The best spots for watching sunset in Hoi An

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See sunset in Hoi An during your holiday? Why not? It not only brings romantic, inspiring and calming vibes, also great time for Instagram-worthy pictures. No matter go with friends, family, partner or just you, this special moment of the day always put you in a better mood as well as make the time slow down to clear your mind of everything going on out there. If have no ideas about things to do, gorgeous sundown will give you a reason to go out.

Hoi An Life made many trips to different areas and found out a collection of the best spots for watching sunset in Hoi An from enchanting Old town, peaceful countryside until stunning high view-points. All of them and our experiences will be shown in this article.

The best sunset spots in and around Hoi An ancient town

Bach Dang riverside: The most romantic street of Hoi An

There is undoubt to say that you easily catch the incredible sunset at anywhere on this poetic riverside street. More than that, it also offers various options of lively bars, high-valued restaurants together with cozy coffee shops where perfect to have a drink, touch some snacks, see flow of people moving back and forth during the wonderful sundown. Several of them arrange the happy hour with such promotions, live music and other entertainments.

If have no time for  coming to one of other best spots to witness sunset in Hoi An’s outskirt, Bach Dang street and its establishments are your out-and-out places. When it starts getting dark, locals light up a bunch of many-colored candle lanterns which will be sold for persons willing to pray for good things in the future. They drop them down the river and then it turns into the scenery pretty as a picture. In fact, nobody wants to miss out  and even lots of people visit Hoi An just because of its beauty by night.

The best place for appreciating sunset on Bach Dang street

Pasteur Street Brewing Company Hoi An

Address: 100 Bach Dang streetOpening time: 11 a.m until midnight
Contacts: Telephone number (+84), webpage, Facebook page, Email 

Named after the first location, Pasteur Street Brewing Company has since expanded into one of the largest beer brands in the country. The core to everything it does is the combination between best Vietnamese ingredients with professional American brewing know-how. In other words, PSBC’s beers use roasted malt from Belgium, Germany and USA hops as well as high quality local fruits, herbs and spices. This gives its products distinctive characteristics, well-rounded flavor of American craft beer and unique style. Many of beers are also used as ingredient themselves throught the food menu.

There are both indoor and outdoor spaces with much choices of seating for the guest at Pasteur Street Brewing Company. Due to the bulk of people will come to the riverside area during sundown, you are advised to make a reservation here in advance. Browse it’s official webpage for more information.

From a boat on Thu Bon river: Nothing covers your camera!  

Watching sunset from a boat in Hoi An is another fantastic experience. First value of this activity belongs to the skyline you given what is much widener in comparison to spots on the riverside street nearby. There is no obstacles in front for your work with phone/camera in recording brilliant moments like trees, houses or tourists crowds.

Following the last sunshine, the river transforms into very breath-taking appearance when it is dressed by plenty of multi-colorful floating lanterns and sparkling lights from old buildings ashore. The scene is praised as one of must-see in Hoi An and Vietnam in general. Next, boat trip also gives the good time to cool down plus get more fresh air (should be noted within hot days).

Local wooden boat along Bach Dang Street

You have three popular choices if like to experience: only see sunset, boat trip heading downstream of Thu Bon river&sunset in return and visit traditional handicrafts by boat&sunset when back. All is able to be arranged by yourself or every local tour operators in the city. In common, Bach Dang pier serves as the first and last points because of its convenient location.

The advantage of selecting large wooden boats lie on its moderate prices. One of them possibly contains 8-10 people at the same time and of course, the owner charges you by whole journey instead of each person like [adj] sunset cruise. Pay him/her when done and keep in mind to bring cash in VND previously for avoiding high exchange rates at sometimes. If just like see sunset around the Old town, a smaller boat will be more proper. Read our article via for further information about its cost, capacity, popular iteneraries in reality and travel tips.

Sunset cruise with food and drink services

Sunset cruises with a service provides us more than one boat trip. In comparison to local wooden boats, you are likely to think of comfortable seats, roomy space, good food&drinks while immersing yourself into picturesque vistas. Although the prices are more expensive but very worth it. In actuality, not many boatmans say yes for staying on the river long enough to chill out, especially during busy times like sundown. Differently, you have the lengthy period of time with friends, partner as well as family without rush.  

High level of safety given is another value if travel on a cruise what gets well-prepared with full rescue equipments and run by professional trained staffs.

Cinamon Cruise-the best Hoi An’s sunset cruise

Address: 142A Tran Nhan Tong StreetEmail:
Telephone number: (+84) 2353623777Facebook: Cinamon Cruises
Romantic Sunset Cocktail Cruise in Hoi An
Duration: 2 hours (from 5 to 7 p.m)Price: 780.000 VND (35 USD) per person
Meeting place: 76 Bach Dang Street 

This Cinamon Cruise’s sunset-admiring journey is all about relaxation and showcasing stunning Hoi An river culture. Your experience will start with an awesome welcome drink and then enjoy good-tasting finger foods (fried wontons, fresh spring rolls, fried ice cream&special cake) catered by friendly people during its two hours duration. The cruise serves both a la carte and set menu dinner as well. If interested, get in touch via its Facebook page early to for nicest preparations to you.

