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There is nothing more than spending time with a natural-born masseuse in the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere after experience stunning things to do in Hoi An. It brings us a sense of relaxation which is the must-have feeling for our holiday.  

In this article, we inform you of Vietnamese massage-the core of all establishments, facts about it together with latest list of the best massage parlours in Hoi An according to two main areas (the ancient town and beaches). Generally, massage providers presents at any corners in the city ranging from deluxe hotels/resorts to budget street spots. Every single year, we welcome a number of emerging stars whose quality gets as nice as pre-dominated facilities. As a result, HOI AN LIFE will update the list frequently to give you the most timely information.    

Vietnamese massage

History of traditional Vietnamese massage

The bulk of Hoi An’s massage parlours specializes in Vietnamese massage. First days of its tradition traced far as back thousand years ago and was influenced partly by Chinese philosophies&techniques over time, especially under the occupying periods. It aims to get rid of feelings of stress from your body, focus on removing knots and working on pressure points.

Tam quat was the name used to call this long-standing practices and today  rarely seen in plenty of localities across the country. At the moment, mát xa (or massage) is the most spoken one due to the popularity of English considered as second language.     

Vietnamese massage process

Foot soaking in warm herbal water for few minutes or simply foot washing is the first step of a Vietnamese massage process. Then you will go into a private room to take off your clothes (keep the underwear on) before requested to lie face down along with being covered by towel. On the next stage, the therapist works from your back&shoulder first once sequentially treating for the rest of body (principally legs, feet) and your head in the end.

Because of the language barrier, they ask you the words “stronger” or “softer” during working on your body by their hands, knuckles, elbows, knees and feet in a trouble-free manner. If difficult to talk with, use Google translations to have the smoother experience. No worries about misunderstandings in Hoi An’s massage parlours, the employees there can get quickly what you say basing on their practical skills with dozens of English-speaking tourists before.

Differences between Vietnamese and Thai massages

Vietnam and Thailand locate in the same region, therefore both countries share some similarities in massage tradition. Same same but different, Vietnamese massage mainly focuses on working out the knot of your muscles through kneading techniques instead of streching skills in Thai massage. Meaning that it involves less strong movements, although some pulling as well as pushing still used by therapists.

Massage parlours in Hoi An usually offer the two of Vietnamese and Thai massages on their list of choices with quite same price. Never tried both? There is great to try it out in our beautiful city as well as have a comparison between them in the first time.  

Massage in Hoi An

Where to book a massage in Hoi An

At the accommodation

Most Hoi An’s accommodations from hostel to luxury resort are able to offer massage options&packages including the basics like foot therapies or body treatments. While the resort/large-scale hotels employ full-time therapists, the smaller businesses only work with part-time masseuses. Besides, the therapist do his/her job mostly in hotel’s massage room and sometimes in the guest room (for ladies only with a special request). The price itself correspondingly will be different depending the duration and treatment you get. Overally, massage within leisure resorts or star-classified hotels costs more than other places.    

Roadside parlours

Just need to walk out of the accommodation, you will see several massage parlours in its surrounding. The price in general is cheaper than in the hotel because the owner wants to make his/her stores more competitive. In addition to, although the ancient town houses an array of the nicest parlours, it costs from a little to much more expensive than anywhere else around the city. Nevertheless, their quality provided definitely stands out basing on well-maintained facilities plus the collaboration with skilled therapists.  

Parlours catering for Korean

Due to recent Korean tourist arrival to Hoi An, there are plentiful massage parlours established chiefly to serve for guests from the Land of kimchi. The clearest expression to know these spots is looking at their front sign plus online advertisements that arranged into Korean instead of English or Vietnamese. The expense overally gets more costy than either roadside or hotel massages because  local travel agencies require the commisson from groups of tourist.

Hoi An massage price and payment

As similar as the restaurants, hotels and other tourist facilities, prices about everything (excepting tipping) is manifested on the menu. Probably you do not want to select a massage spot without the clearance of what you will pay. On later parts of this article, we indicate the specific price of 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins and longer-in-duration options at ten best massage parlours in Hoi An. Anyway they’re much cheaper compared to massages back home.

