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It seems that Mi quang was borned for all persons because of its pleasant taste and harmonious combination between ingredients. Invented first in Quang Nam province so people called it as Mi Quang Nam (Quang Nam noodles) to remind about the birthplace. Over time, this name became shorter and was maintained until now.

At the moment, you are able to find flavorsome Mi quang anywhere in Vietnam and various countries in the world with an abundance in ingredients, way of cooking as well as service method. However, many people still believe that the best Mi quang is in Hoi An.

In this article, Hoi An Life gives you full information about different aspects of Mi quang and list of local eateries serving the nicest one.    

Should see also Hoi An’s local food specialties to know other delicacies in town, best places to try them and guided tours.

All you need to know about Mi quang

Mi quang and its ingredients

What is Mi quang?

Mi quang composes of fine white rice noodles served with a flavourful broth, topped by well-marinate proteins and combined with raw vegetables when eat. In the company with Cao lau (brown noodles), Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Pho (noodle soup) and Com ga (chicken rice), this signature Hoi An food is standing as one of must-eat dishes.

Wherever in the city, from local stalls on the pavement until more upscale restaurants, there is no difficulty to find and try delicious Mi quang. In fact, local people have it for any meals during the day. Meaning that even if breakfast, lunch or dinner times, you will see eateries selling the noodle a piece of cake. Read our article about Hoi An street foods if interested via

Ingredients of Mi quang


Everybody love Mi quang because of its flavorful taste and well-fitted to all ages, including the ‘eco choice’ for vegetarian friendly people. In comparison to other ingredients, the noodles itself play the most important role. The finest noodles are produced by skillful hands of inhabitants living in villages around Hoi An. At various eateries, origin of the noodles is showed on their sign making people identify the favourite easier.

Rice to prepare Mi quang shares the same birthplaces to Com ga Hoi An (chicken rice), that are rich-soil paddies of Cam Thanh and Cam Kim island. Farmers there try their best to minimize use of chemicals during the entire growing process. Sometimes, many restaurants have to import rice from other regions in Vietnam but always prefer local-produced one to keep the ‘authenticity’ of their dish.

In general, first steps to make Mi quang are as similar as rice paper (banh trang). Initially, the qualitied rice is properly soaked within hours, ground into fine-smooth milk, pour equally on the cloth layer covering the mouth of boiling water pot and then steam up. From now, just need to cut it into noodle shape. Lots of makers also dye the noodles by turmeric to make them have an eye-catching yellow color.   


Every delicious Mi quang, the noodles are bottomed by a rich sauce mainly cooked from harmoniously seasoned mixture between pork and shrimp. The main reason belongs to its multi-purpose because able to suit for many kinds of dish. On the other hand, local people believe that will be more finger-licking if mix like that. Yes, it usually happens but not at all places. There are a number of Hoi An restaurants using single protein-based sauce for their dish, notably for chicken and fish noodles.       


Toppings of the most common Mi quang (Mi quang tom thit) will cover well-flavored slices of pork, fresh shrimp, boiling quail eggs (sometimes replaced by duck eggs), crushed roasting peanuts and a crispy piece of rice cracker. Besides, the chicken is very popular also. Keep in mind that authentic local eateries serve it with bones as same as numerous parts of the country. Tourist restaurants in Hoi An often  remove them to make you admire their noodles in the comfortable manner. Additionally, sneakhead fish or frog are other Mi quang’s main proteins.

In case of vegetarian verson (Mi quang chay), its toppings are regularly made up by tofu (light fried or fresh), crush roasting peanuts, crunchy rice crackers and greens like mushroom, pumpkin, chaypote, carrot, etc. Due to Buddhism influence over centuries, locals like to have it for all meals in first and middle day each Vietnamese lunar month. Lantern festival (Le hoi den long Hoi An) will be taken place in this time into the bargain. If want to find&try, vicinity of the pagoda is the most likely area.

Side dish of vegetables

Hoianese add raw vegetables into Mi quang when eat for balancing out all ingredients, espcially fats from proteins and sauce. Similar to other specialties, the herbs used have to source from Tra Que village where the highest quality kinds produced organically, with essential-oil-rich and small-sized characteristics. Moreover, you may see chopped green lettuces, baby spicy cabbage, sliced banana flowers (or sliced body of young banana tree) and much more.