Inclusions: Two-hours river cruise, English speaking staff escort, cocktails and finger foods, floating candle lantern.

Exclusions: Everything not mentioned in the inclusion below.

Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise in Hoi An
Duration: 2 hours (from 5 to 7 p.m)Price: 780.000 VND (35 USD) per person
Meeting place: 76 Bach Dang Street or 180 Huyen Tran Cong Chua (annouce prior to your experience begins) 

Cinamon Cruise’s staffs and caption will greet you at the meeting place and then show your table with a welcome drink plus delicious amuse-bouche. Following delightful-romantic sunset time, it serves toothsome dishes within a chilling atmosphere resonating with nice music. You have the opportunity to light up candle lanterns by yourself, drop them down the river and make your best wishes after the full of appetite dinner. This gets proper for couple and who wants to like have a private space with special persons.

The menu (may change but always in the similar style): welcome cocktail, fresh spring rolls, fried wontons with tomato and pineapple sauce, grilled prawns, sauteed duck with black pepper, sauteed fish with lemon grass, stir-fried mixed vegetables, steamed rice, Cinamon Cruise cake and tropical fruits. Vegetarian menu is available on request in advance.

Inclusions: Two-hours dinner cruise, private table with view, welcome cocktail, pre-dinner finger foods, 5 course set menu dinner, background music and floating lanterns.

Exclusions: Everything not mentioned in the inclusion below.  

Nguyen Hoang pier: Tranquil corner for sunset in town

The pier situates at the end of Nguyen Hoang Street (Hoi An night market), 10 minutes walk from the Old town. At this place, tall trees and buildings are non-existent to prevent your vision from appealing sunrise. In addition to, you also receive more comfortable feelings than anywhere in the surrounding area (especially in high seasons) because it gets little known by holiday makers.

There are some stalls offering cold drinks here as well making it ideal to sit back, relax and enjoy the cool breeze blowing from Thu Bon river before venture into a world of delicious street foods and shopping of the night market. If you are a fan of barbecue, stay longer to admire them at nearby places. They provides the lobster, squid, chicken, pork or specially, frog.

Cam Nam Bridge: A little-known beauty spot

In the walking distance from the core of Hoi An ancient town, Cau Cam Nam (Cam Nam bridge) will be an off-the-beaten-path spot for explorers who want to reach places little-known by tourists. The bridge, it has the pavement and balustrade on two sides that wide enough for standing and keeping your safety from busy traffic or setting up the camera.

Following an enjoyable time with sensational sunset, you have the chance to sample mouth-watering street foods in outside of Hoi An central market close by, then full of color nightscene along Bach Dang street as well as make the discovery to real open-air cuisine world of Nguyen Hoang night market.

The best high view-points to see sunset in Hoi An

The Deck: The highest Hoi An’s rooftop bar and lounge

Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu StreetOpening time: 4 p.m until midnight
Facebook: The Deck Hoi An  

The Deck of Hotel Royal Hoi An-Mgallery is another best spot for watching sunset in Hoi An. This emiment chill zone opens from 4 p.m daily to give sundown lovers the chance for witness whole scene from beginning to the end. As the highest rooftop bar&lounge, majestic Thu Bon river, charming the Old town or serene rural areas all are in your sight and cameras. If being one guest of the hotel below, splendid outdoor swimming pool awaits you. That’s actually great to enjoy the beautiful landscape while soak into its clear blue water. Then have a pleasant time in tasty foods and awesome drinks with thousand shimmering lights of Hoi An by night. Check the menu out online and reserve in advance which you like to avoid disappointings.

Additionally, the bar has the happy hour (buy 1 get 1 free) from 5 to 7 p.m everyday, applied for signature cocktails, beers and wine by glass together with DJs night between 5-8 p.m Friday&Saturday weekly. Ensure you browse the official webpage of Hotel Royal Hoi An for latest information before make up your mind.    

Faifoo Coffee: The best view overlooking streets of Hoi An ancient town

Address: 130 Tran Phu streetOpening time: 8 a.m to 9:30 p.m
Facebook:  Faifoo Coffee  

Coupled with Bach Dang riverside, rooftop coffee shops are other well-liked spots to solists for watching sunset in Hoi An. Within a long list of its kind, outstandingly, Faifoo Coffee offers stunning views for either sunset or graceful streets. According to both expats and locals, it stands as one of the best café in town enable to make good coffee products. Visit our article about all excellent cafeterias (based on different aspects) to find out more details via

Faifoo Coffee drink menu: Espresso and hot/iced Americano-39.000 VND (1.7 USD),  hot/iced Capuchino-49.000 VND (2.1 USD), hot/iced Latte-52.000 VND (2.2 USD), coconut coffee-65.000 VND (2.8 USD), soft drinks from 30.000 VND (1.3 USD), fresh juice and ice tea from 58.000 VND (2.5 USD), smoothies from 68.000 VND (2.95 USD).

