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Do you have any ideas to dine in, except Ancient town’s restaurants? Make sure you know stunning seafront places around An Bang and less-busy beaches to its South direction. They offer very relaxing vibes with spacious deck of scenic tropical views and chilly outdoor lounges, alongside fanciful foods and drinks. Of course, the beach is just on your doorstep

In fact that there is a variety of Hoi An’s beachside restaurant to go for a night (or nights if like to have change for something different). Live music show is the most known feature, especially within An Bang area.

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Need to know about places to eat in Hoi An’s beaches

An Bang or Cua Dai beaches?

For expats and locals, currently An Bang beach area is better to have a toothsome meal by the sea, especially for dinner. In fact that this little paraside is home of several stunning restaurant-bars with live music, making it truly more entertaining than other else along the coast of Hoi An. They offer tasty dishes varying in type and way of cooking, breezy open spaces, many seatings and an eye-catching decor. Additionally, An Bang also is the most popular sand spot to swimmers and sun seekers (number of visitors in Cua Dai beach decreases after coastal erosion occur). More than any, the bustlingness here reaches its peak in sunny months, the best times to visit Hoi An. Your travel itenerary becomes easier to design when the must-see destination and awesome places to eat can be combined conveniently. However, meaning that everything will be packed and overbooking is common on the other hand. You should make a reservation in advance to avoid dissappointings. Some places require minimum purchase for their nicest seatings, contact to know before book the table. Read our ultimate article about Hoi An’s beaches (including both) for more information and make your own comparison via http://hoianlife.net/an-ultimate-travel-guide-for-hoi-ans-beaches/.

What is the best time to visit Hoi An’s beachside restaurants?

Hoi An’s beachside restaurants are popular spots for eating out and refreshing at all times of the day. After the sun shows his face, they quickly become favourite breakfast bases for early risers who do yoga, Tai chi, exercise or swim previously. Many choices to choose from on their menu and it costs mainly in a fair price. Brunch and dinner seekers are strongly drawn as well, first of all, by great atmosphere given.

Beachside restaurants in An Bang with evening live music

Shore Club An Bang Beach

About Shore Club An Bang Beach

Location: 150m away to the North of An Bang main beachOpening hours: 7 a.m to 11 p.m daily (last orders at 9:30 p.m)
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 905892121 (English)
(+84) 704609914 (Vietnamese), webpage, Facebook page, Email (booking@shoreclubvietnam.com)
Price: From 89.000 VND

Long-established Shore Club is a premium dining and lifestyle destination nested to the North side of An Bang beach, one of best stretches of sand. It boasts of outstanding local and international dishes, mesmerizing mocktails, world-class cocktails and gourmet wines. During several selected days of the week, live music is held in this Hoi An’s beachfront restaurant.

More than that, Shore Club houses a number of open-air seatings, perfect for your escape in both daytime and nighttime. The collection composes of private cabanas, lounges and luxury beds. All offer sweeping views of blue water sea, cooling breezes and stunning services catered by welcoming staffs. To experience first selection, some requirements about mimium spend of food/beverage purchase and amount of guests are made during summer time. The latest information shown on Shore Club’s webpage are 1.000.000 VND and 5 people at least. 800.000 VND-6 persons and 1.200.000 VND-3 persons are second and third choices respectively. You should have a double check direct with the restaurant before discuss with other family members and favourite humans. A prior reservation is highly encouraged for any choices, especially during peak seasons. Read our full guide about Hoi An’s beaches to know when they are and get travel tips, via http://hoianlife.net/an-ultimate-travel-guide-for-hoi-ans-beaches/.

Shore Club An Bang Beach provides spa treatments and stunning water activities like jet skiing or parasailing as well. Contact direct for further detail.

Foods at Shore Club

Shore Club An Bang Beach serves either Vietnamese or international mains, light bites and flatters all day long. Its food menu stretches from high-quality seafood flatters, Australian beef burgers, thin-crust pizzas coming right from on-site wooden oven, pleasant-tasting pastas to sushi (fresh ingredients expertly sliced by Japanese chefs). A perfect culinary spot next to one of Vietnam’s finest sandy beaches.