Note: Across Vietnam, the ingredients used indicate you a part of local culture. Different areas bring some their own distinctiveness, for example Mi quang featuring the sliced banana flower.

Variety of Mi quang in Hoi An

Mi quang Phu Chiem

Local inhabitants believe that the best noodles to make Mi quang come from Phu Chiem village to the West of Hoi An. No matter whichever things served with, taste of Mi quang Phu Chiem easily satisfies the diners just because of their quality. Additionally, makers also use small crabs catched from rice fields to cook the soup. None of Mi quang variants has this special addition.

Together with excellent noodles, Phu Chiem is widely known by its villagers working as Mi quang hawkers. They daily wake up very early in the morning to prepare the sauce (kept warm by wood kitchen) and all necessary ingredients before carry them to Hoi An or Da Nang for sale. For that reason, the signature of Mi quang Phu Chiem associates tightly to its nickname Mi ganh (‘carrying noodles’).

En route to My Son sanctuary, you will go across the village and if possible, we recommend stopping at a house there to see up-close processes to create ‘five star’ noodles. Furthermore, visiting Khu du lich Vinahouse (Vinahouse Craft Village) is another option in case you have no idea about which local family to check out.

Mi quang Tuy Loan

Further away from Hoi An downtown, Lang co Tuy Loan (Tuy Loan village) gets famous for producing first-class noodles that enable to provide us excellently appetizing bowls of Mi quang. As same as Phu Chiem village, the reputation of Tuy Loan noodles widely spreads all over the region. However, number of restaurants serving it is less because of long distance to Hoi An. Villagers prefer to sell them in Da Nang city nearby.

Unique usage of ingredient is another factor making current famousness of Mi quang Tuy Loan. Differentiate to anywhere else, snakehead fish is used for cooking with noodles (Mi quang ca loc) that it becomes a signature dish of whole village. Besides, the village also is a stunning tourist attraction. If you are interested in, read our article via for more details.

Mi quang ech (frog noodles)

In fact, ‘traditional’ proteins (pork, shrimp and chicken) are better known than frog but its toothsome taste absolutely derserves to give a try, especially for food explorers. Because this is the new ingredient, there are only few places with Mi quang ech on sale in Hoi An. Check Hung Viet restaurant at 55 Phan Chu Trinh street if like to experience another flavor of Mi quang. At Da Nang, you are likely to find it easier with restaurant network Mi quang ech Bep Trang.

Mi quang tron (Mixed Mi quang)

This bite is popular across the provinces of Southern Vietnam and features less sauce than original Mi quang we see (people have to add it, mix by theirselves when served). The sauce itself is made from Nuoc mam fish sauce, garlic, chilli, white cane sugar and lime juice. In general, nearly all ‘traditional’ ingredients are kept and several local vegetables, herbs’re new additions. Mi quang tron suites for food lovers who like to have a change for daily dish. Moreover, it’s the favourite choice of housewifes to prepare family meals.

My quang My Son: Food specialty from My Son sanctuary’s area

Not only glorious thousands-years-old temples, Mi quang noodles also is another reminder about the area of My Son sanctuary to locals. This land provides chicken from farms on hill that high rated and largely favoured but its freshness, meaning never frozen as well as no preservatives in. Its mountains bring the fertile mud to the rice fields on their foot after rains and its vast forests supply water all year round. Noodles to make Mi quang are of good quality for that reason. Necessary, over times, the reputation reaches further borders of the area and many eateries are opened in other cities, Da Nang and Hoi An for example.

Mi quang noodle restaurants like Mi quang Tieng Quy or Dac san my ga My Son are nice places to eat before/after your trip from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary.

Where can I find Mi quang in Hoi An?


The bulk of Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An serve Mi quang, commonly with a price between 25.000 and 60.000 VND (1.1-2.6 USD). Although the local vibes absent, pleasant-tasting dishes you can given with certain use of ingredients and sauce characteristics at these places. In comparison to other Mi quang makers, the restaurants have more diverse list of foods enable to suit for different tastes. For instance, travel with family or group of friends. If like to sample home-cooked Mi quang and take a hands-on experience in creating it, ensure that you know Hoi An’s cycling tours.

