An ultimate travel guide for Hoi An’s beaches

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Vietnam boasts of over 3.000 kilometers length coastline including some sea paradises whose quality get top-rated in the world. Correspondingly, spending time on the beach is an inseparable part of any trip to the country.

Right positioned in one of the best parts of this spectacular shore, Hoi An is a good choice for every sun seekers. Although share the same splendid strip of sand to Da Nang city, most non-Vietnamese tourists select its beaches as their harbours basing on a diverse array of foods, activities, and of course, excellent services given.    

In this article, Hoi An Life outlines an ultimate travel guide for Hoi An’s beaches. We focus on the questions from public beaches, the greatest time to go and how to get there until things to do at particular places. Hopefully our information will make your first journey go smoother.

Overall view of Hoi An’s beaches

Unspoiled Hoi An’s coast stretches seven kilometers unbroken from the estuary of Thu Bon river (namely Cua Dai) to the adjacent area with Da Nang sister city. Outstandingly, Da Nang-Hoi An beach is one of the most wonderful of its kind in Vietnam. Everything we expect for a beach all shows the presence here. It owns an unspoiled line of fine white sand, gentle waves, crystall-like sea water and stunning views overlooking to magnificent Cu Lao Cham (Cham islands). Moreover, eating, drinking and entertainings are awesome as well.

What are public beaches in Hoi An?

Because Hoi An is a leading tourist destination, some parts of its coastline are used as distinct areas for luxurious beach resorts and the rest belongs to the public where every man jack free to access. We have off-the-beaten-path Bai bien Ha My (Ha My beach) at the Northernmost spot. Next, there are An Bang, Tan Thanh (called as An Bang South in some articles on social medias), the ‘Hidden’ and Cua Dai beaches respectively.

If only reach the sea for swimming, Ha My, An Bang, Tan Thanh, the ‘Hidden’ or Cua Dai beaches are good to excellent choices. In fact, Cua Dai and An Bang beaches are two areas having the largest concenstation of things to do among all. At tourist seasons, both will be overpopulated regularly. Change your mind to others in case like somewhere more private and quite. Tan Thanh or the Hidden beaches locates in between the hotspots becoming a perfect escape place. Several food and chill establishments (including family-run restaurants, beach lounge plus spa&massage parlours) are arranged there.

The best time to visit Hoi An’s beaches

Nicest months to visit Hoi An’s beaches

As a tropical monsoon country in the Northern Hemisphere, Vietnam summertime (the driest months) often departs from June to August yearly. During this, we may anticipate lovely days whose sunny time spanning from 7 up to 9 hours. Meaning that it will be the best time to visit Hoi An’s beaches. During next three months, numerous fierce storms come from Bien Dong (the East Sea) and enter on land with strong wind together with heavy rains causing the local flooding within zones of the city. All open-air and sea-related activities are closed in the course of that period. Browse our article via to know more abount Hoi An weather all year round.

Best times of the day to visit Hoi An’s beaches

To beat the heat, local people usually choose one of two most pleasant times in the day, the early morning and late afternoon. Each and every Hoi An’s beach faces to the East direction, therefore if you arrange to start your trip once first brightening, that’s great to enjoy wonderful views at when the sun gradually emerging from the horizon. In fact that this is amid the best sunrise-watching spots in Hoi An. At the same time, you also get claim easily your own spot to appreciate serenity of the nature instead of fighting for it at later periods. The temperature will rise a mile a minute afterwards.

In late afternoon, there is a different scene. Lots of people approach the beach to cool down, go swimming, play sport games and take light foods following work in the heat of midday. For sure, more crowded than early morning. Beside the restaurants, think of small local stalls and vendors as well if you like to eat something. They deal in quite varied options such as Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper topped with quail eggs, sliced sausage, spring onion, potato flakes and mayonnaise/chilli sauce), doughnuts, barbecued things, fresh fruits, etc.

