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You are a vegan or just want to enjoy tasty vegetarian dishes, Hoi An is the fantastic city to explore. It houses a bunch of good-food eateries and restaurants what proffer the wide range of choices, from local specialties, Vietnamese, fusion, international to western styled.

In this article, HOI AN LIFE outlines the list of Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant and their relating information including the share about our experience in reality. Complimentary menu and prices are also added up to help you easier to make a decision.

Should see also Guide to Hoi An’s local food specialties to know all delicacies in town (many vegan dishes included), best places to try them and guided tours.

Vietnamese vegetarianism

About history of Vietnamese vegetarianism culture

Live in a country of 4000-years rice cultivation-based culture and of over 10.000 plant species, vegetables and rices play very important role in Vietnamese daily meals. The fact that it’s acceptable if without meat but people feel not really happy with non-vegetable lunch and dinner. Nowadays, citizens may change this habit because of the influences from modern trends or different food cultures globally.

Around very first century, Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam from Indian missonaries and it became a state religion in ten centuries later. For that reason, the veganism of Buddhists influenced Vietnamese during a lengthy period. Although replaced by Chinese Confucianism then, its culture is still alive strongly until now. This is evident in vegan days of each lunar month and vegan parties within Buddhism events.

Days for Vietnamese vegans and vegetarian lovers

In the month

More than any times in every lunar month (Vietnamese and Chinese calendar), first and fifteen days are for vegan and vegetarian food lovers. Vietnamese call these days as Ngay ram. Many meat-served restaurants close their operation or change to make dishes for veggie only. On the another side, plant-based places to eat are in abundance including street stalls, eateries, restaurants and even Buddhist temples.

During the year

Vegetarian dishes are served in pagodas during traditional New year festival (Tet Nguyen Dan or just Tet), Great Buddha birthday (Le Phat Dan) on 8th of fourth month, Parents Day (Le Vu Lan) on 15th of seventh month and other Buddhist important events, both for free and with a small fee to donate charity activities. These ‘vegan celebrations’ are held in sacred sites of the Marble Mountains as well.

New year festival23-29/112/21/222/1
Buddha birthday7/519/515/52/6
Parents day2/922/812/830/8
Exact date of each ‘vegan days’ during the year. Duration of New year festival vacation is decided by the Government

Vietnamese vegetarianism culture in Hoi An

In the course of ‘vegan days’ at Hoi An, monks and nuns in several pagodas like Tinh xa Ngoc Cam offer free-of-charge foods for its Buddhism followers and locals. Many places only arrange in special events, depending on the number of attendees. Additionally, there are plenty of vegetarian food choices in Hoi An’s vegan restaurants in these times as well.

Variety of vegetarian foods in Hoi An

Most Hoi An local food specialties are available in vegan option from iconic Cao lau, famous Mi quang noodles, Banh mi (sandwich), Xoi (sticky rice) to noodle soups. These culinary signatures are mainly served for breakfast and come-with-rice dishes popularly get picked for lunch&dinner on the other hand.

Hoi An’s best vegan restaurants in the Old town

Quan Chay Dam (Vegetarian Cafe)

Address: 71/20 Phan Chu Trinh street, Minh An, Old townOpening hours: 7 a.m to 8 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 934972055, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice: light foods start from 10.000 VND, rice and specialities from 15.000 VND

As one of the most popular vegetarian food spots for local people, Quan Chay Dam serves a diverse choices of dishes, from Hoi An’s specialties like Cao lau, Mi quang, noodle soup or steamed dumplings to delicious bites coming with rice. Right behind its front door, there is an court showing different food options where you will tell the staffs (or point out if meet non-English speaking one) your favourites. Then he/she gives a card with the price you have to pay for. In fact that no more hidden fees are charged into your last payment in this Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant. In case like to eat local specialties, go straightaway to take an indoor seating and make your own order. Soy sauce, chilli jam, chilli sauce and ground black pepper are available on each tables.

