The best Hoi An’s cycling tours

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Traveling on bicycle is one of must-participate things to do in Hoi An. It serves as a gateway to stay away from the hurly-burly life. Places you go to may be high mountains or charming countryside with laid-back villages. At these lands, your living becomes slow down and then forget daily pressures. More than that, the experience in Hoi An also helps connecting with new people and learn something never tried before. It draws every vacationer coming to ‘the most colorful city of Vietnam’ in consequence. 

In reality, there is a diverse collection of local operators arranging the cycling tours varied in the distance&itenerary, type of bike, duration and price. However, only some companies offer first-class quality. So what they are?  which package they carry out? How much is it?

In this article, Hoi An Life lists, classifies and details all the best cycling tours in Hoi An according to certain destinations&purposes to support you in picking the most suitable trip.

Cycling tours around Hoi An countryside-the most popular choice

Overal view of Hoi An countryside

Hoi An countryside absolutely derserves to be a highlight on the travel plan of every real hidden Vietnam seekers. Its outstanding quality derives from extremely serene rice fields, calm waterways and centuries-old monuments. All together makes it become a great escape from the huste and bustle in the urban and start a slower life. Moreover, this wonderland houses many animated villages where welcoming people live and long-standing handicrafts still practiced. That’s stunning to dive into the connections with locals as well as know more their ways of life. There is not difficult to understand why it serves as the fertile land for Hoi An’s best cycling tours. Two most visited countryside are Cam Thanh (celebrated for the basket boat trip) and Cam Kim island.

The best cycling tours in Hoi An countryside

Hoi An Experience-Bicycle and Bamboo basket

Tour operator: Hoi An CyclingTelephone number: (+84) 919882783
Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street (Phin Coffee)Email:
Price: 805.000 VND (35 USD)Distance: 22 km (Half-day duration)

Hoi An Experience departures from 2 p.m at your hotel. Its program does not miss out any stars in Cam Thanh countryside area, consisting of its endless green rice paddies, Tra Que vegetable growing village where you interact with farmers on their organic farms, a household making the rice wine and basket boat experience going through Rung dua Bay Mau coconut forest (Viet Cong hidding place in Vietnam war). Once leisurely return Hoi An center, you will touch some crunchy snacks and fresh fruits while chat with local residents about their lives. Alongside with amusing activities, Hoi An Experience highly features in its tour guide who is knowledgeable, enthusiatic, well-spoken in English and professionally trained. It now gets amid the best cycling tours in Hoi An.

Furthermore, there is a small amount of fee charged if your hotel locating at Da Nang. Check out Hoi An Cycling’s webpage to know more about the inclusion/exclusion, policies and make a reservation.

Note: As a top operator in cycling tours, Hoi An Cycling has the bike for your childrens. Let them know how tall they are in advance for preparing the most suitable-sized bicycles. Hat, waterproof, sun-scream and some extra cash for personal expenses will be recommended to bring into the bargain.

Bike&Kayak Hoi An

Tour operator: Grasshopper AdventuresTelephone number: (+84) 932034286
Address: 621/1 Hai Ba Trung streetEmail:
Price: 1.760.000 VND (around 76.5 USD)Distance: 20km (Half-day duration)

Grasshopper Adventures combines two exciting activities into one trip: cycling throughout tranquil Cam Kim island and do kayaking on majestic Thu Bon river in this package. Entire the Bike and Kayak Hoi An covers a distance of twenty kilometers that starts from 8 o’clock in the morning until 2:30 p.m daily.

On the first part of the tour, you will meet other participants and then altogether board for Cam Kim by a wooden boat. Not only cross the peaceful countryside mosaiced by green fields, winding rivers and picturesque rural settlements, this expedition brings the opportunity to expand your horizons in Hoi An’s traditional crafts via the explaination of an expert at each stopping points. Then take a rest and have lunch in the local house once kick-off your interesting experience on a kayak. After enjoyable time navigating on the river, a minivan takes you back to the city center and tour ends.

Browse Grasshopper Adventure’s webpage for more details of the inclusion, exclusion, reservation and cancellation policies. Keep in mind that the operator has the discount for group and family bookings.

Magic Vietnam Bicycle Tour

Tour operator: Heaven and Earth ToursTelephone number: (+84) 2353864362
Address: 61 Ngo Quyen streetEmail:
Price: around 1.015.000 VND (44 USD), 50% off for childrens
from 10-12 years old
Distance: 28 km (Full-day duration)

This special day trip gets the availability at certain times of the year, particularly in the course of October to December. It starts from 7:45-8:00 a.m in Heaven and Earth Tour’s office and finishs around 5 p.m. After choose your best bike (moutain bike/hydrid bike), you will approach a local dock to cruise on Thu Bon river for an hour. Then explore the secrets of Hoi An countryside from windy rice fields, quite hamlets, unusual family-cult temple, rice mill and much more until stop at a local house for having lunch together with learning about existing rural traditions.

