Da Nang’s Dragon bridge: Travel guide for Hoi An stayers

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Dragon is a legendary creature within Asian cultures in general and Vietnamese spiritual life in particular. Over centuries, become great source of inspiration for writers, poem makers, painters, artists and architects. Cau Rong (Dragon bridge) in Da Nang is only one of countless buildings formed from that. It’s special, well-integrated into surrounding river&city landscapes and is a must-see attraction at ‘Little Singapore of Vietnam’. No matter during daytime or nighttime, its quality evokes the interest of all persons.

In this article, HOIAN LIFE gives you the comprehensive travel guide for your upcoming trip to Da Nang’s Dragon bridge from Hoi An.   

Dragon bridge and how to get there

Cau Rong (Dragon dridge)-the most unique bridge in Da Nang

Brief information about Dragon bridge

Cau Rong (Dragon bridge) is one of seven bridges across Han river in Da Nang. Its construction started in 2009 and was absolutely completed four years later on the occasion of 38th Liberation day of Da Nang. With 660 meter length and over 9000 ton weight, this impressive modern building becomes the largest steel bridge in the country. The place is also decorated by more than two thousand lights making it multi-colorful and very charming during the night.   

Architecture and meaning of the Dragon dridge

To get unique Dragon bridge like today, Da Nang authority organized an architectural design contest with the participation of eight consultancy units from Japan, Vietnam, Germany and the United States of America. At last, over eighteen other strong competitors, American idea about a dragon flying towards the ocean was selected. This image represents Da Nang’s aspiration in reaching out to the world.  

Getting Da Nang’s Dragon dridge from Hoi An

Private car and taxi

Like any other destinations in Da Nang center as well as the Marble Mountains, all vehicles is convenient to get the Dragon bridge from Hoi An. The best for traveling with a group (family, partner or friends) belongs to private car because of its ability in transporting many people at the same time. You will pay from around 200.000 to 500.000 VND (8.7-21 USD) for each way on a four seat car depending on different types and companies from Hoi An (&vice versa). Most hotels, tour operators and booking offices in town are able to make a reservation this kind of service at nearly all times during the day. Searching online for comparing in price if needed.

Taxi from Hoi An to the Dragon bridge costs little more than private car. There are two most popular to book it: thanks to the help of your hotel receptionists if start from there and come to crossroads near the Old town. In Da Nang, taxi service is highly available so stand by the main streets, raise your hands and you get it quickly then.    

Motorbike and bike

Hiring a motorcycle and then self-driving to Da Nang is another good way. Not only the Dragon bridge, you have no difficult to reach every places nearby as well. Price for day rental ranges from 115.000 to 230.000 VND (5-10 USD) even you make it in your accommodation, roadside or reputable shops and for parking often is 5.000 VND (0.2 USD) (this may be higher in peak tourist seasons). The best parking lots are arranged along Han riverside. Keep in mind that you should come earlier than the Dragon bridge fire show’s rescheduled time to avoid running out of them. To know more about pros and cons of each places to rent motorcycle in Hoi An and the best shops, browse our article through http://hoianlife.net/the-best-hoi-ans-motorbike-rental-shops.

The bicycle is always available at nearly all hotels. If there isn’t one in your accommodation, think of roadside rental shops on main streets (usually no passport required). For long-distanced trip like from Hoi An to the Dragon bridge, other types (mountain bike, hydrid bike&more) are more proper in Hoi An Life’s point of view. When need, you should come to reputable companies because they have qualitied bikes, experienced mechanics, assistance as well as helpful travel tips.

Public bus

Traveling to Da Nang’s Dragon bridge (the Marble Mountains as well) by public bus makes a balance between your safety and budget, especially if go on holiday alone. In order words, you do not to worry about unfortunate situations during driving a motorcycle or pay much for taking a private car/taxi.

To get it, come to Hoi An bus station on Le Hong Phong Street. Its ticket price is 20.000 VND (around 1 USD) no matter where you hop off. In addition to, the nearest stopping point locates next to Museum of Cham Sculpture (called by locals as Bao tang Cham station). From there, you just need to go straight and turn right to approach the Dragon bridge.  

Dragon bridge fire show

Time, duration and tips

Every single Saturday and Sunday, Dragon bridge fire show will be occured. It starts from 9 p.m and lasts over thirthy minutes. Particularly, the dragon breathes fire nine times first and then spit water from its mouth (this action means ‘bringing prosperity’ in Vietnamese traditional thinking).

Keep in mind that although up-close shots easily taken if stand on the bridge to admire the show, you may be wet by the water gushed out like a rain. Prepare in advance umbrella/raincoat to prevent you from. Morever, to avoid traffic congestion on Dragon bridge after the show, taxi drivers often select other ones to cross the river resulting the cost much higher than common. If you travel with a taxi, wait for couples of minutes or go to Son Tra night market instead of getting it straight. 

The best places to see Dragon bridge fire show

At Dragon bridge’s head

This is the closest position to watch Da Nang’s Dragon bridge fire show. Meaning that you are able to capture its whole scene without any obstructions in your front like trees or buildings. However, it is always full of people making your experience uncomfortable at some times. Although the pocketing is quite rare in Da Nang but you also should take note of wallet, phone as well as other personal things when in the crowd.  

