There is reason why plenty of hotels and restaurants established near this sea treasure. Non Nuoc beach to its South also is outstanding. Read Hoi An Life’s article to know more about all beaches in Da Nang through

Beach always is a must in whichever trip to Da Nang. Bring your swimsuit when travel this fantastic city.

Beautiful days within the period from March to September is the best times to visit Da Nang beaches. Lots of sun, crystall clear water with calm waves, moderate wind, of very few typhoons occured and low rainfall are its main features. However, the outside temperature’s often at a high level (around 30oC) therefore locals rarely come in midday hours during this. Instead, the morning or late afternoon is the popular choice, especially for early risers, exercisers, sport fans. Both sunrise and sunset are at their best, perfect to watch in case you’re a lover. Check weather forecast carefully before walk out to pick your favourite time with lounge, enjoy cold drinks and swim in the sea. In addition to, you may see huge crowds in Vietnam long national holidays like the Reunification day on 30th April or student summer break. If you’re a leisure seeker, private beaches in resorts will be more appropriate.

Best times to visit the Monkey Mountain (Son Tra peninsular)

Son Tra peninsular (Ban dao Son Tra) locates to the East of Da Nang center where the first sunshine appear. It’s named by American as the Monkey Mountain in the Vietnam war. It houses heavenly private-like beaches, cliffy coasts, moonsoon forest of rich biodiversity and breath-taking views. Morever, on its Pacific side, Linh Ung pagoda with Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha statue stands as the most visited place. Read our full-guide to deepen your understanding through

Due to being close by the ocean, the highest zones of the peninsular (Ban Co peak area) are often soaked in cloud but not long-lasting during the dry season. So, this is the perfect time to go around and visit its points of interest such as the Lady Buddha pagoda. Natural scenic sceneries also are at their best. In the day, you can travel anytime without difficulties from weather factors. On the other hand, it will be wet, foggy in the mountain top making the roads over there very greasy and your foresight much shorter than common. Beautiful landscapes and seascapes are blocked but better in lower parts. You need to be careful when drive motorcycle throughout the peninsular (make sure its break and light working well when hire). Anyway, check the forecast once head out. If stay overnight in Hoi An, make sure you read our article via to know the best motorbike rental shops.

Sunrise or sunset is very stunning in the Son Tra peninsular. Try out if you have time. See our article here to get detailed information.

Best times to visit the Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) owns five natural striking marble towers suddenly emerging on the flat land of Da Nang outskirt, including various magnificent caves and ancient Buddhist temples. Every single one of them features different things that well-corresponded to feng shui principles. A 300-year sculpture making village also exists around it. Only Mount Thuy (“water mountain”), the largest mountain is allowed for tourist access. For further information about this Da Nang must-see attraction, browse our article via

To visit all highlights of the Marble Mountains, you need to walk up hundreds of steps. In the dry season, you will get very hot and sweaty (by long dress also) making the best time be either early morning or late afternoon. Specially, have to chance to see a gorgeous sunset if travel in the end of the day, from high viewpoints. Mother Nature doesn’t need a filter! Because of no cover around, breezy lookouts are perfect stations to break and cool down yourself. Additionally, steps become slippery in the rainy season but outside temperature is much better than sunny months. You should check weather forecast once departure and prepare good footwears to avoid dangers. In case of Dong Am Phu (The Hell Cave) at the mountain base and other large caves, pay your attention on their wet floor. So, the most proper time to visit in this period is midday when everything gets driest.

Use the evelator to skip steps reaching the upper zone of the Marble Mountains. Buy ticket in a same place with your entrance excursion.

Best times to visit Ba Na Hills (the Golden Bridge)

On the greatest mountain of Western Da Nang, Ba Na Hills boasts of its cool temperature all year round, always around 20oC. It’s established by French colonists in 20th century for leisure purpose. Nowadays, people have to get the longest cable car all over the world to reach it. In fact that the weather plays its very important role in how much you enjoy this famed place. Particularly, it affects strongly your vision over scenic landscapes from cable cabin and to buildings on the mountain top, panoramic viewpoints blocked, operation of outdoor entertainments (carnivals for example), restaurants or hotel and more. Before make your decision, ensure it in good conditions to help you have a trip like expected. Browse our comprehensive guide about Ba Na Hills (the Golden Bridge) via for further details.

In Ba Na Hills ticket counter, there is an TV showing what happen in the mountain resort. Notice it once your tickets charged, specially when travel in a not beautiful day.

Because of the high altitude, Ba Na Hills is often engulfed in fog and at its most during the wet season. So, the nicest times to visit this famed destination are in months of the dry season. In other words, the sceneries at its best and outdoor activities at their most making your travel really worth it. By contrast, not a lot things to do if you come within days of cat-and-dog weather.