Mi quang food stalls on the pavement

Like any other Hoi An’s food specialties, Mi quang also is on sale within eateries set up on the pavement and corner of streets. These establishments regularly own several couples of plastic-low table and chair. You have no difficulty to get one in the morning because local people like to go out for breakfast before work (at around 8). There are in abundance again by night as well. Generally, their Mi quang gives you the most beguine taste with middle-of-the-road prices.

Mi quang in the market

Come to any markets before midday, you will have the chance to try tasty Mi quang with an authentic local style and it costs around 20.000-25.000 VND (0.8-1.1 USD). Stalls often are equipped with a table where all ingredients put on, two pots for containing sauce and boiling water for blanching noodles to make them hot and the long chair. Not just Mi quang, you should plan the ‘food sampling tour’ to other appetizing bites inside Hoi An markets. Visit our article via to find out pocket tips about.

Mi quang from street vendors (Mi quang ganh)

In last decades, vendors selling Mi quang from street to street was popular than present-day. They commonly come from nearby villages where the noodle makers live and wake up in very early morning to prepare everything before head the city center on foot. Majorly, are women who carry two baskets on the shoulders that filled by soup pot, food ingredients, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and even low stools for customer seating. If move around much, bicycle is their best friend. Someone shouts loudly to let people know, a traditional way of marketing but in contrast, many “famous” vendors have stable fans and relationships to not have to do it. A couple of Hoi An’s best-known eateries like Mi Quang Ong Hai or Mi Quang Hat were hawkers prior to become bigger.

How much for a Mi quang?

Pricing for a bowl of Mi quang is different depending on which type of eatery you go to and kind of protein you choose (normally shrimp, pork, chicken, egg or mixed). In general, it often ranges from 15.000 to 35.000 VND (around 0.65-1.5 USD) at local food stalls and little higher in restaurants.

Mi quang making villages

In the western countryside of Hoi An, Dien Phuong commune is home of some Mi quang making villages. The most prominent one among them is Phu Chiem. Not a few local people just come to eateries serving the noodles from this provider to eat. If like to visit a household to watch all steps how craftmans work, start your trip between the midnight and three in the morning. After that time, noodles are brought across the region for sale. In Da Nang, there is another noodle making village named Tuy Loan (browse our article here to know more about).

The best Mi quang in Hoi An

Mi Quang Ong Hai-Mr.Hai Noodles

Address: 6A Truong Minh Luong streetOpening time: 6 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Telephone number: (+84) 5103914406 

Story leads to the establishment of Mi Quang Ong Hai

Vietnamese people are the most passionate fans of the football. In 1996, European Football Championship got taken place in England attracted plenty of local followers. They usually came to a cafeteria with big screen television and of course, it would be full during every single match. For that reason, Mr.Hai (Ong Hai) was recommended being a street vendor to sell Mi quang close to these football watching points by night (due to time difference between Vietnam and England). Mi quang Ong Hai was established since then. From 2007 until now, current store have opened after a long period of time he did business on the pavement. With over 20 years experience, we absolutely trust that his restaurant truly serves us one of the best Mi quangin Hoi An.

Note: The most visual difference between Mi quang Ong Hai and others lies in use of Banh phong tom (prawn crackers) instead of Banh trang (rice cracker).

Food options in My Quang Ong Hai

Mi quang with pork, shrimp and quail eggs: 30.000 VND (1.3 USD)

Cao lau with pork: 30.000 VND (1.3 USD)

Drinks: fresh water-10.000 VND (0.4 USD), beer and sugary drinks start from 15.000 VND (0.65 USD).

Mi Quang Hat

Address: 81 Phan Chu Trinh street (Nguyen Duy Hieu Secondary School)Opening time: 5 p.m until sold out
Telephone number: (+84) 5103914406 

Overall view of Mi Quang Hat

The owner of Mi Quang Hat (or Mi Quang Di Hat) -Mrs.Hat started out as a vendor few decades ago and daily she moved along Hoi An streets. At the time, mainly served for workers by night and then plenty of visitors looking for her delicious noodles from work of mouth. Moreover, she also makes iconic Cao lau as well in order to introduce this speciality to people living in different parts of the country. Compare to other places owning the best Mi quang in Hoi An, Mi Quang Hat has the shortest distance from the Old town.

Note: Keep in mind that Mi Quang Hat receives a lot of loves from both local people and tourist, so frequently get crowded. If plan to enjoy flavorsome noodles here, you should come early.  

