The best Hoi An’s motorbike rental shops

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Just after Thailand, Vietnam is second country having the most motorbike usage in the world. There are 4 motorbikes for every 10 people at the moment making it become ‘the king of all vehicles’. Correspondingly, traveling on it is an special experience what any holiday makes should not miss out.

Hoi An is a must-see destination nationwide so it has no wonder that tour operators here offer a bunch of stunning motorbike trips varying in the itenerary, duration or price that suit for all levels. However, many people still prefer to self-guided journeys, especially for explorers. In which, you are able to decide the whole ball of wax you like to do with freedom vibes, set foot on off-the-beaten-path places, expand your horizons about local traffic culture and much more.

On this article, we helps you make more sense the informations about hiring a motorbike as well as three best Hoi An’s motorbike rental shops.

Need to know before rent a motorbike in Hoi An

Note: Keep in mind that Vietnam is a right-hand driving country, similar to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Philippines within the South-east Asia. Drive slowly and carefully to keep your safety if have not same experiences previously.

Vietnam’s requirements to motorbike renters

As same as in other tourism cities, motorbike rental shops in Hoi An will keep your passport as a pledge to guarantee the security of their properties. This happens usually but not all, lots of places still say yes for its copy. Bring at least one  to use if the store you get also is happy with that.

In accordance with latest governance regulations, every motorbike drivers must have either domestic driving license (granted for Vietnamese citizens) or the International Driving Permit (IDP) when in traffic. If only have the IDP, carry your valid license because the polices always request to check. They want to make sure that you understand laws and enable to have the safe drive. In reality, most Hoi An’s motorbike rental shops require seeing these documents for checking out you have them all or not.

Places to rent a motorbike

At your accommodation

Every Hoi An’s hotel is able to provide the motorbike rental service, actually. First advantage when hire at these places belongs to its convenience for being on and off your trips. There is no pressure about additional expenses for shipping and deposit as well. Especially, your passport will be in your prefering places instead of a strange shop. It really takes time if something happen to it, just in case.

On the other hand, motorcycles at hotel are often not too new, reasonable maintenance and overbooked during tourist seasons because of its limited quantity. Particularly, the breakdown assistance is always at low-to-medium level of the availability. Keep in mind that you may face all issues by yourself and a full refund of repairing costs is also uncovered in many situations. Hoi An Life advises that you should test carefully and take photos on the original version of your bike prior to leave the hotel.

Roadside shops

If not okay at the accommodation, roadside shops are other places of motorbike rental in Hoi An. You may see them in abandance within your hotel’s surrounding.  In reality, it draws the bulk of short-term renters because of cheaper price given. They will offer a discount if hire for multi-days or weeks. Cost between stores also has no big difference in general.

Motorbikes in roadside shops mainly are used in quite long time prior to your first touch and are lacking of the frequent maintainance. Meaning that you may be put into one vulnerable situation if rent without a careful test. So you should check andie take pictures on your favourite motorcycle before pay and bring it further. Besides, people at these spots are not very good at English, nonetheless, still get what you need and happy to help.

Reputable companies

Among all, the best options for motorbike rental in Hoi An belong to reputable companies which provide the greatest variety of models, equipments and side items. More than that, their motorcycles are also brandnew and relatively-new, consistently maintained and taken care by well-trained staffs. These businesses offer the assistance service that quickly come and repair in any unexpected situation, sudden breakdown for example. For that reasons, your self-guided journey will be smooth if choose (see details of Hoi An’s best motorbike rental shops below)

Futhermore, the reputable companies often have a wide system of stores and extensive relationships nationwide so enable to assist you anywhere in Vietnam. Designing your city-to-city trip becomes easier under their advices into the bargain.

Prices for motorbike rental in Hoi An

In general, one-day motorbike rental price is varied and ranges from 115.000 to 230.000 VND (5-10 USD) no matter which kind you hire. Commonly, automatic motorcycles are more expensive than underbone one due to the lessors pay a larger amount of money for it when buy in Vietnam.

The price usually excludes the fuel. While many local suppliers load a little in advance to help you possibly approach the nearest petrol stations, some shops prepare a full tank. In this case, the renters have two selections to refund them: refill or pay directly for it. Look at your motorcycle’s petrol tank before departure.

Where to go?

Escaping from bustling Hoi An center, you can explore gems in its serene countryside such as Cam Kim island together with traditional single-craft villages, up to green hills and learn about a new culture at My Son sanctuary or reach Da Nang’s attractions (splendid the Golden bridge at Ba Na Hills, striking limestone karsts in the Marble Mountains, giant Lady Buddha pagoda in Son Tra peninsular, spectacular Hai Van Pass, etc). Motorbike is a good vehicle to approach sandy beaches and dine with delicious dishes in atmospheric seafront restaurant-bars by night because you pay for 24 hours. 