Best times to visit Hai Van Pass between Da Nang and Hue

Hai Van pass (Deo Hai Van) is a celebrated destination to the North of Da Nang city. Its striking landscape, historic sites and especially zigzaging roads with large gradient draw thousands of people to experience, including many motorbikers and cyclists worldwide. Many country-to-country travelers and international presses rated it as the most impressive coastal route of South-east Asia. To know more about Hai Van pass, browse Hoi An Life’s full article through

Due to the high altitude and ocean-nearby location, it’s often covered by fog. In addition to, also rainy, of sudden landslide and windy during the wet season. If travel in these cases, you can not see picteresque sceneries and may face some quite risky situations when self-drive there. For that reasons, the weather plays its very important role in making your trip smooth or not. Check the forecast carefully once you board your trip. Contrastingly, the dry season with lots of sunshine satisfies all tourist requirements. It offers clear skies, roads of a dry surface, good foresight and natural landscape showing its complete beauty. As a beach camping lover, fine sandy Lang Van under the foot of Hai Van Pass will be your next darling.

If not come to Hue, combine your trip to Hai Van pass with other must-see attractions in Da Nang.

The best time to attend Da Nang’s festivals

General view of Da Nang’s festivals

Festival occurs all year round in Da Nand and gets diverse in type (traditional custom, religion, culinary, tourist, etc), the host as well as the scale. You can have the most opportunity to attend in beginning of the year and summertime when it’s great to run everything. Without competitors, the star is the International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) annually held. Beyond-belief performances of this become the cheif reason of thousands travel lovers to visit the city. Some eminent destinations own festivals of a close associaton with their reputation or history additionally. For example, Quan The Am festival and Parents Day (Le Vu Lan) in the Marble Mountains, started from past centuries. Although not long in time of establishment, Ba Na Hills boasts of its featured ones such as Flower festival, Wine festival, Food and beer festival. Local fishermans also arrange Cau Ngu festival every year to pray for weathy catches on sea and thank you to all supports from Ca Ong (the Whale) in hard-risky situations. At several times, the city’s tourism board brings new colors, stunning ideas on its festival picture (flying kate competition on beach for example).

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival: the most well-known for travelers

History of Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is from 2008 with four teams attending, including Canada, Hongkong, Malaysia and the host city. Year after year, its scale increases and draw thousands of people who would like to admire wonderful performances. Its time of occurrence annually has a difference but always between April and June. This period provides the most fabulous conditions to organize. So, you have no worries about the weather factor when take part in. For latest information about the reschedule of festival, browse its official Facebook page via The base of light parties is around Han river area near the Novotel building. You can book ticket on online sites or through any local tour operators. In addition to, you also have a variety of choice from seating in major stage and cruise, different teams and days as well as price.

Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese New Year Festival)

Vietnamese New Year Festival occurs before and after the first day of a lunar year, corresponding between the end of January and beginning of February of Gregorian calendar. The most important times of this largest event in the country are three initial dates what one by one for father, mother families and teachers. It’s always great chance to meet beloved persons, have parties and share stories within Vietnamese mind. Additionally, the atmosphere becomes bustling during weeks before Tet, anywhere. Even much more than remaining months of the year. Parents go shopping to prepare things for house decoration, traditional foods and ancestor ceremonies. Brilliant color of flowers dominate streets and public spaces. Making square-shaped rice cake Banh chung (cylinder-shaped Banh tet in the South) is a popular activity in lots of households, especially countryside. If like to join, you should stay in the homestay. More than whoever, childrens are excited to get new garments. So, there is no doubt to say that the most ideal time to experience Tet is around Ngay mong mot (1st date). Keep in mind to head out from its afternoon or evening because the earlier hours for Xong dat tradition (locals select a person whose year of birth gives prosperity to their family according to folk customs as first guest).

5th February24th January12nd February
First date of February22nd January10th February
Ngay mong mot of Vietnamese new year each year

Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietnamese call Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu) as “Children festival”. Meaning that childrens and kids are the focuses during this widely celebratied event. It features parties of sweet, fruit and multi-shaped, colorful lanterns (star-like one is unofficially considered as the traditional design) in 15th day of 8th month of lunar calendar. Da Nang’s street becomes very busting within the week before and reach its peak with vibrant lion or dragon dances, between watchers and performers. Shop houses hang the envelopes of lucky money at high position to challenge dancers. And for sure, if they can get it, are well-deserved rewards for their efforts. Generally, fun to witness and good to know local culture. So, the best time to visit is the evening of official date shown below and its earlier period.

At lots of households, the festival is also a valuable chance for all members meeting up, for reunion. Ceremonies with rich offsprings and toothsome full-moon cakes (Mam ngu qua in Vietnamese) are carried out. Then, hand down to cheer (Pha co). If like to experience, reserve a homestay.

First date of October21st
10th September29th September
Day for Mid-Autumn festival every year

Quan The Am Festival in the Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains has a long history with Buddhism and Quan The Am festival manifests it intangibly. This religious celebration is held at 19th February in Lunar calendar every year and mainly focuses on Lady Buddha who’s believed that appeared here formerly. As one of the biggest festivals in Da Nang, it draw thousands of attendees including Buddhist, Buddhism follower and a bunch of atheists. Due to be not long-lasting feature, the best time to visit falls in the morning of official date showcased below. Additionally, you have the opportunity to see some monk rituals during the night before.

12nd March31st March21st March9th April
Day for Da Nang’s Quan The Am festival each year

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