An discount usually will be provided for group bookings. You have to talk with the manager in resorts/hotels to gain it. Differently, there is quite easily reveived in smaller facilities. Additionally, having reservations not within the peak times (late afternoon and evening) is another good selection for money-saving plus getting more pleasant vibes. Look at the special offering during these periods as well if you like to take ‘same price but have extra things’.  

Cash is the king as well as prefering ways to pay at nearly all places, notably at mid-range and budget massage parlours. In case of credit cards, you should get in touch before to make certain they are accepted or not and how much it costs to pay by card (normally under 5% of the bill). Check the invoice carefully when done together with sum of money charged because occasionally it will be over than expected.       

Tipping for massage therapist

Roadside and in-hotel massages usually exclude tipping for therapists who do the part-time job. They will collect the payment according to the package they working at. On the other hand, the massage and spa spot in resorts/upscale accommodations have full-time salaried employees with a better pay. However, all is not too high therefore the gratuity from massage receivers plays an important role on their income.

How much to tip therapist is also within the care of travellers when like to book a massage in Hoi An and Vietnam in general. Luxury resorts shows clearly the standard rate on their menu that often charge few percents of total bill while others keep it as a hidden cost depending on your satisfaction about. In reality, Vietnamsese commonly thinks of at least 5 USD (around 115.000 VND) to tip when go for a massage. Keep in mind that you should give directly your therapist to make sure it will be on right hands.

Which is the best massage parlours in Hoi An?

Tips to know a good massage parlour in Hoi An

Check online reviews before

In reality, Google maps and Tripadvisor reviews are two most reliable source of information. They conplement each other to help you identify which is a good massage parlour in Hoi An. In case of Google maps, see the opinions from ‘local guide’ who knowed and experienced previously. However, you should prefer to the users having more than 5 contributions in order to avoid faking reviews because Googles still remains an open and uncensored mode for anybody.

By contrast, Tripadvisor revisions will be displayed after quite strict censoring process conducted by expats. Therefore, it’s believed that having a stronger dependability. On the other hand, somewhere only concenstrate on Google so just a little care for its Tripadvisor and vice versa. In our point of view, the best way is a combination between Google maps (the popular tool of Asian tourists) and Tripadvisor (a good friend of Western travellers).

Complementarily, you are able to see reviews from former guests to take the name of good therepists. When book a massage, recommend that name to your likest establishment

Is it have in-house therepists?

Probably, how much you enjoy a massage mainly bases on your therapist (usually work as a masseuse in Vietnam also). At Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Hoi An, full-time employees make the higher quality than part-time staffs who have less opportunities to join actually professional training courses. For that reason, you should check online reviews in advance, come to the places you like and then ask for the availability of in-house therapists. In fact, top Hoi An’s massage parlours really care about this because they understand that should be ready anytime to their guests. If given the answer ‘yes, he/she is right here and all ready’, meaning that you will make a right choice.

Take a look to facilities

Along with online reviews and therapists, you should take note of the parlour facilities when come in. Feel free to request a visit around for checking cleanliness, lighting, peacefulness or overall vibe of the massage room. If it is a private space, that would be very nice.  

Hoi An’s best massage parlours

In and around the ancient town

Note: The Ancient town and its surrounding boasts the largest concenstration of  massage parlours in Hoi An. Meaning that the best places in this area seem to be kings of whole city.

Aaron Spa-2/16 Le Loi Street

This is first best massage parlour in Hoi An we mention because of its location very nearby core of the Old town as well as its therapists well-trained by experts. Over 20 years experience in beauty industry and health care, Aaron Spa has been involved in technical training from Chinese, Canadian and Thai specialists. It also confidently bring all the guest a combo of the best service, natural products, professional techniques, reasonable price and quite/clean/charm pragrance.

