Four best leather bag shops in Hoi An

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Hoi An is a shopping paradise where its shophouses contain the abundance in lovely souvenirs, full of color lanterns, stylish tailor-made clothes, etc. Within this wide collection, leather-crafted goods have one certain position and are sought by many holiday makers who want to own at least one item bringing back home. Above all, qualitied leather bags have the most attention. So where is good shops to get them?

In reality, the amount of leather stores in town is hundreds and their level of standard vary. However, there are only some places provide us the items exceptional in quality that have satisfy to convince the demanding shop-ers globally. In this article, HOIAN LIFE introduces four best leather bag shops in Hoi An in order to make you easier to pick out a reliable spot for all bills ahead.

General scene of Hoi An’s leather shops

In fashion, together with bespoke tailors, leather shops in Hoi An also line every high streets around the Old town and small aisles inside the Cloth market. Quality and price on the whole have a variety and occasionally they do not match each other. Somewhere you are able to find first-class standard pieces with affordable price but by contrast, sometimes pay over hundred dollars for ‘faking leather’ wallet. In case of craftman’s workmanship, it gets an equal level to two head cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Several places serve impressive crafting, like Blue Lotus Leather.   

Aim to detail the information of the most sought-after leather goods at Hoi An currently, we outline for you another article (see it here).  

What make a leather shop outstanding?

Product-related factors (source of leather used, workmanship of the craftman, design) and  price&shopping experience are major things to create an exceptional store. There is nothing to make sense for us that which shop is good choice if do not stand out at least one of these. Between them, quality of the piece you want to get plays the foremost important role, as a core of any decisions. Read our article about pocket tips to select nice leather good here prior to make up your mind.

Top leather shops in Hoi An, they all use the real leather from dependable suppliers (both Vietnam and other countries), work in collaboration with professional-skilled artisans, provide the prices corresponding well with quality given, updated designs as well as bring an awesome period of time during the buying process. More than that, the arrangement of items inside and after sale service at best Hoi An’s leather shops are noticeable alike.

The best leather shops in Hoi An

Friendly Leather Bag

Address: 44 Phan Boi Chau Street (flagship store), 18 Tran Phu Street and 15B Hoang Dieu Street (all in the Old town)Opening time: 9 a.m until 8:30 p.m.  
Telephone number: (+84) 935 211 382Facebook: Friendly Leather Bags Hoi An

General information about Friendly Leather Bag

This long-standing store is one of the best leather bag shops in Hoi An where you are likely to get the excellent quality bags together with other fine products. More specifically, Friendly Leather Bag offers a diverse array of ready-made pieces on the shelves as well as high workmanship in its bespoke things from travel bag, laptop case, handbag to duffle bag. Less than one day, the shop confidently completes full of orders after choose your favourite design. If take a stylish jacket for men, timing includes fitting and adjustment as well.

In addition to, the pleasant service is next plus point of Friend Leather Bag. Its staffs work with attention, speak English in a satisfactory manner and follow your steps from the beginning until leave. You also are allowed to visit their back workshop to see up-close the craftmans in action. Well, that’s almost all we need from a store.

Friendly Leather Bag prices

Handbag: Around 1.500.000-2.650.000 VND (65-115 USD)

Duffel bag: Around 1.720.000-3.100.000 VND (75-135 USD)

Da Bao Real Leather

Address: 78 Bach Dang Street (flagship store) and 25-32-49-109 Tran Phu Street (all in the Old town)Opening time: 8 a.m to 10 p.m
Telephone number: (+84) 975 863 300Facebook: Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An

Da Bao Real Leather’s overall information

Well-known Da Bao Real Leather is another member within group of the best leather bag shops in Hoi An. Its far-out reputation bases on its usage of good quality materials and professionalism in service. Every single product of this store is totally made by real-durable leather originating from different parts of Vietnam. Outstandingly, the employees here will explain the ins and outs of each leather grade&corresponding price. By that, help you widen the knowledge and come to right decisions in your taste, liking as well as budget at last.

It is holding a chain of five establishments around the Ancient town what provides you plentiful choices, models and styles. Moreover, all stores connect with each other tighly like sister and brother making the availability of Da Bao Real Leather’s products at a high level. Meaning that if have the shortage of something at a store, others will bring them quickly to serve the guests. That’s good when you want to buy things unsimilar in size, color and designs, especially travel with family or a group of friends.

Prices of bag in Da Bao Real Leather

Handbag: Around 1.610.000-2.530.000 VND (70-110 USD)

Duffel bag: Around 2.300.000-2.760.000 VND (100-120 USD)

Buffalo Leather Shop

Address: 22 Tran Phu StreetOpening time: 8:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m.
Telephone number: (+84) 905 423 009Facebook: Buffalo Leather Shop

Overall information about Buffalo Leather Shop

In reality, Buffalo Leather Shop stands as one of Hoi An’s best leather bag shops according to the oponion of both locals and expats. Its leading advantage lies on custom-made items what are crafted by premium bison leather from USA. Whole experience at the shop is very pleased and smooth because Buffalo Leather Shop’s staffs work with full of care to offer the best services they can do. Additionally, every specifications of the customer are entirely noticed. The turnaround stretchs from 12 until 24 hours, depending on what you make. For that reason, it is easy to understand why people are happy with their end-results after visit Buffalo Leather Shop.

The shop specialises in bespoke shoes and leather jackets as well. The shipping worldwide is always available, weight-based and varied options. Hoi An Life thinks that you should check on-the-spot if want to send home something. In case of prices, generally there are relatively commensurate to the values you received.

Buffalo Leather Shop’s bag prices

Handbag: Around 1.725.000-2.300.000 VND (75-100 USD)

Duffel bag: Around 2.760.000-3.220.000 VND (120-140 USD)

Blue Lotus Leather

Address: 98 Hung Vuong StreetOpening time: 8:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m.
Telephone number: (+84) 916 183 279Facebook: Blue Lotus Leather

Blue Lotus Leather’s profile

A perfect choice for who is looking for high-grade handmade leather items. Blue Lotus Leather was established recently but it is owning the pricipal workmanship standard in producing bags at the moment. This makes the shop well-deserved to be on list of the best leather bag shops of Hoi An.

Craftmans here are many-years experienced, very helpful and understand what they should do for the guest, for example note all special requests carefully. Additionally, they directly inform the customers from beginning to end about selecting the design and choosing proper leather. There is really nice because you have the chance to receive the assistance from experts. Along with use of 100% real leathers, you can believe in exquisite results after one day at most.

Not only bring us bespoke goods, Blue Lotus Leather also deals in ready-made pieces, lastest designed shoes for example and arranges stunning leather-making class with the purpose for introducing Vietnamese traditional techniques in the field. Average duration of these lessons ranges from 3 to 4 hours and flexibly starts in the morning or the afternoon. Visit our article here for futher details about its workshop.

Prices of bag in Blue Lotus Leather

Men bags (for all designs): Around 2.070.000-3.450.000 VND (90-150 USD)

Woman bags (for all designs): Around 1.950.000-2.990.000 VND (85-130 USD)

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