Although famous for tourists, Quan Chay Dam still provides us a sense of local vibes because of presence of non-western influenced waitress, simple design and plentiful visit of locals.

Quan Chay Dam’s menu and price

Hoi Banh My Chay (Vegan Banh My)

Address: 03 Nguyen Hue street, the Old town (near Hoi An Tourism Information Center)Opening hours: 7 to 10 a.m daily (visits between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m reccommended)
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 772571573, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice: 15.000 VND

Every veggie food lovers and vegans know this Hoi An’s best vegetarian Banh mi (bread) stall. The owner, Mrs.Hoi started out in past decades and now offering mouth-watering breads as well as vegan noodle soups in 1st and 15th dates of each lunar month. Hot and iced soy milk are available into the bargain. In its nearby area, there’re various authentic local cafeterias to taste traditional coffees. Hoianians usually prefer to enjoy one of them with sandwiches. Read our guides to Vietnamese iced milk coffees, egg coffee and coconut milk coffee for reference.

Vegan Zone Hoi An

Address: 197 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam Chau Opening hours: 10 a.m to 9 p.m daily (last orders by 8:15 p.m)
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 888122655, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice: Foods from 45.000 VND, drinks from 10.000 VND

Fifteen minutes walk from the enblem of Hoi An-Japanese cover bridge, the Vegan Zone’s location offers the convenience for all vehicles. You can find out Vietnamese, international and fusion dishes on its extensive menu. Alongside appetizing vegetarian foods, this Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant houses eye-catching decor, warm atmosphere, wholehearted services and very attentive staffs.

Vegan Zone Hoi An owns a large space upstairs where people promote ‘save the Earth’ activities. Free of charge for any.

Vegan Zone Hoi An’s menu and price

Starters: Vegan roll, mustard roll, vegan fried roll, potato cake, pan sear veggie with Pesto sauce, eggplant crepe, Tempeh roll, stir-fried morning glory with garlic, eggplant in clay pot and more, from 45.000 VND.

Main courses: Smoothies bowl, rice noodle soup, vegan curry, coco chickpeas, Tempeh ragout, green soup, mushroom hotpot and more, from 65.000 VND.

Desserts: Banana rolls, light mixed fruits, sorbet and more, from 15.000 VND. And Smoothies, beer, juices, tea as well as coffees are from 10.000 VND.

Nourish Eatery

Address: 220A Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam ChauOpening hours: 9 a.m to 4 p.m from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday closed
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 773272314, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice:

Located on Nguyen Duy Hieu street what is well-connected with the Ancient town‘s all areas, you have no difficulty to approach this well-known restaurant by walking, bicycle, motorcycle or taxi. It serves nourishing breakfast, brunch and lunch with a care. Whole ingredients are fresh, locally-sourced (especially the bulk of herbs taken from Tra Que village) and good for health in which no preservatives contains.

You have both outdoor and indoor seatings to choose from to start an awesome culinary journey with Nourish Eatery. In general, its atmosphere is spacious, light and suited for every ages. Currently, it stands as one of Hoi An’s best vegan restaurants.

Nourish Eatery’s menu and price

Karma Waters

Address: 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam ChauOpening hours: 10 a.m to 8 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 905141771, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice: Start from 40.000 VND

This Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant positions on ‘road for vegetarians’ namely Nguyen Duy Hieu (Vegan Zone Hoi An, Nourish Eatery and Quan Chay An Lac Vegetarian Food are on it as well). It’s estalished in 2005 and developed another branch in Da Nang after eight succesful years.

Among plenty of Vietnamese, Indian and international finger-clicking bites on its menu, the veggie burger is the most recommended dish. Sugar-free juices, smoothies and fancy desserts including fluffy cakes (available on previous order) are also served in this family business. Keep in mind that the restaurant’s often really packed during lunch and dining times because it owns just couples of tables. Reserve in advance and show on time are your should-do. Additionally, Karma Waters offers takeaway and delivery options for who prefer to enjoy its tasty foods at the comfortable home/room.

