Best things to do in Hoi An at night

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When the sun goes down, Hoi An really comes to the life. Its streets and old houses are filled by many-colored lanterns. The river nearby is also dressed by shimmering lights from decorated boats and dozens of floating lanterns. No reasons, this Central region’s tourist gem is tittled as the most colorful town of Vietnam. Additionally, the scene becomes much more vibrant with pedestrians, haukers, food vendors, boaters, folk games, a bunch of activities, upbeat music from lively bars and numerous featured cultural shows.

To provide you the best things to do in Hoi An at night, we outline this article. Surf below and let us know what is your favourite!

Things to do in Hoi An Ancient Town at night

Hoi An night market

No doubt to say that taking a trip to the night market on Nguyen Hoang street is one of the best things to do in Hoi An at night. See our article about this market (and all others in the city) via

Lantern boat ride on Hoi An river

Lightful and colorful lanterns make anybody can not take their eyes off. Either they are first timmers or visited Hoi An previously. Alongside wandering historic streets, a boat ride is another way to admire them travelers should get.

To find out the boat owners, go straight away to Bach Dang street or riverside part near Japanese covered bridge, for good deals. You should not the trip offered from vendors because they are resellers and you may get overpriced one. The best lantern boat ride starts from An Hoi bridge (known as “Bridge of lights”). Within this, local leisurely row his boat around the most attractive part in town and give you a candle lantern to drop down the river. Great atmosphere, wonderful vibes and lots of photo opportunities. For more information, read our article via

Play Bai Choi with locals

Bai choi is a Vietnamese folk game and performance that held in Hoi An’s rural villages during New year festival. For some communities, just at special communal events or private occasions traditionally. Nowadays, it’s encouraged to appear more in public spaces like the Ancient town. To promote its long-standing values to people around the world and increase the participation of young persons. In 2018, art of Bai choi is added by UNESCO in the Representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the 12th one of Vietnam.

In the weekend, Bai choi also is performed near the Dragon bridge in Da Nang.

Near An Hoi bridge (Bai choi stage), you will see several bamboo huts arranged around an open-air yard, with an U-shaped plan. All are towards the main stage where Hieu artists host the game (can be either male or female). These game leaders gradually takes a card out from the tube and then sing for players to guess what it is. Previously, they buy three cards and the winner owns every matching one. A new session restarts after that. If not join the games, travelers can sit in the huts to feel the atmosphere and admire stunning performances from artists. Good way to interact with locals and deepen understanding about Vietnamese traditional art.

Alongside with Bai choi, there are some folk games to take part in such as Dap nieu (breaking earthen pots), O an quan (Madarin square capturing) during Hoi An night.

Hai Cafe’s evening cooking class

Hai Cafe arranges a Vietnamese cooking class in the evening at its location inside Hoi An ancient town. Within its duration of two hours, the class introduces you one by one Hoi An specialty dishes from Cha go chien (fried spring rolls), Ca nuong la chuoi (grilled fish in banana leaves) to Goi bo (beef salad in bamboo basket) and more. It will be led by a friendly local chef who instructs you everything from the scratch. Maximum number of participant is 10 people. You should contact early, check availability, pick your menu and make your own reservation in advance at least 24 hours in the peak season. Especially, if you prefer a vegetarian menu. Browse for further details.

In the evening, streets in Hoi An ancient town are pedestrian and cycling-friendly. If you have a motorcycle, put it in somewhere closest to the restaurant.

Dining in a sunset cruise

Several sunset cruises are found in Hoi An ancient town like Cinamon Cruise. After the sun goes down, they offer seatings with a great and romatic view over Thu Bon or Hoai rivers. Just for the trip along Hoai river, holiday makers have the chance to see plenty of candle lanterns floating on the water as well. You can get one and drop it down following making wish for beloved persons. Together with the wonderful ambience, fantastic cocktails, delicious foods (including local specialties) and well-catered staffs make this experience standing as one of best things to do in Hoi An at night. Private sunset and dinner cruise is available upon request. For more details, browse our article via

Hoi An full moon festival

In every 14th day of each Vietnamese lunar month, full moon festival is held in Hoi An ancient town. In this cultural occasion, all houses are recommended to tight up candle-used lanterns like in the past, instead of electric run ones. Boats along the banks of Hoai river and others have the same thing making the town become an oasis of colorful lights. Make sure you know Tet trung thu (Mid-autumn festival) in 8th lunar month if like to admire the most impressive scenes. Not only lanterns or rich decorations, a bunch of people activities and plenty of awesome street foods&drinks capture the love of anybody in all four continents. No doubt, full moon festival is one of the best things to do in Hoi An at night.