Give a call to number (+84) 903 060 874 or send an email to for any questions and make a reservation. Its opening time spans from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.    

Aaron Spa prices

Body Scrups and Wraps: Head&face pressure point and Hand&arm reflexology 180.000 VND (7.8 USD)-30 minutes; Reduce heavy feet, foot bath&reflexology and Neck/back&shoulder pressure point 200.000 VND (8.7 USD)-30 minutes; Mineral Salt Exfoliation 350.000 VND (15 USD)-40 minutes, Moisturizer smooth&soft body wrap 390.000 VND (17 USD)-40 minutes, Farming&anti-oxidant chocolate body wrap and Aloe Vera reduce-heating sunburn 450.000 VND (19.5 USD)-40 minutes.

Body relaxing: Awaken all sensens&body detox 300.000 VND (13 USD)-30 minuites; tradtitional Vietnamese ‘soft relaxation’ 390.000 VND (17 USD)-60 minutes and 550.000 VND (24 USD)-90 minutes; Aroma therapy ‘medium pressure’, Swedish therapy ‘strong pressure’ and Pregnancy therapy care 450.000 VND (19.5 USD)-60 minutes&600.000 VND (26 USD)-90 minutes; Thai massage ‘no oil and strong stretch’ 390.000 VND (17 USD)-45 minutes&690.000 VND (30 USD)-90 minutes.

To see other options in facial treatments, therepy, nail care as well as waxing, browse here for further details. 

Five Senses Spa&Wellness Salon-14 Phan Boi Chau Street

Founded in 2012 at arty Hoi An’s French Quarter, Five Senses Spa and Wellness Salon is a local family-owned business aiming to promote a holistic experience through all five senses to holiday makers who are looking for some healthy attention. As one of the best massage parlours in Hoi An, the salon also provides a diverse menu made by fifteen massage therapies, seven treatments and three packages of its own spa singnatures.

It opens from 7 a.m to 11 p.m everyday except Tet Vietnamese new year occasion. Contact for bookings via phone number (+84) 356 022 423 or email Moreover, the internationally popular credit card accepted for paying your bill.

Five Senses Spa prices

One hour packages: Foot relaxing massage and Vietnamese body therapy 322.000 VND (14 USD), Hot stone massage, Body aromatherapy and Prenental massage 414.000 VND (18 USD), Asian blend massage, Combination massage, Special Vietnamese relaxation and Reflexology 390.000 VND (17 USD), Thai style massage 460.000 VND (20 USD), Couple massage 690.000 VND (30 USD), Five senses spa signature 55 USD (1.265.000 VND).

One and a half hours packages: Foot relaxing massage and Vietnamese body therapy 480.000 VND (21 USD), Special Vietnamese relaxation, Asian blend massage and Reflexology 600.000 VND (26 USD), Body aromatherapy, Hot stone massage, Combination massage and Prenental massage 623.000 VND (27 USD), Thai style massage 690.000 VND (30 USD) and Couple massage 1.035.000 VND (45 USD).

For the detail of each massage selection plus the spa signatures, visit Five Senses Spa&Wellness Salon’s official website.

Coral Spa-69 Nguyen Phuc Tan Street

Embodying its own signature blend of natural and organic ingredients, Coral Spa will strive to provide the massage seekers with a sanctuary for every senses. It has eighteen options encompassing of the massage, body treatments, beauty services, facial care, foot care and spa. Not only being the king of An Hoi island known for night market and bars, but also among the best massage parlours in Hoi An.

The opening time will at the period of 9:30-21:00 from Monday to Suturday and 10:00-21:00 on Sunday. Contact to Coral Spa by its telephone/Whatsapp number (+84) 905 844 228 in order to check the availability of your prefered date and options.     

Coral Spa prices

Note: An US dollar gets commonly converted to 23.000 VND. However, there is not really well-corresponding to this proportion in public prices below introducing on the Coral Spa’s website. Hanging on your available currency to decide which will be used to pay after a pleasing massage.

