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No Starbucks but you still have five-star quality coffee in Hoi An during your holiday. That’s great to take a good coffee before start the journey to a new land with people never met or just in break time. Culturally, the coffee stands as a part of Vietnamese culture so tasting it is a must-do.

Coffee shops in Hoi An are in abundance, from pavement to resort and cover a wide range of quality, style and price. In which, you can find traditional coffees for a culture experience, cups of coffee made from local beans of the highest standards, specialties and much more. Meaning that no matter your taste and budget, at least one shop well-matching.

In this article, HOI AN LIFE informs you all Hoi An’s best coffee shops and their information to save time for researching. Keep the extra for relaxing and enjoying our beloved city!

Should see also Hoi An’s local food specialties to know all delicacies in town, best places to try them and guided tours.

History of coffee in Vietnam

First coffee beans (Arabica variety) were brought into Vietnam by French Catholic missionaries in 19th century. These persons had experiments with them in churches of Northern Vietnam and then gradually popularized throughout provinces to the South. Baristas around the country usually mention Da Lat’s environs as home of the best Arabica beans (and other specialties today as well). Local people, Vietnamese call it as Ca phe che because its leaves like tea ones.

Due to quite low productivity of Arabica, French introduced another variety namely Robusta in 1908 and planted widely in fertile highlands of South Vietnam (Tay Nguyen in local language). After large-scale economic development programs conducted by goverment in 1990s, this area becomes the largest cultivation area. In which, Buon Ma Thuot is the best known locality and coffee officially considered as its enblem. A featured museum as well as festival just for coffee is established in the city. Currently, Vietnam’s standing as the runner up of coffee exporting wordwide and winner for Robusta beans separately.

Coffee in Vietnam nowadays

Variety of coffee crops

Although Arabica beans came into the country first, the second Robuta dominates today because it’s well adapted to local climate and soil conditions. Detaily, Arabica cultivation requires lands with an attitude of over 1000m above sea level and high quality ones need more (at least 1400m). By contrast, its friend’s suited for lower highlands that can find in various regions in Vietnam. Additionally, Robusta owns better resistance to pests and deseases as well as creates higher productivity. For these reasons, the central goverment selected it for agriculture developmemt programs in mountains down the South in 1980s and 1990s. Today, Vietnam stands as world’s largest Robusta producer.

Thank to popularity of Robusta beans, Arabica turns into a kind of coffee specialty. Compare to anywhere else, Da Lat and its environs has the highest concentration of farmers growing this variety. They use special techniques that properly control processes to produce qualitied beans. In general, Arabica‘s more costy than Robusta (a reason to explain why it is only used in mid-ranged and high budget coffee shops).

World’s second largest coffee producer

Within the recent period, Vietnam exported over 150.000 tons of coffee beans each year (approximately 3 million packs) making it become the second largest coffee producer in the world, just after Brazil. On the another side, about 70 percentage of this output is of Robusta. Meaning that the country stands as No.1 Robusta exporter wordwide as well. Moreover, it values over 250 million USD dollars that contribute hugely to Vietnam’s economy and coffee growers.

Vietnamese traditional coffees

Most Vietnamese traditional coffees are based on a common brewing technique in which the filter set named as Phin used. It includes filter chamber, press, lid, filter spanner and a glass. How to use it? People will add coffee powder and hot water into the chamber, the filter press gently put in and then whole chamber covered up by the lid. Coffee itself goes through small holes at its bottom and filter spanner before drip into the glass. This process stretches only few minutes making it be one of the fastest coffee makers globally. Today, many places serve a Phin filter set for the guests to brew by theirselves instead of premade coffees. For local people, waiting is a way of leisure.

To balance strongness of traditional coffees, Vietnamese use condensed milk. We have awesome combination between these as Ca phe sua/Ca phe nau (coffee with milk), Ca phe sua da/Ca phe nau da (coffee with milk&ice) or Bac xiu/Ca phe trang (coffee with much milk&ice). Furthermore, egg coffee (Ca phe trung) an Hanoian specialty is called as a type of traditional coffee into the bargain (see more information about this one-of-the-kind coffee here).

Egg coffee: Vietnamese signature in the coffee world

Vietnam is home and only country where authentic Ca phe trung (egg coffee) can be found. It’s borned in Hanoi capital by Mr.Giang. He started thinking about ingredients possibly used to replace imported fresh milk in 1950s when was the staff of a luxury hotel. Following many experiments, he got success with usage of chicken eggs and his creations received numerous compliments from his customers. Giang quit the job and opened his first shop to sell egg coffee then. His coffee features luxurious, ultra-creamy taste, pleasant combination between ingredients, toasted-cheese aftertase. Nowadays, Cafe Giang becomes a Mecca, must-visit place to any travelers in thousand-years-old capital of Vietnam.