If looking for something light, check out its Beach Bites and enjoy them on outdoor breezy lounges. The choices are signature Shore Club’s rolls of prawn, pork belly&greeneries, summer rolls, crispy calamari, deep-fried chicken with fries, green salad&tatar sauce, grilled pork belly skewers with fresh noodles as well as appetizing chicken wings. All is nice to be part of your experience in beautiful An Bang. It costs 99.000 VND (4.3 USD) minimum.

This Hoi An’s beachside restaurant also offer a couple of very stunning house specialities that prepared from wealthy locally-sourced produces. You can find crabs, squids, prawns, types of fish like tuna whenever during the day, no matter rain or shine. Price of the group starts from 970.000 VND (42 USD), for two guests at least. See more dishes on Shore Club’s home webpage via https://shoreclubvietnam.com/food/.

Bar and cocktails at Shore Club

Shore Club An Bang Beach’s bar provides a tipple to match all tastes. Its beverage menu cover the wide range, from classics like dry martini or mojito, cocktails, mocktails, premium wine, spirits, beers to in-house signature drinks. Particularly, you can find Singapore sling, Old Fashioned, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Pina Colada or Blue Lagoon in the list of cocktails and their general pricing starts from 140.000 VND (6 USD). For a softer cost, there are some awesome ones on the mocktail offers, just like Pineapple Cooler (strawberry, pineapple, limes&sprite), Cranberry Cleanser (orange, passion, cranberry&passion syrup) or Blue Citrus (lime juice, blue curacao syrup&sprite). The collection of signature drinks is also varied, of many choices to select and well-fitted if you look for something special. Ingredients used to make them are locally sourced in order to support farmer households in the city, especially in Tra Que village. Check out up-close the bar menu on Shore Club’s webpage via https://shoreclubvietnam.com/cocktail-time/.

If like to know the wine list and the availability of any on it, send an Email to the Shore Club for details.

Shore Club An Bang Beach’s live music

From 5 p.m on every Wednesday and Friday, the live music by the beach is held at the Shore Club. Local and international DJs also often drop the beat in this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant during days of weekend. See its official Facebook page to see the updated information about all upcoming events.

The Deck House An Bang Beach

General view and foods at The Deck House

Location: Left side of An Bang beach (150m away from main swimming spot)Opening hours: 8 a.m to 11 p.m daily
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 905658106, webpage, Facebook page, Email (anbangthedeckhouse@gmail.com)Price:

Established by one of Vietnam’s finest sandy beaches, The Deck House offers plenty of choice of comfy seatings in a pleasant decor of blue and white colors, alongside delicious foods and drinks. Sun lounges and wireless on-site wifi are available all day long, as long as you take any of its menu. People in this Hoi An beachside restaurant-bar generally are friendly, attentive and know how to make your time worth it. Thus, an ideal place to base for a chilled day with cooling sea breezes. In addition to, there is easy to reach here by many different vehicles including taxi (and travel other places as well from).

Food and drink menu at The Deck House An Bang Beach is extensive and covers either international or Vietnamese dishes. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, light bites, cocktails, local, worldwide to craft beers and more, all on this list with a not expensive price. Particularly, seafood here is the favourite choice of numerous foodies, served with many kind of cooking ways. To bring the five-star quality, the restaurant prefers locally-sourced and fresh ingredients, many from organic farms in Tra Que village nearby. During selected nights during the week, live music is held that make it become one of atmospheric oasises in charming Hoi An.

The Deck House An Bang Beach’s bar and live music

Start from seven o’clock to ten in the evening, live music at The Deck House is absolutely an can-not-miss-out occasion around Hoi An. Attendees have good foods, upbeat music and talented performances with whispering sounds of wave crashing on the beach, just in the background. See all latest information about on official Facebook page of the restaurant through https://www.facebook.com/thedeckhouseanbang/.

Soul Kitchen Beach Bar and Restaurant

Overal view, foods and drinks at Soul Kitchen

Location: Left side of An Bang beach (100m away from main swimming spot)Opening hours: 8 a.m to 11 p.m daily
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 905658106, webpage, Facebook page, Email (anbangthedeckhouse@gmail.com)Price:

As same as other best Hoi An’s beachside restaurants in An Bang, Soul Kitchen provides a bunch of sun lounges, trendy-comfortable seatings and mouth-watering foods by the sound of sea. Not with any privileges, the guest can relax wherever here when take one on its menu. Really different to numerous places just nearby. If have personal vehicle like a bicycle, leave it at the front of the restautant and then start your exploration with sun, sand and sea.