On the afternoon journey (9 kilometers), find out how on-site villagers sew manually the colorful sleeping mats, produce the rice wine & unique basket boats and craft the intricate mother-of-pearl works. Following many full-of-memory experiences, you get back Hoi An center by a ferry boat and your Magic Vietnam Bicycle Tour comes to its final point.

The tour operator only allow eight people joining in order to keep its quality. If travel with kids, no worried because the standarded helmet and baby seat are always provided once you departure. A guide assistance will be set up for the group of more than 3 participants. For more details, browse the Heaven and Earth Tours’s webpage via

Note: Your lunch is an inclusion and there are three options for it to choose from: meat, fish and vegetarian. Remind the Heaven and Earth Tours your pick before at least 24 hours.  

Hoi An foods and cycling

Why choose a food tour on bike in Hoi An?

Many visitors come to Vietnam resembling that Hoi An stands as one of their most favourite ‘food capitals’. This melting pot has its own abundant cuisine resulting from few-centuries influence between Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and French communities over time. Not only rich in number, the taste of foods here have inspired people living around the word so.

Wandering around and sample local specialties always is a good idea to understand the place we travel to. In case of Hoi An, it’s most feasible to do it within the Old town or the Markets (see complete guide for market bites via On the other side, one cycling trip helps you more than that due to will go with a guide who explains the ins and outs of each food. For instance, know how to eat like local instead of personal style. Some information given are unavailable either on the guidebook or online sites.

Additionally, it differs from the walking food tour basing on its ability in combining every places serving delicious foods far away from each other. You save time through just by a click. Solotravelers enable to meet up new friends for sharing the liking as well. We create the article about Hoi An’s food tours if you like to make more sense.

The best Hoi An’s cycling tour with sample local foods

Bites By Bike-Hoi An food tour by bicycle

Tour operator: Hoi An CyclingTelephone number: (+84) 919882783
Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street (Phin Coffee)Email:
Price: 805.000 VND (35 USD)Distance: 8 km (Half-day duration)

As one of the best Hoi An’s cycling tours, Bites by Bike specializes in introducing the hidden places for trying every true delights of the city. All along its itenerary, you have the chance to meet people who stand behind many yummy dishes, ask questions, take the bulk of photographs, learn about the origin of different foods, significance of their local names, method for preparation as well as tasting like a local. That’s all you need for a food tour!

Do not recommend you busy&noisy city streets, it offer back roads plus quite alleyways only known by Hoian’s inhabitants. To keep its excellent quality, twelve participants at most. If travel with family, there is a half of price applied for kids on their parent’s bike. Visit Hoi An Cycling’s webpage for more information.

Evening bike and food tour of Hoi An

Tour operator: Grasshopper AdventuresTelephone number: (+84) 932034286
Address: 621/1 Hai Ba Trung streetEmail:
Price: 1.050.000 VND ( around 45 USD)Distance: 15km (Half-day duration)

Evening bike and food tour of Hoi An is another best cycling tour in Hoi An. Different to other cycling tours in Hoi An, this half-day experience stretches from 4 to 8 p.m-the finest time to observe daily cuisine life of locals. You will gently bike on off-the-beaten-track alleyways and countryside roads to sample lots of tempting specialties including signature Cao lau noodles, Banh xeo (crispy rice pancakes), well-known Madam Khanh sandwiches (one of the most delicious Banh mi in Hoi An) or good-value craft beer and much more. Additionally, the vegetarian option is also highly available if you like. Heaps of non-revealed things we do not mention now, they are waiting you to try out. About comprehensive inclusions, exclusions, booking and cancellation policies, see at

Note: Grasshopper Adventure possibly arrange a round-trip by private car to Hoi An with a small fee if you accommodate in Da Nang. Let them know when make a reservation.

Cycling tours from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary

My Son sanctuary information

If you are seeking for a journey providing the sense of adventuring vibes, cycling to My Son from Hoi An should be noted on your travel plan. This UNESCO site exceptionally exhibits the prosperious civilization of Champa kingdom from 4th to 13rd  centuries. It is cited in a stream valley embracing by beautiful wooded moutains. Browse our article about My Son sanctuary to have a comprehensive travel guide for.