Over time, different Hanoian generations and coffee makers brought this special coffee to Hoi An. Local people and baristas learnt alot from them, then added up in their serving list. Although To know the best egg coffees in Hoi An, browse Hoi An Life’s article through http://hoianlife.net/where-to-find-the-best-egg-coffee-in-hoi-an/.

Hoi An’s best coffee shops in the Ancient town

Faifoo Cafe

Address: 130 Tran Phu street, the Old townOpening hours: 8 a.m to 9:30 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 936014000, Facebook page, webpage, Email (duyennguyen@hanngroup.com)Price: From 30.000 VND

Right in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, Faifoo Coffee boasts of its mixed architecture heritage between French and traditional Asian cultures. From anywhere in the UNESCO site, you have no difficulty to get this Hoi An best coffee shop and from here, must-see attractions are in walkable distance. For that reason, it becomes a favourite place to stop for global trotters (for sure by its good coffee as well).

Most Vietnamese traditional coffees and western styled one are on Faifoo Coffee’s menu. If like to have a black coffee, you have two choices, made from Phin filter or from the machine. Locals usually select first option because of its special, quintessential taste. Traditional types with a new twist like Ca phe sua dua (coconut milk coffee) are also covered. In addition to, there are numerous selections ready to serve for western styled coffee seekers, including mainstays from Espresso, Cappuchino, Americano, Flat white to Latte. Their hot and cold versions are in a high availability.

Last but not least, Faifoo Coffee offers very fantastic views from its rooftop. Moss-covered roof of old houses, lantern lit streets, pedestrian flows and even brilliant sunset will be within your sights and your photos. Your coffee order brings more values! In fact that no many places in town provide beautiful scenes like Faifoo. Both local/expat and tourist rate this Hoi An best coffee shop as ‘king of view’.

Faifoo is the former name of Hoi An in French colonial period. Previously, this was used by European merchants for centuries. The owners of Faifoo Coffee want to remind history of the town via its name.

Phin Coffee

Address: 132/7 Tran Phu street, the Old townOpening hours: 8:30 a.m to 4 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 919882783, Facebook page, webpage, Email (phincoffeehoian@gmail.com)Price: From 30.000 VND

This Hoi An’s best coffee shop nestles in a small yellow wall alley of Tran Phu street within the Ancient town. Not only bring a transquil atmosphere and relaxing vibes, it’s also filled by trees, blooming flowers and little succulents making it be a green oasis. During hot days or tourist seasons, Phin Coffee offers you the great escape from hustle and bustle on high streets just by few walks.

Established in 2017 by a couple of husband and wife who yearly worked as tour guides before, products and services of Phin Coffee are inherited from their cares. Beside that, they also spend time to talk with and give travel advices to the guests as well as share awesome information about coffee. Outstandingly, high-quality coffee beans used for Phin Coffee’s drinks all source from Da Lat and are roasted right in the shop. The owners want to keep the bests of ingredients.

If looking for good-taste Vietnamese long-standing coffees, especially Phin filter coffee, you’re right when come in this gardeny place. The coffee used is a blend of both Robusta and Arabica beans following the house recipe instead of 100% Robusta traditionally. You’re able to find other highlights such as Ca phe sua dua (coconut milk coffee), Ca phe sua da (iced milk coffee), Ca phe trung (egg coffee but with a new twist), Ca phe vot (coffee brewed by the racket) and western styled mainstays. In this Hoi An best coffee shop, the bulk of drinks and foods will be in a mid-ranged cost.

If like to open your horizon about Vietnamese and world coffees, join Phin Coffee’s workshop. See more detail here.

Hoi An Roastery

Address: 135 Tran Phu street, the Old town (head store)Opening hours: 7 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84)2353927772, Facebook page, webpage, Email (info@hoianroastery.com)Price: From 40.000 VND

Hoi An Roastery is a celebrated coffee chain in beautiful Hoi An. Present day, this brand has different seven locations all over the Ancient town making it become the most convenient to get. Each of them is named according to historic place nearby or highlighting feature aiming to bear its pride. You can reach one close by Japanese cover bridge (135 Tran Phu), Ba Mu temple gate (685 Hai Ba Trung), Lantern street (177 Nguyen Thai Hoc) or Hoi An central market (31 Tran Phu).

First days of this Hoi An best coffee shop were in 2005. To look for the finest quality coffee to feature like nowadays, its founders traveled to plentiful farms around Central highlands, meet lots of growers and countless hours work with professional baristas. Like Phin Coffee, Hoi An Roastery use home roasted beans only (on sale in the shop as well). Morever, its reputation comes from atmospheric spaces, upbeat music and friendly staffs also. If you’re seeking for stylish Instagram pictures, awesome scene awaits you.