Under 60 minutes options: Head, neck and shoulder 210.000 VND (7 USD), Sunbrun relief 300.000 VND (10 USD), Warm towel back care 320.000 VND (12 USD)-45 mins, Body scup/wrap 300.000 VND (12 USD)-40 mins, Beauty service 170.000-300.000 VND (6-13 USD), Eyelash extension 500.000 VND (23 USD),

60 minutes options: Swedish massage and Asian blend therapy 380.000 VND (15 USD), Facial care 380.000 VND (16 USD).

90 minutes options: Hot stone massage and Aromatherapy massage 580.000 VND (21 USD), Coral spa signature massage 550.000 VND (23 USD).

Browse Coral Spa’s webpage for more information about every choices together with their availablily. Besides English verson, it’s also written by Korean and Japanese languages.

White Rose Spa-529 Hai Ba Trung Street

Only 10 minutes walk from the Old town, White Rose Spa focuses on using of herbs, plants coupled with minerals for healing in Vietnamese tradition dated back thousand years ago. Here, whatever you need for relaxation, tension or balancing your mind/body/soul will be fullfilled by skilled therepists who deeply understand ancient wellness techniques. Moreover, it is able to provide enjoyable spa treatments within an atmospheric space&smoothing music too from 9:30 a.m to 10 p.m daily. For these reasons, White Rose Spa ensures that every guest will leave with the refreshment and high level of satisfaction.

Today, it stands as among the best masssage parlours in Hoi An. Its telephone/Whatsapp number is (+84) 235 392 9279 and email if like to book anything.     

White Rose Spa pricess

30 minutes options: Foot massage 200.000 VND (8.7 USD), Indian head massage and Bespoke massage 250.000 VND (10.8 USD).

60 minutes options: Foot massage 350.000 VND (15 USD), Stress release massage 380.000 VND (16.5 USD), Basalt hot stone massage and Deep tissue massage 420.000 VND (18 USD).

80 minutes options: White Rose signature masssage with organic coconut oil 550.000 VND (24 USD) using special techniques combined with signature oil blend based on aromatherapy, stimulate circulation, release the muscle tension, promote deep relaxation and rejuvenate the energy flow for perfect well-being; White Rose signature massage with aromatherapy oil 590.000 VND (25.6 USD) using the power from therapist hands to release stiffness or tensions on back, neck, shoulder, legs muscle and tendons.

90 minutes options: Vietnamese herbal compress and Basalt hot stone massage 570.000 VND (24.5 USD).

See White Rose Spa’s webpage for detailed duration and price of other five spa journeys, six body scrups/wraps, four facial treatments and seven beauty salon options. Besides, the parlour also accepts Visa, Union Pay, Mastercard and JCB debit/credit cards to pay its stunning products.  

Citrus Health Spa-180 Ly Thai To Street

Citrus Health Spa is another best massage parlour in Hoi An which uses organic herbs from on-site hanging gardens for its daily treatments. Each of them has different essential holistic healing elements as well as designed according to in-depth understanding about human anatomy physiology. To spend time with 100% natural ingredient-used massages, contact through phone number (+84) 916 076 066 or via its webpage to reserve online. Interestingly, you will have a list of 21 selections to tick, your preferred time or hotel pick-up request as well.

Citrus Health Spa prices

Packages: Detoxing package (detoxification&Himalayan hot stone) 780.000 VND 34 USD)-2 hours, Citrus amazing package (body scrup, facial for type of skin&Vietnamese massage) 900.000 VND (39 USD)-2.5 hours and Retreat package (bamboo rolling massage, Citrus ficial, body mask&foot paraffin) 1.240.000 VND (54 USD)-3 hours.

Body massage: Foot reflexology 250.000 VND (10.8 USD)-30 mins, traditional Vietnamese massage 360.000 VND (15.6 USD)-60 mins&500.000 VND (22 USD)-90 mins, Thai style 390.000 VND (17 USD)-60 mins&500.000 VND (22 USD)-90 mins and Shiatsu acupressure point massage 400.000 VND (17.4 USD)-60 mins&590.000 VND (25.5 USD)-90 mins.