Food menu at Soul Kitchen covers both Vietnamese and international dishes. Additionally, you can find almost all local specialities what are cooked in traditional ways. Some are combined together into a set, reasonably priced to choose from. If you’re looking for something different, that’s stunning to taste city’s food quintessences out of popular Ancient town. Live music is arranged weekly in this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant with many attendes.

Soul Kitchen’s live music

Soul Kitchen Beach Bar and Restaurant is among the most active live music host in the city. Not only during the evening of weeken days, but also at many choosen days or special social events. For both local and expats, there are good value for money and worth it to try. To inform the most updated news about, this Hoi An beachside restaurant-bar set up a Facebook page. Browse it through https://m.facebook.com/soulkitchenlivemusic/ when needed.

Soul Beach Restaurant and Bar Live Music

General view, foods and drinks at Soul Beach Restaurant

Location: Left side of An Bang beach (100m away from main swimming spot)Opening hours: 8 a.m to 10:30 p.m daily
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 911020778, webpage, Facebook page, Email (soulbeach.hoian@gmail.com)Price:

At the Southern most tip of An Bang beach, Soul Beach is an immaculate, sea-atmospheric restaurant where plenty of finger-flicking foods served up by hospitate people. Its relaxing lounges under the shade of thatched roof umbrellas are set right on the beach. Swimmers can get any for a day with cooling breezes and whispering sound of waves as long as take one on the extensive food&drink menu of this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant. Its staffs always come around to help you. Together with international and fusion dishes, you can find a couple of Vietnamese traditional quintensences like Cao lau noodle, Pho noodle soup, fried wonton or white rose dumplings (only found in Hoi An). Pricing of the main dish here begins from 200.000 VND (8.7 USD).

Soul Beach Restaurant and Bar’s live music

Soul Beach Restaurant holds live music on several selected night of the week. Morever, DJ nights also are in its reschedule every month. See the latest information about on the restaurant’s webpage via http://soulbeachvietnam.com/ or its Facebook page through https://m.facebook.com/soulbeachhonbien/.

Other An Bang’s best beachside restaurants

The H’mong Sisters

Location: Lo 7 An Bang beachOpening hours: 11 a.m to 10 p.m daily
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 914852366, webpage, Facebook page, Email (thehmongsisters@gmail.com)Price:

First days of this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant are in Sapa, a well known mountain town to the North-west of Vietnam. Its name, H’mong sisters, is closely related to stories and culture of its birthplace. Decorations in current location at An Bang beach (moved from 2015) have the inspiration from traditional motifs on hill tribe embroidery there, from general decor to each table setting. That make it unlike else where in the same area. There is significent panoramic views over East sea can be captured from its outdoor seatings. You should reserve yours ahead of time in the course of peak tourist seasons.

H’mong Sisters offers both fusion and traditional decicacies to all sun seekers, especially would like to introduce flavourful Mediterranean foods to Vietnam. Overally, most have a premium quality right next to the best part of Hoi An coast and served up by smily staffs. Besides, fit to all ages in your family, members in group of friends and every occasion. Pricing is also not costy. For expats and travelers, Toulouse saussage has the highest rate due to its great taste. It stands very well with properly-cooked mashed potato, really working. Last not least, H’mong Sister drinks are superb, ranging from long international wine list to signature cocktails based with local rum. Happy hours stretch quite long in this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant, enough to get several offers to chill out after spending time in the sunshine.

The Fishermen Vegan Restaurant

General view and stories about the establishment of The Fisherman

Location: Block 8 An Bang beach (right side of the main swimming point)Opening hours: 7:30 a.m to 11 p.m everyday
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 2353959256, webpage, Facebook page, Email (thefisherman.veganrestaurant@gmail.com)Price: Foods from 50.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND

In general, The Fisherman is among top Hoi An’s beachside restaurant and particularly the best of its kind in An Bang. Together with appetizing foods, its establishment is also interesting, meaningful. This family-run business is established to promote actions in environment protection, especially sea-related ones. Its founders share that they strongly care the affects of waste on their beautiful hometown beach as well as others caused by over-fishing. Few years ago (2018), they decided to open a vegan restaurant to reduce that issues. Name of the restaurant, The Fisherman, remind us the root of owners as traditional fishermans and also to honor the oldest craft in the region. During the year, there are numerous activities hosted here as well, like cleaning trashes, calling for recycling used bottles or raising local community awareness. In addition to, greeneries for its food preparation are taken from Tra Que organic vegetable growing village where eco-friendly methods used over centuries.

