The best spots to see sunrise in Hoi An

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Sunrise and sunset are all the most marvelous times of the day. However, for many people, sunrise is more special due to a new day begins after that. Sandy beaches, airy paddies, breezy bridges or pretty islands are good places for enjoying sunrise. Someone likes beach by its incredible views without any front obstructions, countryside seekers pick rice paddies for fresh air and freedom vibes, explorers come to far-away islands. Outstandingly, the Nature Mother endows Hoi An all of them that provide an a abundance to ‘the audiences’.

In this article, Hoi An Life lists the best spots to see sunrise in Hoi An accompanied with advices to help you quickly get your beloved one.

Watching sunrise on Hoi An’s beaches

An Bang beach

Location: The end of Hai Ba Trung street, An Bang village

Watching sunrise on An Bang beach is fantastic, by its gorgeous seascape and its lively human activities at dawn. Not only immense-shimmering ocean with golden waves, calm sky, and brilliantly horizon, your daybreak picture also encompasses blue Cham islands from a distance, fisherman boats leisurely float on the sea, flocks of wild birds, people at exerice, sport games and much more. Because will get cool breezes, many people wake up very early and sleep on the beach as well. In fact, An Bang beach gives you the most diverse slices of local daily life in the beginning of day than any others. For that reason, it becomes popular and best spot to see sunrise in Hoi An.

If accommodate in An Bang village area, that’s easy to approach the beach for sunrise. Read our article via know the best homestays within it. For city center stayers, no worried because it takes only fifteen minutes and all vehicles is convenient.

Commonly, there is no parking service on Hoi An beaches around sunrise time therefore make sure you have a lock for your own vehicle. The theft rarely happens but this still is a should do.

Cua Dai beach

Location: The intersection of Cua Dai and Lac Long Quan street

Cua Dai beach is another best spot to see sunrise in Hoi An. Like An Bang sister beach, its natural seascape is considerably wonderful during the crack of dawn. Although was largely damaged by coastal erosion in past years, swimming and water activities here are free from danger at the moment (take note of little hippers on sea as marks for safe ground). Only in Cua Dai beach, you can chill out under shade of coconut palms and enjoy brilliant daybreak.

Watching sunrise on Cua Dai beach and then moving to nearby harbour for Cham islands trip is a popular plan due to its convenience. Think of it if you like to do both.

Activities at dawn: Making your sunrise experience more special!

Stand-up paddleboard

Location: Cua Dai and South An Bang beaches

Supplier: SUP Monkey (250 Cua Dai street)

Aloha Sunrise of SUP Monkey (run by Vietnam Backpacker Hostels) starts around 4:45 a.m at Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club, Tan Thanh beach (South An Bang beach) and ends at 9 a.m. It suits for both beginners and persons who experienced before. Following meeting up, the guide will explain the basics and then you have your own time paddling out towards the sunrise as well as down the South to Cua Dai beach. Once return and have breakfast with tasty BLT sandwich, relax with cool winds, admire charming morning landscape and give a try to Ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced milk coffee). It costs 925.000 VND (40 USD) per person and available everyday during Hoi An’s best seasons.

Yoga class

Day-to-day there are several sunrise yoga classes held on Hoi An’s beaches. They are run by experienced yoga teachers (both locals and expats) and often arranged for small-to-medium sized groups (normally under 10 people). Check the online sites of Nomad Yoga Hoi An and ALU Yoga to know latest classes and dtheir full information.

Bridges on the East side of Hoi An

Cua Dai bridge-the ideal place for bird’s eye views

Location: Vo Chi Cong street, Cam Thanh commune

Inaugurated in 2016, Cua Dai bridge across Thu Bon river is at where it meets the sea. This four-lane bridge provides splendid seneries at dawn from its top, with fishing nets, distant Cham islands as well as busy boats coming in and out from Duy Hai fishing market. For locals, here, is one of the best spots to see sunrise in Hoi An.

Keep in mind that there is windy when you stand on the brige. Bring your phone or camera holders if want to make a video of sunrise without shaking.