The Chef: Good for both sunset view and dinner foods

Address: 166 Tran Phu StreetOpening time: 9 a.m to 10 p.m
Facebook: The Chef 

The Chef Restaurant&Bar is an impressive combination between the restaurant where you likely to find delicious Vietnamese&international dishes, good drinks with professtional services and the rooftop space owning comfortable seats&very beautiful views that considered as among the best sunset-watching spots in Hoi An. This makes itself special because almost rooftop establishments in the Old town are coffee shops not focusing on foods.  To make a reservation, you are recommended coming the restaurant directly, giving a call to (+84) 235 391 1225 or leave an message on its Facebook page.

Food menu of The Chef: Cao lau noodles, fried wonton and the white rose-65.000 VND, fresh spring rolls-75.000 VND (3.2 USD), chicken rice, Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and fried spring rolls-85.000 VND (3.7 USD), Tam huu (specialty of Tra Que village) and chicken curry-125.000 VND (5.4 USD), grilled chiecken skewers-135.000 VND (5.8 USD), prawn curry-155.000 VND (6.7 USD), salad from 65.000 VND (2.8 USD), desserts from 80.000 VND (3.5 USD).

Drink menu of The Chef:  teas, fresh juices, soft drinks and beers from 30.000 VND (1.3 USD), coffees and mocktails from 40.000 VND (1.7 USD),  cocktails from 90.000 VND (3.9 USD).

Hoi An countryside’s best sunset watching places

Cua Dai Bridge: The best spot for both sunset and sunrise in Hoi An

Six kilometers away from Hoi An center, Cau Cua Dai (Cua Dai bridge) has recently constructed since 2009 at where Thu Bon river encounters the sea. From its highest point, the photos you capture will have a half with stunning sunset and another adorned by golden river, marvelous countryside as well as scenic tree-covered islands. Nowhere else brings the same quality to us. Additionally, the river is also an active stage for boat plus fishing activities. For that reason, this best spot for watching sunset in Hoi An has drawn numerous photographers and photograph lovers who would like to catch lively moments of life. If want to make a fast-forward video, make sure you bring phone/camera holders due to strong wind.

Further, Cua Dai bridge presents in the list of the best places to see sunrise in Hoi An into the bargain. An miracle scene of magnificent Cham islands ‘floating’ on the ocean, bustling boats loading and off-loading the fishing market will be shown before your eyes at dawn. Visit our article here if being a sunrise interester.

Note: Hoi An Life recommends combining this fantastic place with Cam Thanh water coconut forest nearby into a trip for your convenience. 

Rice fields near Tra Que Village: The closest spot from Hoi An center

Because far away from arterially national highways, harbours and airport, Hoi An keeps its rural lands in quite unspoiled state at four sides of the city. These scenic areas are mosaiced by windy rice paddies, lush gardens, peaceful-small villages coupled with calm waterways. Among all, the vicinity of Tra Que village has the shortest distance from the downtown.

In the course of watching sundown there, you will receive a bunch of freedom vibes, cool breeze blowing from fields mingling with broad horizon resulting the ‘uncovered’ visions. Think of spending time at seafront restaurant-bars in An Bang beach after enjoy this special period of the day. To know every things to do at the best parts of Hoi An coast, visit our article via

Roving Chillhouse: Coffee, windy fields and sunset

Address: At the end of Nguyen Trai Street, Cam ChauOpening time: 7:30 a.m to 10 p.m
Facebook: Roving Chillhouse  

One more star within Hoi An countryside, Instagrammable Roving Chillhouse brings us closer to serene-breezy rice fields and relaxing vibes with its outdoor seatings. Locals, expats or tourists often come here in the morning and especially at the end of the afternoon for cooling down as well as watching sundown. Its menu covers many types of pleasant-tasting beverage into the bargain. For that reason, although newly established, it quickly becomes a noticeable refreshing spot around the city like Faifoo Coffee or The Deck Hoi An.

Roving Chillhouse drink menu: Vietnamese and Western-style coffee types from 30.000 VND (1.3 USD), fresh juices from 50.000 VND (2.2 USD), tropical teas from 55.000 VND (2.4 USD), smoothies from 60.000 VND (2.6 USD), traditional teas from 70.000 VND (3 USD).

The Abandonned Kiln: Emerging hot spot on social medias

Address: Lena Farmstay, South Hoi AnOpening time: 8 a.m to 7 p.m
Facebook:  Lo Gach Cu-Farm, Food, Coffee, Home and more  

The Abandonned Kiln (Ca phe Lo gach cu) is re-known first from pictures taken by local photographers after a long ‘relaxing time’ and liken to second Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills on social medias. Trees growing on its top like a work of art, staircases as well as vast rice paddies in the surrounding all make the uniqueness not found anywhere else. To get the kiln, you need to cross small villages to the South of Hoi An.   

Day to day, there is a large number of Vietnamese young persons arriving here and bring back home plenty of lovely photos. As same as Roving Chillhouse, you are able to order the drinks (including coffee) at here during enjoy brilliant sundown. But it offers more local vibes. Hoi An Life recommends visiting interesting places in beautiful Cam Kim island and its handicrafting communities before set foot in this best spot for watching sunset in Hoi An’s Southern area.

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