Da Nang river cruises

Da Nang river cruises offer one of the most wonderful views towards Dragon bridge during its fire show. Furthermore, you also have the chance to admire stunning beauty of Da Nang riverside by night before or after. Pre-booking is the best way to keep your favourite seatings and avoid all tickets sold out (notably during peak seasons). Differentiate to Hoi An night boat ride near the Old town, the cruises also serve foods and drinks available both set menu reserved in advance and choose from menu. 

Draft Beer Euro Village

Address: Tran Hung Dao Street  
Telephone numer for reservation: (+84) 888 267 555

Draft Beer Euro Village is one of three different places of the Draft Beer which is established in 2014 (two others within Novotel Premier Hotel and Premier Village Da Nang Village) and currently standing as the largest chain of beer garden restaurants in the city.

Besides fantastic full-view of the Dragon bridge, Draft Beer Euro Village provides delicious foods (focus on fresh seafood dishes, local specialties and foods served with beer) in abundance as well as an extentive list of drinks from tap beers, craft beers, local/imported beers, wines to spirits. To get your best-loved seatings, you are advised to make a reservation in advance (at least 24 hours).      

What to do near the Dragon bridge in Da Nang

During the day

Museum of Cham Sculpture

Address: 2 Hai Thang Chin Street
Opening time: 7 a.m to 5 p.m

100 years-old Museum of Cham Sculpture is in a walking distance from the Dragon bridge (west side of Han river). It contains the largest collection of fine artifacts created by former Champa kingdom which was existed along Vietnam’s central coastal regions from 2nd until 19th centuries. Many of its most important treasures are found within My Son sanctuary (an UNESCO site) as well as other ancient Hindu temples. You will pay 60.000 VND (2.6 USD) to visit this must-see attraction in Da Nang.

Da Nang Fresco Village

Address: Alley 75 Nguyen Van Linh Street
Opening time: All day

On a same side of the river with Museum of Cham Sculpture, Da Nang fresco village houses plenty of beautiful mural paintings along one kilometer long small alley. Its birth came from the idea about turning this place into a tourist attraction where local communities are likely to improve their income consequently. During three months, one team of artists helped make it happened by their talent and creativity. There is free for access in Da Nang fresco village but you are recommended getting something selled by alley-ers besides lovely pictures taken here.     

Han Market

Address: 119 Tran Phu Street
Opening time: 6 a.m to 7 p.m

Han market boasts its name as same as the iconic river of Da Nang (Han river). In the past, it was the central and biggest market place all over the city for locals instead of a popular tourist attraction like today. While fresh/dried fruits, sourvenirs and specialty foods are on sale at first floor, the upper one is filled by ready-made clothes together with several tailors (the quality of garments given not inferior to Hoi An tailors). To reach this famous shopping spot from the Dragon bridge, you should follow the riverside pedestrian road to get cool breeze and fresh air.     

My Khe beach

Stand as one of the best beaches in Da Nang, My Khe is the great place for sun seekers globally before the Dragon bridge’s fire show occurred as well as ideal spot for enjoying fresh seafoods and awesome drinks after it done. The distance between this tropical heaven and the bridge is two kilometers therefore all vehicles are convenient. Read our article about Da Nang’s beaches here for more information.  

Love wharf (Cau tau Tinh yeu)

Only some walks from the Dragon bridge, Cau tau Tinh yeu (Love wharf) suits for couples and who likes magnificent river sceneries. Like a bunch of love pier around the world, you and your partner are able to get the own lock from sourvenir shops near this romantic site (price ranges from 25.000-100.000 VND or 1-4.3 USD) as well as leave it after.    

Things to do near Dragon bridge in the evening

Son Tra night market (Cho dem Son Tra)

Every single day, Son Tra night market opens from 6 until 12 p.m near the Dragon bridge’s fire show area. There are over 150 street stalls of gifts, sourvenirs, mass-produced trinkets,  lovely accessories, ready-made clothes, drinks and local foods (especially seafood dishes) with a affordable price. In fact, this is among the top nightlife spots in Da Nang.

Bars and pubs on Bach Dang Street

Sky 36

Address: 36 Bach Dang Street
Opening time: 6 p.m to 2 a.m

The most noticeable place within all bars and pubs along Bach Dang street is Sky36 that well-known for extravagant entertainment experiences. It is the highest rooftop bar in Da Nang city, located on the 35th to 37th floors of Novotel Premier Da Nang Han River. This chilling oasis gets available for up to five hundreds guests and features neon-lit fixtures, state-of-the-art audio visual systems, outdoor bar, elegant sofa beds plus private VIP lounges. Moreover, its open-air space gives us memorable moments by overlooking the entire city with famous bridges along Han river. Browse Sky36 official webpage for more details.  

Bamboo 2 Bar Danang

Address: 216 Bach Dang Street
Opening time: 10 p.m to 3 p.m

This atmospheric bamboo-decorated bar is a popular destination for hang out every night to locals, expats and tourists. If you like nice music with social vibes, Bamboo 2 Bar Danang’s outdoor seatings are suitable. Not only own balcony overlooking to sparkling Han river at night, its top floor is also equipped with pool tables. Although officially close at three in the morning, it seems that there is no rush at all in the bar (even sit and enjoy together with you). Staffs are also passoniate, full of engergy when they are in the job.  

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