The best Hoi An’s cycling tour to My Son

Backroaded cycle to My Son Holyland

Tour operator: Hoi An CyclingTelephone number: (+84) 919882783
Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street (Phin Coffee)Email:
Price: 1.725.000 VND (75 USD)Distance: 45 km (Full-day duration)

Backroaded cycle to My Son Holyland hits the road at 7:30 a.m and delivers you the experience with off-the-beaten-path beauty spots. In order to give away from popular routes, there is a short ferry ride crossing Thu Bon river to land scenic Cam Kim island. From here, you will cycle on back roads across luxuriously leafy rice fields prior to stop at a local café. After the coffee break, pedal through rural farmlands, small township as well as on hill slopes towards My Son’s sacred temples. As a mine of information, Hoi An cycling’s guide shares everything in the detailed manner about ancient Champa kingdom and its culture. On the way back, you have lunch with famous specialty of the region-Mi quang.

This best Hoi An’s cycling tour to My Son sanctuary suits for biking lovers who able to cycle 40-55 km per day, culture&history explorer and open-minded for meeting new people or new life style. Moreover, there are two choices of bike you can pick for the tour as mountain bike and city bike. In case stay overnight in Da Nang, get in touch to the tour operator for private care arrganment (with a small free costed by Hoi An Transfer Services).   

My Son Temples Tour

Tour operator: Heaven and Earth ToursTelephone number: (+84) 2353864362
Address: 61 Ngo Quyen streetEmail:
Price: around 1.357.000 VND (59 USD), 667.000 VND (29 USD) for childrens from 10-12 years oldDistance: 54 km (Full-day duration)

My Son Temples Tour is next best cycling tour from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary. After 45 minutes transfer by bus, your adventure on bike (8 a.m to 6 p.m) will begin from the sanctuary and step by step return Hoi An downtown. All along the route, you have the chance to go across authentic rural villages and thier surrounding rice paddies in between the river and mountain. At these destinations, the guide showcase his/her deep knowledge about conical hat plus incence making craftmanships. In addition to, you also stop at a timber-created vernacular house to admire the tea and talk with its owners. Keep going on back roads, the local ferry, floating bridge and bamboo bridge are waiting to discover. Further details in

During the period from May to August, the Heaven and Earth Tours advises following the weather forecast (notably the outdoor heating) before book. Besides, the suntan lotion, hat, sun glasses and rain coat are recommended to bring as well.  

Note: On the itenerary, your visit within My Son is a self-guided trip however Heaven and Earth’s guide definitely give you the information in detail about the place. Question him which you feel unclear to ensure that you have a good time there.

Cycling tours to Hai Van Pass from Hoi An

What is Hai Van Pass?

Deo Hai Van (Hai Van pass) is among the most amazing coastal routes throughout South-East Asia. Since a long time, it has been well-known for its spectacular terrain between massive mountains and vast Bien Dong sea coupled with surprising road bends, panoramic view points& relating full-of-mystery stories. In 2008, BBC’s Top Gear motoring progamme praised it as ‘a deserted ribbon of perfection’.

Nowhere else in Hoi An vicinity gives us a better experience than on this legend. For all reasons, extremely worth-it to experience this-one of the best cycling tours from Hoi An. Visit our article about Hai Van pass to get more information (encompassing the motorcycle trip) via

The best Hoi An’s cycling tour to Hai Van Pass

Cycle up the Hai Van pass

Tour operator: Hoi An CyclingTelephone number: (+84) 919882783
Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street (Phin Coffee)Email:
Price: 2.185.000 VND (95 USD)Distance: 65 km (Half-day duration)

Enticing Hai Van mountain pass boasts its twenty-seven kilometers length with the average gradient about 7%. There is no doubt to understand that it is a dream ride to lots of cyclists worldwide. To avoid the strong midday heat, Hoi An Cycling recommends departuring the Cycle Up The Hai Van Pass at around 7 a.m in your hotel. To approach it, you need to drive on a distance of fifty-five kilometers from Hoi An.

Once complete your climb, you will take a deserved rest at gorgeously panoramic spot towards Da Nang&the Monkey Mountain (Son Tra peninsular). There are several historic monuments standing on the highest points, namely Hai Van gate that also good to know past military powers used it. After photo time and learn about the history, ride down and stop at a local restaurant inside Lang Co beach town for lunch. Your duty in this section of the tour is relaxing and enjoying delicious Vietnamese foods. Get back to Hoi An by a minivan then.