Treatment options: 30 minutes-Indian head massage 250.000 VND (10.8 USD), Prenancy massage 380.000 VND (16.5 USD); 90 minutes options-Ayurveda massage 780.000 VND (34 USD), traditional Vietnamese massage with cupping and Five elements massage 550.000 VND (24 USD),  Himalayan hot stone and Bamboo rolling massage 570.000 VND (24.7 USD).

To know more information about other parts on Citrus Spa’s menu like facial treatments, waxing or detoxifying, pay a visit on webpage. Additionally, the parlour arranges a Korean verson too to ensure that kimchi massage lovers understand comprehensively its spirit as well as its abundant products.


Best massage parlours in An Bang beach
Mimi Spa

In the heart of An Bang-one of Hoi An’s top beaches, this locally-owned spa has being popular to both Vietnamese and country-to-country sun seekers after its establishment. Mimi Spa not only offers traditional massage treatments, its collection of packages also has Thai, Swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massages, facial/body wraps as well as manicure/pedicure. After or before your relaxing time, there are plentiful choices of restaurant-bar around it possibly making a perfect day heading to the beach.

For any booking, contact Mimi Spa manager at least one hour once you arrive via her telephone number (+84) 905 118 077. Opening time stretches from 9 to 10 p.m daily.  

Mimi Spa prices

Foot massage: 200.000 VND (9 USD)-30 miutes, 320.000 VND (14 USD)-60 minutes.

Body massage: Hot stone or Aromatherapy 370.000 VND (16 USD)-60 minutes, 550.000 VND (24 USD)-90 minutes and 740.000 VND (32 USD)-120 minutes;  Four hands 700.000 VND (30 USD)-60 minutes, 900.000 VND (39 USD)-90 minutes and 1.400.000 VND (60 USD)-120 minutes.


Body massage-facial massage-manicure-pedicure 850.000 VND-2.5 hours

Body massage-facial massage-body scrub 950.000 VND-2.5 hours

Body massage-body wrap-facial 950.000 VND-2.5 hours

Body massage-body scrup-body wrap-facial massage 1.200.000 VND-3 hours

Others: Thai body massage390.000-590.000-780.000 VND for 30-90-120 minutes; Swedish body massage 330.000-490.000-660.000 VND for 60-90-120 minutes.  Mimi Spa also offers some nail service and waxing choices with a price ranging from 150.000 to 500.000 VND (6.5-22 USD) &170.000 to 470.000 VND (7.4-20.4 USD) respectively.

Aira Hoi An Spa

Aira Hoi An Spa stands as a part of Aira Boutique Hoi An hotel&villa locating close by first massage parlour we mentioned-Mimi Spa. Its day-to-day working hour starts between 9 a.m and 9 p.m. There is a diverse menu in this place covering four options of facial treatments, body scrup and body wrap, ten different treatment choices (airy leg, cyclic abdomen, cupping, pregnant massage, etc), eight rituals and two selection of nail services.

If like to enjoy awesome massages here, you should reseve in advance via telephone number (+84) 235 3926 969, E-mail and the facebook page to make sure you will have the best preparations. Hoi An Life received a relatively quick response in the former experience by email.    

Aira Hoi An Spa prices

Vietnamese traditional massage: Foot reflexology 545.000 VND (24 USD)-45 minutes and 645.000 VND (28 USD)-60 minutes, for head/neck/shoulder/back 380.000 VND (16.5 USD)-30 minutes and 420.000 VND(18 USD)-45 minutes.

Others: for child 350.000 VND (15 USD)-30 minutes, for pregnant 850.000 VND (37 USD)-70 minutes and 1.075.000 VND (47 USD)-90 minutes, for honeymoon 3.150.000 VND (137 USD)-4.25 hours including herbal treatment, body scrup/wrap, traditonal herbal bath, renew collagen, foot reflexlogy, fresh fruit juice and local food. To get full information on the menu, see the offical website of Aira Hoi An Spa.