Things to do near Cua Dai bridge:

#1 Visit Duy Hai fishing market-the second largest of its kind in Hoi An. Every single morning, it is the meeting place between hundreds of fisherman boats and local sellers who bring their fresh sea creatures to all markets throughout the city. Check out Hoi An Life’s article to get complete guide for this awesome spot and other ones through

#2 Explore Cam Thanh’s extensive water coconut forest on an unique basket boat rowed by local fisherman (start from 7 a.m). Ticket booth and tour operators selling the trip are close by Cua Dai bridge’s head (the intersection of Vo Chi Cong and Tran Nhan Tong streets). Browse our article to find out more information through

#3 Get closer to sun, sand and sea in Cua Dai beach, 3.7 kilometers from Cua Dai bridge on newly built Vo Chi Cong road. No difficult to get it and parking is right at its accessway. For further details about this tropical heaven, see our ‘ultimate travel guide for Hoi An’s beaches’.

Fact: Cua Dai bridge is one of few places great for witnessing both sunset and sunrise in Hoi An.

An Bang bridge

Location: Hai Ba Trung street

This small bridge lies in between Tra Que vegetable growing village and An Bang beach (so possibly combine with this spot into one trip). Once set foot on it, you also go cross breezy rice paddies bringing lots of refreshing vibes that good to start a day out.

The bridge near Cua Dai beach

Location: Cua Dai street

Cua Dai beach bridge (called as Phuoc Trach bridge) is cross over tranquil De Vong river what has ever functioned as the waterway connecting Hoi An with Da Nang city. As similar as An Bang bridge, you are able to design a trip covering this stunning spot and the fine white sandy beach nearby.

Stay overnight and watch sunrise on Cham islands

Location and how to get Cham islands from Hoi An

Cham islands (Cu lao Cham) is a cluster of eight offshore rocky-cliff islands what are famous for pristine ecosystems including one of the richest coral reefs in Vietnam. This makes it become an ideal place for diving plus snorkeling activities. Additionally, its beautiful East coast also usually is on the bucket list of sunrise seekers globally.

All local tour operators is likely to offer organised journeys (mostly day trips) to Cham islands. If travel by yourself, you have two selections from Hoi An: getting on local wooden boat (pick up at the pier near Hoi An Silk Marina Resort&Spa and Cua Dai harbour) and speedboat (departuring Cua Dai harbour). In general, cost of traveling on a speedboat is more expensive than local boat but your trip will be much shorter and in better safety conditions. See our full-guide about Cham islands through

The best times to visit Cham islands

Hoi An’s dry season (from March to the end of September) is the nicest period to visit magnificent Cham islands and its outdoor things to do. In case of diving and snorkeling, lovely days from March to August are their most ideal times. Although tour companies close their operation in these activities in Mid-October, the amount of beautiful weather dates is just some.

Cham islands accommodation

Bai Lang village: The most convenient place to stay in Cham islands

Cham islands’s residents live mainly in Bai Lang and Bai Huong (on Hon Lao-the largest island). Between two villages, accommodations within Bai Lang offer the most convenience to stayers due to they close to the main harbour where boats approach and leave the islands daily. This village owns a market, many restaurants, street food stalls, souvenir shops, a nature museum and must-see historical sites as well.

You have no difficulties to look for a serviced drive or motorcycle rental in Bai Lang. Booking through your homestay is the best way.

Bai Huong village

Peaceful Bai Huong village locates to the East of main populated area Bai Lang. To get it, people have to take a motorcycle ride from the harbour. Getting in touch with your accommodation in advance if want to get their direct service (may receive the reply late because of no strong internet on islands). For watching sunrise, tell them for an arrangement in next days in case you prefer to traveling with someone. Motorcycle rental is available at Bai Huong.

Unlike Bai Lang, you will stay away from tourist crowds as well as be easier to get the East coast when pick this village to sleep. Locals also recommend joining in preparation process for their family’s daily meals. You have the chance to admire cookings with hosts after.

Beach camping on Cham islands

One more choice for staying overnight on Cham islands, that is beach camping. Overally, this kind of service may be carried out on any stretches of fine sand but people commonly select Bai Ong near Bai Lang village for convenience or private areas only known by islanders. The price ranges from 100.000-350.000 VND (4.3-15 USD) depending on each suppliers.

Cham islands’s East coast has no accessible beaches for camping therefore you should choose somewhere you can move to it smoothly for admiring sunrise.

Things to do in Cham islands

Overally, things to do in Cham islands are diverse. There are visiting historic landmarks of the island, chilling on beaches, experencing the motorcycle trip around its rocky coast, go parasailing, diving, snorkeling, sea walking/trekking, going fishing with local fisherman and more. See details of all things to do in this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve via

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