Best beaches in Hoi An and how to get there

Cua Dai Beach

Brief introduction of Cua Dai Beach

Bai bien Cua Dai (Cua Dai beach, Coconut beach) is the first beach exploited to develop tourism in Hoi An. That’s why it gets best-known than other strands and many extensive resorts constructed in its neighbouring areas including the first international resort-Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort. Cua Dai means ‘the large estuary’ because close by the meeting point between Thu Bon river and the sea. Interestingly, over 100 dolphins appeared here in October 2019.

Getting Cua Dai Beach from Hoi An center and parking

With a 4.5 kilometer distance from Hoi An downtown, it takes you around 10 minutes by taxi to approach Cua Dai beach. The most convenient method to call it is telling someone in your accommodation. You will pay a little bit more than common, but they know the best things. Generally it costs nearly 100.000 VND (4.3 USD) for a four seats car. At entrance of Cua Dai beach, the taxi is highly available due to there are plenty of resorts nearby. If do not see any driver standing there, come to the restaurant/hotel near you for contacts.

In case you travel by yourself on a motorcycle/bicycle, just follow Cua Dai street. The beach&parking lots locate at its end. Fee for keeping is 5.000 VND (0.2 USD) at most (ask before you leave to protect you from overpriced fare). If looking for motorcycle rental in Hoi An, visit our article through to shorten your searching process.    

Note: Only in Cua Dai beach, you are able to see the petrol station. It’s close to Cau Phuoc Trach (Phuoc Trach Bridge).

Should accommodate at Cua Dai Beach area?

Stay overnight in Cua Dai beach realm is a should-do, centering on its breath-taking sea views coupled with plenty of private spots perfect for chilling out and its valuable location. From this area, taking only few minutes to approach the main harbour reaching Cu Lao Cham (Cham islands) or explore maze-like waterways by a basket boat trip within Rung dua Bay Mau (Bay Mau nipa palm forest) at Cam Thanh countryside.

In addition to, bring you less-touristy and more local vibes than other best beaches in Hoi An (especially by night). Your holiday will be more relaxing as a consequence. However, the gorgeous stretch of sand along Cua Dai beach was partially lost by recent coastal erosion making its attractiveness reduced. Consider this if you love tanning on fine sands. Read our articles about the accommodations from best hotels, best beach resort to best homestays if like to stay overnight here. Final decision depends on your taste and budget.

An Bang Beach

General information of An Bang Beach

Bai bien An Bang (An Bang Beach) stands out by its supreme sand quality making it become one of the finest beaches in Hoi An and whole Vietnam in general. Its ‘triangle’ location between Da Nang, the Ancient town and the harbour to Cham islands also impresses ‘the planner’ who wants to pick somewhere convenient for everything. In 2016, CNN listed this paradise as among top 100 Best Beaches in the World. In the late afternoon, it is always full of people coming from city center as well as from the accommodations nearby.

None of beaches except Bai bien An Bang, we are able to look for a complete package for wonderful beach days including tons of homestay choices, well-catered seafront restaurants, water sports and much more. Specially, staying here gives us the live in an authentic local community. Read Hoi An Life’s article via to know the best homestays in An Bang beach area.

An Bang village-one of the best places to stay in Hoi An

Before turned into the tourist attraction, originally An Bang is a fishing village consisting of several hundred families. Today many villagers are still working as traditional fishermen while others are operating their own business.

An A-to-Z collection of tourist-serving facilities has been established throughout An Bang village, including places to stay, restaurant-bars, massage/spas, convenience shops, swimming accessory stores, pharmacies, and ATMs. There is undeniable that we do not worry about the preparation much for beach days ahead when accommodate here.

Beside its title ‘no worried village’, the accommodation in An Bang also is another highlight. After a long time making efforts, in 2016, group of its homestays received the certification for ASEAN Green Hotel Standards recognizing the success in sustainable tourism practices around South-East Asia. In comparison to all communities in Hoi An, it got most fruitful. Read our article through to find out the par excellence homestays.