South An Bang beach’s best massage parlours
Emerald Spa

Its location, South An Bang beach get less crowded in comparison to An Bang and Cua Dai beaches nearby so Emerald Spa becomes a good spot to who looking for a well-catered massage parlours and enjoy white sandy coastline. It covers a wide range of treaments from body, hand until foot massages and spa packages. Besides, the parlour also offers the facial care, hair shampoo or manicure&pedicure.

To check availability and reserve, get in touch to Sea’lavie Boutique Resort and Spa via phone number (+84) 235 3933 666, hotline (+84) 8888 93909 or email This in-hotel parlour opens daily from 8 a.m until 9 p.m.

Emerald Spa prices

Note: Keep in mind that Emerald Spa prices excluded 5% service charge, therefore check your budget in advance to keep it in the most balanced state.

Vietnamese traditional  massage: 490.000 VND (21 USD)-60 minutes, 690.000 VND (30 USD)-90 minutes. Using Tra Que organic aroma therapy old coupled with ancient healing techinques to relieve muscle pain, join stiffness and open the Chakra.

Sacred Sea’lavie: 650.000 VND (28 USD)-60 minutes, 890.000 VND (38 USD)-90 minutes. Work with an unique therapy created by traditional compound rice old and combined with warm medicinal herb pouch, flowing old massage plus energy pressure touch to balance your inner life force. 90 minutes package also includes antioxidant back paste as well as local ginger wine.

Emerald Deep tissue massage: 490.000 VND (21 USD)-60 minutes, 690.000 VND (30 USD)-90 minutes. Designed to work with deep palm, elbow-thumbs technique to relieve muscle pain, improving blood circulation and releasing endorphins.

Others: Thai Stretch Massage (490.000 VND-60 minutes, 690.000 VND-90 minutes), Prenatal Massage (590.000 VND-60 minutes), Shiatsu Acupressure Point Massage (490.000 VND-60 minutes, 690.000 VND-90 minutes). Click here for Emerald Spa’s full menu.

The best massage parlour in Cua Dai beach
KOI Resort and Spa Hoi An

Koi Spa is an unique Asian-inspired experience designed to awaken the senses and bring you ultimate relaxation, healthy spirit as well as more radiant beautiful glow. Its diversified therapists will help release the stressed muscles, enhance&promote blood circulation helping to make your both of the body and mind relaxed. Besides, Koi Resort and Spa has created the essence of traditional Vietnamese therapies combining natural ingredients and well-known cosmetic brands to encourage long-term health benefits. To have the best experience here, it recommends an enjoyable sauna before or after your treatment.

Contact to Koi Resort and Spa via cell phone/Whatsapp number (+84) 942 949 119, send an email to, leave a massage on its Facebook home page or Instagram for futher  information to experience one of the best massage parlours in Hoi An.

KOI Resort and Spa Hoi An prices

Body care methods: Including coconut body scrup, green tea&sea salt body detox, rice body scrub, coffee&lemon body scrup, aloevera suburn treatment and seaweed&mud body scrup. All is in 45 minutes and costs 790.000 VND (34 USD).

Body treatment therapies: Child therapy 790.000 VND-45 minutes; aroma therapy, deep tissue therapy, Thai yoga and hot stone therapy 990.000 VND (43 USD)-60 minutes; traditional Vietnamese 1.090.000 VND (47 USD)-75 minutes; amorma therapy and hot stone therapy 1.190.000 VND (52 USD)-90 minutes& KOI feeling signature 1.350.000 VND (58.5 USD)-80 minutes.

Area therapies: Neck/shoulder/back and foot reflexology 590.000 VND (25.5 USD)-30 minutes&790.000 VND (34 USD)-60 minutes.

For detailed prices of facial treatments (four selections), package services (pamper, gentlement, endless love for couple and KOI special options) or nail services (seven choices), visit KOI Spa official webpage.

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