More than a single restaurant, Karma Waters arranges the vegetarian cooking classes, organised tours, vegan products as well as run a charity programs for helping disabilities. Browse here to know more.

Karma Waters’s menu and price

Indian foods: Roti, Roti wrap, Dhal, bean curry, vegetarian curry, Breyani and vegetable Thali, from 40.000 VND.

Raw vegan salads: Bean sprout salad, mint and parsley salad, carrot and onion salad, cabbage and calery salad, seasonal fruit salad, beetroot and carrot soup, from 60.000 VND.

Vietnamese dishes: Seaweed soup, sweet and sour soup, Pho traditional noodles, stir-fried noodles and vegetables, summer rolls, fried spring rolls, spicy vegetables with rice cracker, shredded tofu and mint with rice cracker, turmeric rice, mushroom and tofu with rice, fried rice, from 50.000 VND.

International dishes: Veggie burger, Veggie hotdog, shredded tofu sandwich, Vegan ham sandwich, French fries, sweet potato wedges, crispy tofu, Thai Tom Yum noodle soup, Malaysian Laksa noodle soup, house salad, mushroom and tofu patties, Singapore fried noodles, Farafel wrap, Burito, Mac and vegan cheese, Pesto Pasta, Spaghetti bolognese, from 45.000 VND.

Special Vietnamese dishes (reserve in advance): Mango salad, banana flower salad, raw lotus rootstock salad, fried pastry spring rolls, Cao lau Hoi An traditional noodles, Quang Nam noodles, spicy thick noodles in soup, sweet and sour hotpot, from 70.000 VND and gluten-free desserts from 40.000 VND. See full menu (and drinks) on Karma Waters’s webpage.

Hoi An’s best vegan restaurants near the Old town

Minh Hien Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: 50 Tran Cao Van street, North of the Old townOpening hours: 12 to 8:30 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 905667743, webpage, Facbook page, EmailPrice:

This locally-owned restaurant stands as one of the best Hoi An’s vegan restaurants. Nowadays, it’s owning two establishments within the city but the best-known one is at 50 Tran Cao Van street. Show us the sucess of the business as well as top quality of foods and services it provides. Besides that, there is a Vietnamese cooking class held by Minh Hien too. Browse its webpage for further details and our articles about best cooking class in Hoi An through http://hoianlife.net/a-complete-guide-for-the-best-cooking-classes-in-hoi-an/ for reference.

Minh Hien Restaurant’s menu fits everybody taste. It covers delicious dishes not only in Hoi An, but also from different areas in Vietnam. You can find local specialties in vegan verson like Cao lau, Banh xeo, noodles and especially vegetarian ‘white rose’ dumplings what not found anywhere else.

Am Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: 33D Ly Thai To street, North of the Old townOpening hours: 10 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 93564750, webpage, Facebook page, Email Price:

This Buddhist monastery-like restaurant is furnished by wooden items and decorated by elegantly styled designs. Its name, Am means the warmness in local language that showcases its wish to bring a cozy atmosphere just like home. In fact that Vietnamese often go with family members when plan to eat out (with vegan foods).

Am Vegetarian Restaurant’s manu covers a wide range of foods prepared by fresh ingredients taken from celebrated Tra Que village. Salads, mushrooms, soups, tofu, hotpot and other mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes are also on it. Drinks are dealt in with a reasonable price. Currently, this Mecca not only stands out as the highest recommended vegan restaurant in Hoi An by TripAdvisor, but also by local residents.

Am Vegetarian Restaurant’s menu and price

Quan Chay An Lac Vegetarian Food

Address: 93 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam ChauOpening hours: 9 a.m to 9 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 796524882, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice: from 30.000 VND

In the end of “Road of vegan restautants” Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Quan Chay An Lac Vegetarian Food offers tasty locally-styled dishes that made from very fresh ingredients from the market as well as countryside nearby. Particularly, vegan-friendly, fast foods and Vietnamese quintessences including many specialties taken from different parts in the country. All is served with an affordable price. During lunch and dining times, it’s quite packed by both Hoianians and travelers. Wifi’s available to surf or even for English translation when needed.