The best Hoi An’s motorbike rental shops

Style Motorbike

Address: 314 Cua Dai streetOpening time: 8 a.m to 6 p.m everyday
Telephone number: (+84) 2356512046Facebook: Style Motorbike

Currently, Style Motorbike is running its business all over Vietnam with four stores at Ha Noi (to the North), Hue, Hoi An (the Central coast) and Ho Chi Minh city (down the South). Although it is newly established but brings us full of memory rides, professional services, awesome people and some of its experiences unmatched in everywhere else. According to both locals and expats, Style Motorbike stands as one of the best motorbike rental shops in Hoi An.

Advantages of Style Motorbike

Every Style Motorbike’s available bikes is advanced, from 2017-2019 models that provide the high safety standards and comfort. Up to the present, the shop has nine models including Detech Win (110cc, 127cc or 140cc), Honda Semi (Alpha 110cc and Future 125cc), Suzuki Manual (GD 110cc) to Honda Manual (CBF 125cc, CB 150cc and 150cc) as well as 50 motorbikes in number. That’s enough to be properly-fitted for both short-term and long-term rentals.

Not only owning a collection of favourable motorbikes, the Style Motorbike also showcases various choices of safety gear and motorcycle equipments: 4 distinct kinds of helmet, two worldwide brands of glove, protectors, clothing/boots or bag/waterproofs. Generally, mechanics working in the shop are very willing to help and put their care on what they do. Even more, they do not mind taking you around and provide such helpful advices. There are many additional blogs plus videos shared by previous renters on its webpage as well, for reference of how your real experiences look like.

Note: Style Motorbike is only shop of global-standard helmets and essential body protection accessories for sale in Hoi An. Besides motorbike rental, if need one of these, come here first to check for time-saving.

Style Motorbike’s disadvantages

Basically the number of motorbikes ready to use (50) and the variety of models (10) are quite smaller than others top motorbike rental shops in Hoi An. In peak tourist seasons, you may face the overbooking because of company’s good reputation. Meaning that you should reserve in advance to avoid the disappointings. See our article about the best time to visit Hoi An to know when the high seasons start and end.

Secondly, with purpose to raise the quality as well as specialize in motorbike rentals only, therefore the guided tours are not available at Style Motorbike like others. No worry because it has close relationship to numerous good companies across the country which will inform you of packaged trips if need.

Prices at Style Motorbike

The price begins from 210.000 VND (around 9 USD) per day. About one-way rental between all of its branch cities (from Hoi An to Hue for instance), this covers backpacks delivery to your end-point, shorty helmet, phone holder, USB charger for navigation and a driving lessson once kick-off. As usual, you must deposit an amount of 8.050.000 VND (350 USD) at least or your passport. Visit Style Motorbike’s official webpage for further detail. 

To make a reservation, get in touch into its Facebook page or email. You need to pre-pay 25% of total fees as deposit. Paypal, cash and popular cards are all accepted.


Address: 441 Cua Dai streetOpening time: 7 a.m to 9 p.m everyday
Telephone number: (+84) 235 651 2046Facebook: MotorVina

Another best motorbike rental shop in Hoi An, MotorVina was established by a richly-experienced biker in 2014. Today, its presence spreads over the Central Vietnam: Phong Nha, Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An as well as various other well-known places. Working with the slogan “simplicity+value”, the company wants to make everything simple and friendly to any travellers.   

Advantages when rent a motorbike in MotorVina

If plan to drive and enjoy every highlights in the Central Vietnam, MotorVina is among the best options in comparison to other reputable rental shops in Hoi An. If choose this, you can save both time and money correspondingly together with receive quicker assistance because their office locates at whole major centers of the region. More than that, it also becomes a proper choice for trans-Vietnam explorers. All along the expidition towards the South or the North, renters are likely to leave their hired motorbike anywhere on account of its broad system of branches.

Additionally, with around 300 motorbikes in use (even more if request) from thirdteen different models, MotorVina actually is owning an ideal collection in which you have no difficulty to pick your beloved one. As a top rental company, its motorcycles are frequently and properly maintained by a group of skillfull mechanics aiming to provide the nicest quality they can do for the guests. People here they are all hospitate and ready to help you if need a personal guidance in driving experiences. Hoi An Life advises saving their telephone numbers for future contact, notably for emergency situations. Lastly, the pricing MotorVina offer is competitive and encompasses almost all service-items.

Disadvantages of MotorVina

Despite the rental cost covers nearly everything needed but it seems that you will be asked to pay for each one of pick-up&drop-off, GoPro camera, tool kit, knee&elbow pads, straps, gloves, fuel or bag transfer services. Secondly, full-time employees of the company are very passionate and give lots of expert advices in general. But some mechanics are not really fluent in English. This issue may lead to misunderstandings when talk with you, but not always.