Note: Hoi An Cycling provides an option for who wants to experience the mountain pass only. Accordingly, he/she will be dropped off at its base once all challenges starts.

Cycle via Hai Van Pass and Lang Co Lagoon

Tour operator: Kong AdventuresTelephone number: (+84) 973015260
Address: 45/17 Tran Hung Dao streetEmail: 
Price: around 2.600.000 VND (113 USD) for group of 2,
2.280.000 VND (99 USD) for group of 3 people,
1.800.000 VND (79 USD) for group of 4-6 people
and 1.560.000 VND (68 USD) for group of 7-8 people
Distance: 55-90 km (Full-day duration)

Kong Adventures’s Hai Van pass tour begins at 7:30 in the morning from your hotel and you will cycle along the countryside plus coastal road to Lady Buddha Pagoda in the Monkey Mountain after. In this must-see attraction in Da Nang, spend time to enrich your current knowledge about Vietnamese Buddhism, appreciate its strikingly beautiful views and specially, 67 meter height statue made by the white marble (the tallest in the country).

Your journey is continued with a long drive towards Hai Van pass and a picnic lunch set up on its top where able to see out-of-this-world sceneries. Lang Co lagoon (one of four best seascapes in Vietnam), local fishing village as well as nearby sandy beach are the destinations during the afternoon session before get back Hoi An.

Cycling tours to Hue

Brief introduction about Hue

Over 100 kilometers away to the North of Hoi An, peaceful Hue is another priceless pearl of the Central Coast. Its famousness comes from serene atmospherere, striking natural sceneries, extremely rich array of toothsome foods (one of cuisine capitals in Vietnam) and especially grand buildings traced from the last dynastic period of the country. On the way from Hoi An to Hue, you have the chance to admire spectacular Hai Van pass, magnificent Lang Co lagoon at its base and wealthy Tam Giang lagoon-the largest wetland system of South-east Asia. For that reason, lots of holiday makers visiting here like to experience this route as well as venture into the world of Hue’s culture&nature. For more information about the city, read our article via

The best Hoi An’s cycling tours to Hue

Hoi An-Hue Cycling

Tour operator: Buffalo’s AdventuresTelephone number: (+84) 86645129
Address: 33 DH street, Tan AnEmail:  
Price: Around 4.875.000 VND (212 USD), 3.130.000 VND (136 USD)
for group of 2 people, 2.575.000 VND (112 USD) for group of 3 people, 2.250.000 VND (98 USD) for group of 4-5 people and 2.115.000 VND (92 USD) for group of 6 people.
Distance: 98 km (Full-day duration)

Hosted by long-established Buffalo’s Adventures, this tour offers the most beautiful coastal moutain road  between  Hoi An and Hue. You will departure at 8 a.m and have a break with drink by Da Nang beach once start heading up and conquer giant Hai Van pass. Then move on back lanes in the countryside instead of cycling along Quoc lo 1A (No.1A highway) mingeling with having seafood set lunch within Lang Co beach area. In the afternoon section, authentic fishing villages, rural lands and the scenic road on Phu Gia mountain pass await you. From here, a minivan picks up you for transfer to historic Hue. The tour ends around 5:30 p.m. See more details in tour operator’s hompage via—hue-cycling/.

Buffalo’s Adventures advises bringing the biking gear, camera, sunscream and sport shoes for the trip. To get more details about the best full-day Hoi An’s cycling tours to Hue, check its official webpage.

Cycle Hoi An to Hue Thru Hai Van Pass

Tour operator: Hoi An CyclingTelephone number: (+84) 919 882 783
Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street (Phin Coffee)Email:
Price: 5.520.000 VND (240 USD)Distance: 65 km/day (2 days 1 night)

Because of Hue’s natural landscape pretty like a picture, Hoi An Cycling has no reason to exclude on its tour list. Besides explore masterpieces sculpted by the Mother Nature such as the Marble Mountains, Hai Van pass or Tam Giang lagoon, Cycle Hoi An to Hue Thru Hai Van Pass also brings you closer to local culture. You have the chance to set foot on unique ‘City of Gosh’ what contains hundreds of king-sized graves decorated with glorious mosaics. This is one of places making people most curious.

Moreover, the your operator designs to stay overnight in Lang Co as well. The town gets made up by some Christian fishing villages and next to less-touristy beaches where able to find a restaurant serving yummy seafood dishes. Browse to have all-inclusive information of itenerary on each day.

Note: Pick-up time will be around 8 a.m and may be changed due to weather condition. As a top director for biking tours, Hoi An Cycling contacts early to give you the proactiveness in personal

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