Food options in My Quang Hat

Mi quang tom thit (pork, shrimp and quail eggs noodle): 25.000 VND (1.08 USD).

Mi quang ga (chicken noodle): 25.000 VND (1.08 USD).

Cao lau (with pork): 25.000 VND (1.08 USD).

Mi Quang Bich

Address: 272 Hung Vuong streetOpening time: 7:30-19:30 daily
Telephone number: (+84) 905898184 

General information of Mi Quang Bich

Mi Quang Bich is another eating place you are able to find one of the best Mi quang in Hoi An. Particularly, this river-facing restaurant uses the noodles&rice crackers 100% sourced from Phu Chiem village-the most eminent ‘factory’ of the area, fresh proteins as well as Tra Que village’s vegetables for its side dish. While Mi Quang Ong Hai and Mi Quang Hat draw much tourists, it stands well for years with big love from local people. 

Its great location also is an additional value of Mi Quang Bich due to very close by couples of top attractions. In consequence, a bunch of foodies stop here on their trip to Thanh Ha pottery village or My Son sanctuary. Check your travel plan before come and enjoy its savoury noodles.  

Mi Quang Bich’s options

Mi quang tom thit (pork, shrimp and quail eggs noodle): 30.000 VND (1.3 USD).

Mi quang ga (chicken noodle): 30.000 VND (1.3 USD).

Mi quang dac biet (‘special noodle’): 50.000 VND (2.2 USD).

Cao lau (with pork): 30.000 VND (1.3 USD).

Drinks: from 15.000 VND (0.65 USD).

Pho Xua Restaurant

Address: 35 Phan Chu Trinh street (on the edge of Hoi An ancient town)Opening time: 10 a.m to 9 p.m daily
Telephone number: (+84) 983803889 

In the top list of Hoi An food specialty restaurants, there is no doubt that the best Mi quang noodles are found in Pho Xua. This locally-owned establishment uses elegant spaces of an old house and have some state-of-the-art additions. It offers a couple of outdoor seatings and ones in the interior. Try its delicious Pho, Com ga chicken rice or city signature Cao lau noodles if you are looking for a meal with all dishes what are local and in pleasant tasting.

Pho Xua restaurant’s options:

Mi quang noodles: 35.000 VND (1.52 USD)

Cao lau noodles: 35.000 VND (1.52 USD)

Pho noodle soup, Hoi An white rose dumplings, Nem ran (fried spring rolls), Hoanh thanh chien (fried wonton): 40.000 VND (1.7 USD)

Fresh spring rolls: 45.000 VND (1.95 USD)

Bun cha (grilled pork noodles): 55.000 VND (2.4 USD)

Little Flower Restaurant&Coffee

Address: 186 Tran Nhan Tong street (on the edge of Hoi An ancient town)Opening time: 10 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Telephone number: (+84) 9352678648 

Small but its foods are good value to money, this hidden gem is located to the west of Hoi An ancient town, close by several high-rated establishments like Nhan’s Kitchen or Restaurant&Cafe Tuan. Not only offers good taste and eye-catching garnished, Little Flower’s Mi quang noodles also is served by friendly and warm hospitality from family owners.

Food options in the Little Flower’s Restaurant

Mi quang noodles: 30.000 VND (1.3 USD)

Mi Quang Di Suong: The best Mi quang in An Bang beach

Address: Alley of Nguyen Phan Vinh street (near Bungalow Beach Bar) Opening time: 7 a.m until sold out daily
Telephone number:  

This hidden gem is nestled in a small alley inside An Bang village, few meters away from main road Nguyen Phan Vinh. Its delicious noodles is all cooked by Ms.Nghi. In first and middle days of each lunar month, she closes the restaurant, to rest and focus on her own vegetarianism. Commonly, a Mi quang tom thit (pork and shrimp noodles) costs 20.000 VND (0.87 USD).

Mi Quang Ba Nhan: The best Mi quang in Cua Dai beach

Address: Mai An Tiem-Truong Minh Hung intersection Opening time: 7 a.m until sold out daily
Telephone number: (+84) 917108118 

Mi Quang Ba Nhan (Ms.Nhan’s Mi quang restaurant) is locally-owned, offers classic Mi quang noodles with a really cheap price. Mi quang tom thit (pork and shrimp noodles) costs only 15.000 VND (0.65 USD).

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