Prices at MotorVina

Day rental rate stretches from around 345.000 VND (15 USD) to 1.121.000 VND (49 USD) depending which type of motorcycle and rental duration. To book and see details, browse MotorVina’s webpage (recommended), Facebook page or send an email. This Hoi An’s motorbike rental shop will be happy with debit/credit cards, in cash and PayPal. Moreover, you have two selections for full-payment or just leave a deposit (depending on particular motorbikes).

Your booking process starts from filling out a form (must-do) encompassing several personal contacts and financial information, and then tick on the optional services and protective equipments. Importantly, rental fee includes the protective helmet, raincoat, bungee cords and 24hrs assistance to  any accident-related issuses.

Besides focus on the quality of its rental service like Style Motorbike, MotorVina daily arranges a couple of stunning guided tours from Hoi An and Hue (and vice versa) as well. If like to reserve, it costs from 620.000 to 2.185.000 VND (27-95 USD) overally. See all tours through

Note: MotorVina is in close collaboration with two local homestays at Phong Nha and Hoi An that often say yes for promotion if you booked any of its service.

Hoi An Bike Rental

Address: 34/4 Hung Vuong and 14 Cua Dai streetOpening time: 7 a.m to 10 p.m everyday
Telephone number: (+84) 961172420Facebook: Hoi An Bike Rental

Hoi An Bike Rental was founded accidently by two young Hoianese namely Khang and Minh who had same ideas to improve the scene of motorbike rental service in their hometown many years ago. They carried out the mission for exporting relaxing and memorible trips to all consumers. Nowaday, the company is proudly listed as one of the best motorbike rental shops in Hoi An.

Hoi An Bike Rental’s advantages

Hoi An Bike Rental gets runned day-to-day by six key features: perfect-condition bikes, easy to book, affordable pricing, handy accessories, free delivery&pick-up and lastly, 24/7 roadside assistance. Its bikes are brand-new, attentively serviced in house and performs extensive quality. Additionally, these factors are working well with a professtional mechanic team who watches upon every steps of the customer. Meaning that you will not stand-alone in dozens of concerning issues during rental period, sudden breakdown for instance.

Current abundant inventory of Hoi An Bike Rental is another advantage. It contains sixty full-automatic and gear (clutch) motorbikes extending from 50cc up to 300cc. In addition to, there are eight models to choose from, including Kymco Like-50cc, Honda Air Blade-110/125cc, Honda PCX-125cc, Yamaha FZ150i-150cc, Yamaha R15-150cc, Yamaha NVX-155cc and Yamaha R3-300cc that among the greatest amount of its kind  in the city.

Deposit options is varied into the bargain. You will have four choices from driving license, personal identification card, credit card or cash (2.000.000 VND for basic/standard/standard+ bikes and double for premium/premium+motorcycles). Further, Hoi An Bike Rental accepts popular currencies around the world like USD, AUD, Euro parallel with Vietnam dong when pay. Mixture between them is also okay.

Disadvantages of Hoi An Bike Rental

First disadvantage associates to payment method, Hoi An Bike Rental does not accept debit or credit cards. This indicates us that cash is the king at the shop. Check how many cash you have before come and book anything. In a same disvantage with MotorVina, its staffs speak English not very well in many subjects. But they are trained ordinarily about motorcycle things to ensure that understand what you say at least.    

Prices at Hoi An Bike Rental

Day rental pricing initiates at about 182.000 VND (7.95 USD) and its peak at around 780.000 VND (34 USD). Inclusions of this price are delivery/pick up and drop off at any places within Hoi An, a full-charged mobile phone, local routes map privately designed by the founders and others (good-quality ¾-face helmet, ponchos & medical first-aid kit). Fuel is not included. Note that if stay in Da Nang, you will pay a small extra cost.

This Hoi An’s motorbike rental shop online booking channels are roomy to you like clicking on the official website and live chat on it, text/call to Whatsapp number, send an email or message on Facebook page. If contact the company to let them know before the trip starts (at least 24 hours), you will get a free-of-charge cancellation.

Kymco Like
Honda Air Blade
Honda Air Blade
Yamaha R3
185.000 VND-7.95 USD207.000 VND-8.95 USD276.000 VND-11.95 USD782.000 VND-33.95 USD
Honda PCX
Yamaha NVX
Yamaha FZ150i
Yamaha R15
345.000 VND-14.95 USD368.000 VND-15.95 USD460.000 VND-19.95 USD621.000 VND-26.95 USD
Motorbike day rental prices at Hoi An Bike Rental

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