Quan Chay An Lac Vegetarian Food’s menu and price

Bun cha (Kebab rice noodles), Bun cari (Cari rice noodles), Bun thit nuong (grilled pork rice noodles), Cao lau, Banh canh (“Vietnamese undon”), Com ga (chicken rice), Banh xeo (pancakes), Com chien duong chau (Yangzhou-styled fried rice), Pho (rice noodle soup), Banh cuon (steamed rice rolls), Ram cuon (fried spring rolls), Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls), Mi xao rau cu (fried noodles with mixed vegetables)-30.000 VND

Price for fresh fruit juices, soft drinks and smoothies is changable but not costy, depending on different times during the year.

Annen Yoga&Vegetarian Corner

Address: 471/7 Cua Dai street, Son PhongOpening hours: 6 a.m to 9 p.m (Sunday closed)
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 914845900, webpage, Facebook page, Email (

In a small and low-traffic alleyway, Annen Yoga&Vegetarian Corner offers a warm atmosphere and stay away from city air. It moved to current location from 2018 and owns another eatery in nearby Da Nang. Not only a single restaurant, the Annen arranges stunning yoga classes in local language and English at 465 Cua Dai street. Read our article here to know more about yoga in Hoi An if interested.

About its menu, Vietnamese, international and mix of both delicious bites all present and are affordable price. If you like to taste local specialities, Mi quang or Cao lau noodles are also available in this best Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant. Alongside good foods, there are many options of drink ranging from fresh juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, soft drinks and beers to order.

Hoi An’s best vegan restaurants in Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que Garden Cooking Class and Resraurant

Address: Tra Que vegetable village, Cam Ha (between the Old town and An Bang beach)Opening hours: 11 a.m to 4 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 902866603, webpage, Facebook page, Email.Price:

Tra Que village boasts of its high-quality vegetables, notably herbs that famous all over the city and in wider region. No doubt this Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant provides extremely fresh green ingredients to guests throught the year, even during the typhoon season. Local farmers produce them with an organic growing techniques that enable In addition to, it collaborates with well-trained and experienced chefs making its brunch and lunch really awesome. On Tra Que Garden’s menu, Vietnamese quintessences, international and fusion dishes are available. Make a reservation ahead of time to make sure all the best ready to serve you when come.

For further details, browse official webpage of the restaurant. If like to deepen your understanding about Vietnamese cuisine, join its daily-run cooking class. Hoi An Life has an article about it (and other best cooking classes in Hoi An), see full information through http://hoianlife.net/a-complete-guide-for-the-best-cooking-classes-in-hoi-an/.

Having lunch in Tra Que Garden Restaurant is more than just foods. Calm atmosphere, cool breezes, full of fresh air, scenes about local ways of life, lush gardens and more you will receive.

The best vegan restaurants in Hoi An’s beaches

The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant

Address: An Bang beach, Cam AnOpening hours: 7:30 a.m to 11 p.m (last orders made at 8:30 p.m)
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 0905660623, webpage, Facebook page, EmailPrice:

The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant situates right next to powdery An Bang beach-one of the best Hoi An’s beaches. It’s name tells us a meaningful story about an environment issue we’re facing today. That is the sea littery caused by over-fishing and trashes from tourism. The owners of the Fisherman decided to establish a restaurant where the vegetarianism is promoted to improve these from 2018. Its presence enrich the collection of places to eat in An Bang beach after that.

You can find a range of Vietnamese, international, fusion and organic tasty dishes inspired from different parts of the world. Fresh juices, smoothies, beers and wine are all also covered on the list of this Hoi An’s best vegan restaurant. Moreover, there are lots of private-like tables overlooking to the sea and chairs on the beach to choose from here.

The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant’s menu and price

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