How to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

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There is no wonder to say Ba Na Hills born for all. Tropical people love its cool temperature like the autumn all year round, social media boasters love its grand buildings, picteresque landscapes&amazing Golden Bridge, childrens like its colorful gardens. That’s why the mountain resort is a must-see.

In this article, HOI AN LIFE introduces how to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang to help you easier to choose your suitable way of transport.

Ba Na Hills location and history

25 kilometers away to the West of Da Nang center, Ba Na Hills is extremely celebrated tourist destination where nobody misses out. To get its French-styled buildings, magnificent gardens and marvelous Golden Bridge, you need to move by cable car in twenty minutes up to the mountain. This system is registered as world’s longest non-stop single track cable car at the moment it’s completed. To know everything you need to know about Ba Na Hills, see our article via

Historically, Ba Na Hills served as leisure station of French and rich mans living in Central Vietnam (similar to Sapa in the North and Da Lat in the South). After 2nd World war, its private villas and other facilities were abandoned and no more in use during Vietnam war. Nowadays, you still see their traces near Gardens of Love. Vibrant life of this eminent site actually is just bounced back in 1990s and specially when the Sun Group invested it into a large-scale entertainment complex.

Is the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills?

Glorious Golden Bridge is within Ba Na Hills mountain resort. It’s close by Marseille station what is connected by 5.000 meter long cable car (one of the most lengthy system in the world). If like to start your trip to Ba Na Hills (or Golden Bridge) from Hoi An, browse here for further details.

By bus

Guided tours from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills by bus

Most tour operators in Da Nang are likely to provide you a day trip to Ba Na Hills, both private and join in group selections. Price between companies is competitive because you mainly spend your whole time within the mountain resort and without any where else. Besides, for that reason, their itenerary looks quite similar and comparative values you given depend on other factors such as tour guide, bus service or meals.

To book a guided tour from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills, ask the receptionists at your hotel first (for convenience) and then do an personal research in the internet to compare for making sure everything. If find out any high-rated and reliable company online, reserve as soon as possible. During tourist seasons, overbooking is common so you have no worries about when do it early. Additionally, asking your friend who has ever been Ba Na Hills is another good way to know an awesome operator to travel with.

Shuttle bus to Da Nang Hills from Da Nang

There are several travel and transport operators organizing daily shuttle bus from city center of Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. It’s awesome for persons who travel alone or with a budget. Da Nang Green Travel offers a round trip starting from 7:45 to 8:15 a.m and leaving Ba Na Hills at 3:30 p.m. The price is 130.000 VND (5.6 USD) including two ways transfer, pick-up/drop-off services at hotels in the center or neaby My Khe beach and fresh water.

By car

Getting Ba Na Hills from Da Nang by taxi and Grab

Taxi and Grab car are popular vehicles for tourists to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang. Taxi companies such as Mai Linh, Tien Sa or VinaSun offer the inclusive package with a fixed price to who reserve in advance. This way helps you get good deals for long distance journey like Da Nang to Ba Na Hills that suited for who travel alone or with a budget. Come to their office or call to order. Just get a taxi straightaway at your convenience if do not mind about the cost (you will pay around 12.000 VND per kilometer). Save driver’s telephone number for future contact.

Getting a Grab car is cheaper than taxi to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang at sometimes but may not for return way. Its customer service is relatively untimely when you are in difficult situations. However, it’s highly flexible that able to book anytime.

No matter taxi or Grab car, book it two ways from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills and vice versa to get a proper deal. Although they are many near the last cable car station, you may face over-priced offers.

Renting private car to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

If taxi provides a higher cost and you may travel with a strange driver from Grab, private car balances them. In actuality, it is from transport companies, tour operators or local drivers who willing to bring friendness and carefulness to tourists.

Like guided tours, there are many ways to book a private car from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. The best ones are personal online research (keep in mind to see reviews from latest customers) and through friend introductions. In many times of the year, its pricing decreases relatively making it well-fitted to all travel purposes and different type of travelers (off-tourist or rainy season for example). On the other side, you should reserve in advance at least 24hrs during peak seasons to get your prefering driver and his services.

To be comfortable in exploring all highlights of Ba Na Hills, save your driver’s phone number. Text/call him 30 minutes before you get final cable car. This makes sure he is fully ready when you land.

By motorcycle

Motorbike tours from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills

Quang Easy Rider arranges day trips from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills with a price of 1.150.000 VND (50 USD) for passenger on bike and of 1.840.000 VND (80 USD) for who self-drives following the guide (rental fee, helmet and gas included). You will begin from 8 a.m at your hotel and travel on back roads leading to Ba Na Hills then. Browse its official webpage or send an email to for booking. You’re advised to discuss with the operator about itenerary, price plus inclusions-exclusions previous to departure day because it does not only cover Ba Na Hills, but also minority villages, museums or whatever points of interest you willing to see. That’s important to avoid the disappointings.

Self-drive motorbike to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

Prepare your driving licence, IDP (international driver’s permit) and passport prior to come to any motorbike rental shops in Da Nang. While many places require to keep your passport as a deposit, some just ask for a large amount of money. To get Ba Na Hills, it takes you about 40 minutes.

Think about hiring the motorbike at your hotel first, for convenience. If not okay for quality there, come to professional shops such as Da Nang Bikes (near My Khe beach), The Motorbike Station (near the airport) or Tuan Cau Rong-Motorbike Rental (near Dragon Bridge). Telephone number of responsible people plays very important role, especially get in touch when face break-down issue en route or difficulty situations. Although these rarely happens but no mechanics on the main road Ba Na-Suoi Mo will be a thing you need to notice. In addion to, the mountain resort offers free-of-charge parking (near the Big Gate). Ask staffs wearing uniform and standing at security stations along the road there for detail instructions.

By bicycle

All kinds of bicycle is convenient from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. It takes you around an hour if move on smooth route by major roads and definitely more with back roads through villages. In case of having not own bicycle, ask people in your hotel before search in the internet (get in touch with top bicycle tour operators). As locals working in tourism, they know which one will be nice to you. Get all contacts of responsible persons for future helps when needed.

Tuy Loan village is a good place to stop on the way to head Ba Na Hills. It boasts of delicious Mi quang noodles and long-standing noodle making craft. The communal house, vegetable gardens, river and small alleyways bring you an authentic rural village.

Getting Ba Na Hills from Da Nang airport

Due to the city center location, you will have no difficulty to look for a taxi or Grab car from Da Nang airport to Ba Na Hills. Moreover, price you given is quite similar to everybody.

Tour operators absolutely are able to welcome and pick up you shortly after your arrival, both bus and motorbike tours. Although these trips from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills possibly depart anytime during the day before 5 p.m, the morning is still prefered by lots of holiday-ers. Furthermore, you should consider carefully your flight reschedule to Da Nang to make sure you get a proper amount of time for visiting.

Staying overnight in Ba Na Hills’s accommodation will be helpful solution when land in late afternoon (you have bonus time to enjoy the resort by night and no worries about the crowd in busy times). The best hotel is Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills.

Ways to get Ba Na Hills from Da Nang railway station

That’s awesome when all transport hubs coming in and out of Da Nang is near city center basing on its well-designed planning. As same as the airport, you will see many choices of taxi and Grab car in the railway station. Tour operators do not mind picking up you (arrive before 8 a.m if book a join-in-group tour) and give no extra fees for it. You’re advised sharing your train reschedule to make them more proactive to support you. If want to go straightway from Da Nang railway station to Hoi An and start your trip to Ba Na Hills (or Golden Bridge) later from there, read our article here.

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