Vietnamese folk games and music are around Hoi An ancient town during the full moon festival. Join to know more local cultures.

Cultural shows in Hoi An at night

Hoi An Memories show

Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Located in Con Hen “claim island”, Hoi An Impression Theme Park is a large complex of constructions including Vietnamese restaurants, shop houses, Asian villages, accommodations, Buddhist temples and especially an extensive outdoor performing stage for Ky uc Hoi An Memories show. It features a tall traditional designed entrance gate with the inspiration from its same kind of building in Dinh Tran Thanh Chiem, where Catholic missionaries are firstly welcomed in the region and then, Vietnamese national language created here in 17th century. Right behind,

Activities like folk games, street music, culinary feasts, cultural mini shows are held in this Hoi An’s theme park as well.

What is Hoi An Memories show?

Hoi An Memories is the largest outdoor visual art show in Vietnam, with over 500 performers. During its one hour duration, the audience will admire five chapters in total. All tells us beautiful stories about history and culture of Hoi An step by step over time. Before come to the marriage between Vietnamese princess Huyen Tran and Champa king Che Man, you have the chance to know the formation of the town through wonderful movings. The third and fourth chapters remind the golden age in international trading and cultural interference. Lastly, The Ao Dai ends your great experience with beautiful ladies wearing traditional long dress. Resonating with modern light system, music from instruments also

In several rescheduled days, this starts from 7:30 p.m in amazing Hoi An Impression theme park but may be changed depending on different times of year. Browse official social medias of the show to see the lastest showtime such as webpage or Facebook page.

Hoi An Memories ticket and how to book it

Tourist price of Hoi An Memories show ranges from 400.000 VND to 1.200.000 VND, for adult and depending on different seating zones. While the Eco Section covering the front and two sides of the stand has the lowest rate, the audience will pay the highest rate to sit in upper VIP Section with the best views. It costs 650.000 VND for middle positions, called as The High. According to the regulations, you only can bring one more children with the height of 139cm and below, free of charge.

Note: Foods and drinks are not allowed to bring into the park, except light foods like biscuits or candies.

Shows at Hoi An Lune Center

The Bamboo Theatre: Hoi An Lune Center

Lune Production has established since 2012 and now its high-quality performing art shows appear in three major tourist cities of Vietnam. Hoi An is the newest member within this network (from 2018). Previously, incredible performances from Lune production gained much success in Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Minh city.

In the heart of UNESCO-listed Hoi An ancient town, The Bamboo Theatre is home of Lune’s shows. It stands out of its 13m high dome structure created by natural bamboo that is the first and only in the country. The shape is inspirational, harmomious with romantic surroundings and looks like a full moon when see from a distance. There are around 299 seatings inside and modern facilities equipped to make performances as perfect as possible, including world reknown bamboo circus. Their core value focuses on Vietnamese long-standing culture and civilization. If you are looking for an unique cultural experience, do not miss out this best thing to do in Hoi An at night.

The Bamboo Theatre is very near other Hoi An nightlife spots like the night market, pub street, live music restautants as well as the ancient town.

Hoi An Lune Center’s shows and tickets

Vietnamese Bamboo Circus: A O Show

A O show depicts charming beauty and cultural richness of life of people living in Vietnam’s countryside areas. Additionally, it’s also a stunning mix of bamboo circus, acrobatic art, contemporary dance, theatrical visual art as well as traditional work songs of Southern Vietnamese. The audiences find themselves totally enraptured. Name of this Hoi An night show derives from “village and city” (Lang pho in local language). It starts from 6 p.m and ends about one hour after. At the moment, travelers will pay from 700.000 VND (30.4 USD) for the ticket of A O show.

How to book Hoi An Lune Center’s shows?

You can book A O show in Hoi An both online and offline. During peak tourist seasons, making your reservation in advance is highly recommended. Browsing Lune Center’s homepage, leaving message in the chat box of its Facebook page, giving a call to (+84) 845181188 or send a request to are ways you can do. While sightsee around Hoi An ancient town, come directly to its door at 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu street to buy tickets. In addition to, hotel reception and local tour operators can help you as well.

Hoi An water puppet show

History of Vietnamese water puppet

Vietnamese believe that their unique water puppetry (Mua roi nuoc) originates from at least 2000 years ago, in the era of Hung kings. It associates strongly to the daily life and culture of rice farmers as well as greater rural communities in Red river valley. Especially within 11st and 12nd centuries, this featured art developed at its peak, from performing for villagers only up to for emperors. The content of a 1121-established memorial stete mentions that it served for the king in his birthday anniversary.