Hoi An houses numerous awesome vegan restaurants where you can have good to gourmet dishes, browse our article here to find out the best among them.

Foods and drinks in The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant

The Fisherman offers a long list of vegan and vegetarian dishes to choose, ranging from breakfast until dinner bites. You can find pleasant-tasting smoothie bowls, pancakes, toasts as well as salads to begin a new day of adventure alongside addictive coffees here. Its sun lounges are ready for you to relax on and the sun-soaked beach is just on your doorstep to swim then. To load your engergy in the midday, this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant introduces a variety of choices with the cost from 50.000 VND (2.1 USD). Flavoursome Buddha bowl (brown rice and fresh vegetables), Pho noodle soup to salads are favourite dishes can be found in travel profile of many vegans. When the last sunshine gone, it becomes really calm, away from tourist crowds that suit for who seeking for privacy. After enjoyable dinning time, ask for a help from The Fisherman’s welcoming people if you need a taxi back to city center.

Seafront restaurants in Tan Thanh (South An Bang) beach

Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club

Location: 66 Nguyen Phan Vinh streetOpening hours: 9 a.m to 9:30 p.m everyday
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 2353959256, webpage, Facebook page, Email (kahunashoianbeachclub@gmail.com)Price: Foods from 50.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND

Due to the middle location between two famed Hoi An’s stretches of sand, Kahuna Beach Club is a gem that away from crowds. It suites for travelers who are looking for laid-back hours lounging on the beach, the experience of plenty of fun in the sun or simply somewhere not too busy. Your childrens will be interested in hanging out by its all-aged indoor pool as well. This seafront restaurant also offers a variety of appetizing dishes at good size and quality, refreshing drinks and cocktails during the day. It houses two bars in total, one by the beach and the other more inside with funky games. For both of international tourists and expats, Kahuna’s staff team is overally friendly, attentive and help people have a great time. Chairs on sand and breezing hammocks are free of charge for any order made (with no obligation to buy at many times). Additionally, you have the privileges at Kahuna if stay overnight in its brother Vietnam Backpacker Hostel (250 Cua Dai street, browse our article for further information about).

Hoi An’s beachside restaurants in Cua Dai

Nha Hang Hon Restaurant

Location: 9 Lac Long Quan street (Cua Dai main beach)Opening hours: 9 a.m to 9:30 p.m everyday
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 905459800, webpage, Facebook page, Email (honrestaurant09@gmail.com)Price: Foods from 50.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND

Not far away from the main swimming spot of Cua Dai beach, Nha Hang Hon Restaurant brings an atmosphere of local vibes and authentic seafood dishes direct from the live tanks. Nearby residents often going in groups visit here to party as well as enjoy delicious cookings from its family chefs, in the weekend. So, general pricing is reasonable. Vegetarian options included, without any prior reservations. It’s worth seeking out no matter you are a vegan or not. In addition to, the foodies can get picteresque views over magnificent Cham islands looked beyond from sandbags, fair to anywhere else along the city coast. Sun beds are free of charge if you take any drink or food in this Hoi An’s beachside restaurant.

Nha Hang Khai Restaurant

Location: 3 Lac Long Quan street (Cua Dai main beach)Opening hours: 8 a.m to 10 p.m everyday
Reserve a table: Telephone number (+84) 906940110 or (+84) 2353927179, webpage, Facebook page, Email (nhahangkhai@gmail.com)Price: Foods from 80.000 VND, drinks from 20.000 VND

By one of Hoi An’s best beaches, Nha Hang Khai Restaurant greets us with a grand traditionally designed gates and bright smiles after. It features open-air white wooden seatings set up on the handmade green grass carpet, in the shade of coconut palms. Its food and beverage menu emphasizes in seafood dishes made by fresh ingredients taken from local fishermans. Furthermore, the foodies also can select living creatures right away from Khai’s on-site aquarium up to their likings. Staffs are flexible to give advices for the best fit to you and beloved persons (fixed price shown on the big board). During the night, this offers really calm corners, making it proper to who prefers a high privacy.

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