Bill of fare provided by Hoi An Roastery is extensive and covers Vietnamese traditional coffees, western styled mainstays and specialties. Complimentarily, you have three choices of your coffee content at each one: 100% Robusta, 100% Arabica and a blend between them. In general, the price starts from 40.000 VND and changable depending on different drinks (and foods).

Together with business, Hoi An Roastery is the long-term partner to charity associations and activities around the country as well. Browse here for further information.

The Espresso Station

Address: 28/2 Tran Hung Dao street, the Old townOpening hours: 7:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84)905691164, webpage, Facebook page, Email (theespressostationhoian@gmail.com)Price: From 25.000 VND

The Espresso Station is another Hoi An’s best coffee shop. Unlike Faifoo Coffee, Phin Coffee and Hoi An Roastery within the heart of the Ancient town, this well-liked place just locates on its edge where you do not need to notice about times for pedestrians and bicycles. If drive a motorcycle, move straight. Additionally, it’s also inside a tiny alley making its atmosphere away from hustle and bustle of nearby streets.

The owner of Espresso Station has the strong passion for coffee and find his ego when escape the chaos of Ho Chi Minh city to transform his grandmother’s house into a shop in 2015. If you’re one coffee lover, try to talk with him and you spend a good time then. Its colors are inspired from typical features of Hoi An and decorations taken from ideas about coffee.

Either traditional or western styled coffees, there are plenty of choices to choose from on The Espresso Station’s menu, with an affordable price. For instance, you will only pay around one dollar for a huge cup of full-bodied espresso or get flavored Latte/Cappuchino just by 50.000 VND.

Hoi An’s best coffee shops near the Ancient town

Mia Coffee

Address: 20 Phan Boi Chau street, French quarterOpening hours: 7 a.m to 11 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 905552061, Facebook page, webpage, emailPrice: VND

This popular coffee shop for both local and expat situates on the French quarter and right next to Mi quang Ong Hai restaurant (famous for delicious noodles). From the Ancient town, coffee lovers just need to take some walks and vice versa.

Mia Coffee is opened from 2012 aiming to bring good quality coffees to people and well operated until now. To have the nicest source of coffee, the owners and its barista team traveled to plentiful farms in Da Lat. Coffee beans (especially Arabica) are transported to Hoi An and roasted on the premises. Its extensive menu covers Vietnamese traditional coffees like Phin filter coffee, Ca phe sua da (iced milk coffee), Ca phe sua dua (coconut milk coffee) or creamy Ca phe trung (egg coffee) and Western coffee mainstays. You have three choices of your coffee content for each one: 100% Robusta, 100% Arabica and a blend between them.

Coffee’s awesome but do not forget that it serves tasty foods like snacks, salad, pasta, fishs&chips as well. If you like to take away or delivery, coffees and these bites are all ready to serve in opening hours. Get in touch through online sites of this Hoi An best coffee shop when you like to eat and prefer to stay in comfort zone back home. In general, the price’s reasonable and changeable depending on different selections. Delivery service just costs a little.

Olivier Coffee

Address: 06 Hoang Dieu streetOpening hours: 6:30 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84) 911275252, Facebook page, webpage, EmailPrice: VND

Not only located on the edge of the Ancient town (convenient to access anytime), Olivier Coffee‘s also near Banh Mi Phuong and Bebe Tailor (one of the best tailors in Hoi An). That’s great to be here with mouth-watering Banh mi sandwiches or just wait for fittings of your well-customized garments. The shop boasts the establishment and operation by locals.

On the menu of this Hoi An best coffee shop, you can find fresh fruit juices, smoothies, traditional coffees including Ca phe trung (egg coffee), black coffee, Ca phe sua da (iced milk coffee), Bac xiu (coffee with much condensed milk), Ca phe sua dua (iced coconut milk coffee) with a mid-range price (in fact, the egg coffee received most loves from guests). Moreover, the Olivier’s reputation comes from friendly, hospitate staffs who usually pay attention to what they do.

The best coffee shops in Hoi An’s beach areas

Sound of Silence Coffee Shop

Address: 40 Nguyen Phan Vinh street, South An Bang beachOpening hours: 7 a.m to 4:30 p.m daily
Contacts: Telephone number (+84)2353861101, Facebook page, webpage, Email (nguyenvanchuongkts@gmail.com)Price: From 30.
000 VND

Down the South from An Bang beach, Sound of Silence suits for coffee drinkers and lovers who stay in beachside accommodations or just like to spend time with sea breezes. All spaces’re filled by simple but elegant decorations. The owners also add many green trees into their shop.

High-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from famous cultivation area-Cau Dat in Da Lat are used for its Espresso, Latte, Americano, Macchiato and one handdriped drink. Premium coffee but not expensive! Sound of Silence’s price is sensible generally.

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