Today, there are lots of villages in Northern Vietnam still keeping practices of their traditional water puppetry, in religious festivals, New year and important events. Near the communal house Dinh lang, a pond and an open brick pavillion on it called as Thuy dinh are constructed to use for performances of puppets. In Hanoi, travelers can check out this couple in Phu Dong temple or Thay pagoda. Puppet making craft is alive in many places across the delta, without the interruption from first days until now.

What to expect in a Vietnamese water puppet show?

Watchers can expect lively performances. They result from a stunning combination between creative bamboo-made puppets masterly controlled by people hands, traditional music, light and other theatrical effects. Alongside with visual things, each one performance also tells us a story about daily life and historic legends of Vietnamese. Buffalo and farmers working together in the rice field, village festivals and much more can be found. All reflects rich rural culture over centuries.

Different to other puppetry arts, the main stage of this Vietnamese culture quintessence is the water surface.

Vietnamese water puppet show in Hoi An and how to book

Watching water puppetry is not only one of the best ways to know more Vietnamese traditional entertaining, but also among best things to do in Hoi An at night. It’s held every week days at 6:30 p.m in Nha hat Hoi An Theatre, except Wednesday and Sunday. The ticket price is 80.000 VND for adult and 40.000 VND for your little ones. To book, come directly to the theatre at 548 Hai Ba Trung street (between the ancient town and An Bang beach), send an Email to, leave an message on Facebook page or call (+84) 941378979.

Live music

In An Bang beach’s bars

Picteresque views, cooling breezes, finger-flicking foods, awesome beverages and relaxing atmosphere are things definitely you can find in An Bang beach’s bars during the night. Especially, live music is held usually in the week at sea-facing establishments, with singers, band, international DJs and talents. Read our article via for further details. Several places more inside offer fantastic this evening entertaining as well, not interior to beachfront ones. You should check out your favourite location’s social medias like Facebook page, webpage or Instagram for latest performing reschedule, in order to make your travel plan more streamlined. Somehow, bars in An Bang bring something new besides the Ancient town.

The best live music bars in An Bang

Nearly all of the best live music bars in An Bang are beachside venues where nightlife seekers enjoy fabulous vocals with whispering sounds from the sea behind. See them in Hoi An Life’s article via Inside the village, check out Bungalow Beach Bar at 101 Nguyen Phan Vinh street. It offers an extensive menu including international&local beers from a wide selection of brewers, over twenty craft beers on the tap, cocktail, wine to decent foods, plenty of seating choices, social atmosphere and probably, nice music with singers until midnight. Happy hour is available in every single evening. Browse its social medias like Facebook page to know the most updated reschedule.

Live music bars in Hoi An center

#1 Guitar Hoi An Live Music Bar

Location: 80 Luong Nhu Bich street, Cam Nam island

Opening hours: 8 a.m until 2 a.m everyday

Live music hours:

What to expect: entertained with a huge range of international music including Latin, western, Italian, French, Vietnamese and more; several of genres of Flamenco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, folk, countryside or traditional will be performed; guests invited to play or sing with the band; friendly ambience, warm hospitality and great service from trained staffs ready to make your night to remember.

#2 Madam Kieu Restaurants

Location: 43 Nguyen Phuc Chu street, near Hoi An night market

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m to 10 p.m daily

Live music hours:

What to expect:

#3 Belleville Restaurant

Location: 13 Nguyen Hoang street, Hoi An night market

Opening hours:

Live music hours:

What to expect:

#4 The Shamrock Irish Pub Hoi An

Location: 21 Nguyen Phuc Chu street, An Hoi island

Opening hours: 4 a.m to 11:30 p.m everyday

Live music hours:

What to expect:

#5 Fender Bar Live Music Hoi An

Location: 15 Thoai Ngoc Hau street

Opening hours: 6 p.m to 4 a.m everyday

Live music hours: 8 to 11 p.m

What to expect: enjoy live music from the band playing a large variety of music of varying genres; guests will be warmly invited on stage to sing/play solo or accompanied with the band; dance party starts from 11 p.m with DJs; friendly atmosphere and welcoming hospitality.

Hoi An’s food tours in the evening

After the sundown, Hoi An Food Tour provides an evening walking culinary experience. In its four hour duration, participants will be introduced numerous mouth-watering dishes, informed in detail by local guide, sample and share with other foodies on tour. Establishments on high streets are not really focuses, hidden gems in the backstreets also selected. For more information, browse our article through

Bars and pubs in Hoi An

Either Hoi An ancient town or near the beaches, you have many choices of bar and pub for a fantastic nighttime. Furthermore, the town houses a variety of types from Irish pub, live music bar, late night bar, night club as well as bar for sport fans. Read our article via to get further information, to pick your favourite locations for an awesome cocktail, chilling with music, moving with dance and socialising with other travel lovers.

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