How to get An Bang Beach from Hoi An center

Distance from Hoi An center to An Bang is only 3 kilometers, so there is no doubt to say that convenient for almost of traffic vehicles. We recommend to check shuttle bus first due to it is quite free from danger, on time and no extra fee requirement but you have to fit your time to follow its pick-up&drop-off timetable. Secondly, taxi has high availability either city center or entrance of the beach (mainly Mai Linh brand) and cost for a four seats car is not more than 80.000 VND (3.4 USD).

When check in, ask the bicycle in your hotel. Often Hoi An accommodation provides one for booker without charge. It takes about 15 minutes to be done the scenic route Hai Ba Trung (almost flat and smooth). Motorcycle will be appropriate to the situation you want to go more than only An Bang beach (the Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha Pagoda, for instance). Browse our article through to know the best motorbike rental shops in Hoi An.

Note: Keep in mind that you should fullfill your motorcycle’s fuel tank before moving, check Cay xang Hong Ha petrol station. If miss, someone sells it at corners of Hai Ba Trung-Lac Long Quan with more expensive prices.

Stopovers en route from Hoi An center to An Bang Beach

Hoi An Life recommends Tra Que vegetable village (Lang rau Tra Que) as your first stopover. This 400 years-old village situates right on the main road and extremely eminent for producing the highest quality greens in Hoi An and its wider surroundings. If want to deepen your understanding about local ways of life, participate in the cooking class or farming experience are two most proper activities.

Supplementarily, there are a couple of awesome view points from Hoi An center to An Bang beach as well. First of all, you will see peaceful and windy rice paddies great for hanging out in the afternoon and watching sunset. If you like taking pictures, many opportunities given to capture wow-making results. Local farmers occasionally request to have a common photo with them and his water buffalo too. That’s the nice reminder to start taking about memories of your holiday in Vietnam back home.

Cau An Bang (An Bang bridge) is second place we recommend. It’s a beautiful position to get the view of fishing net traps installed by local residents as well as lush riverine palms. Just nearby, Sessions Under the Bridge bar is a awesome spot to witness sunset and get refreshments. If interested, read Hoi An Life’s article via to know the best sunset-watching places across the city.

Parking at An Bang Beach

Parking lots in Bai bien An Bang (An Bang Beach) are arranged along the main road, especially to your right-hand side (from Hoi An city center). Lots of local people will have a request for parking at their managing area. The cost often depends on different keepers but commonly, around 5.000 VND (0.2 USD) for the motorcycle/bicycle. After put your vehicle, the beach is just in a walking distance.

On the other hand, keep it at a restaurant-bar where you really like to order something. Ask for parking for free at that places. Establishments nearby the entrance usually prefer someone who comes in for seafood dishes, so think of another if you only want to sit back and enjoy drinks.

Things to do in Hoi An’s beaches

What to do in Cua Dai Beach?

Swimming and notes relating to it

In the past, Bai bien Cua Dai (Cua Dai beach) used to be the most-visited site for sun seekers in Hoi An by its outstanding soft sand, jungle-like zones of coconut palm and awe-inspiring distant Cham islands.

However, unluckily it was damaged by coastal erosion few years ago. Strong sea waves were washed away everything causing nowhere in Cua Dai beach safe enough to go swimming during a long period. In order to protect sea-faced buildings as well as the safety, local authorities put along the coast plentiful large bags of sand.

Swimming is allowed at the moment. But it is necessary to look at little hippers which keep yourself staying away from threats. Call someone close by if you need a help because local residents understand well their daily destination.   

Eating in Cua Dai beach

If you are looking for five-star quality meals, take note of Palm Garden Beach Resort&Spa, Hoi An Beach Resort, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort&Spa, Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An and Vinpearl Resort&Spa Hoi An. Check out information of all these at here.

Beach bites

Right on the beach, many stalls deal in foods (almost seafood dishes with a price starting from 50.000 VND-2.2 USD) and cold drinks including beer, fresh coconut, popular sugary beverages (15.000 VND-0.65 USD minimum). Like any beach across Vietnam, we still see vendors going around and selling snacks and fruits in Cua Dai beach. This place provides us a perfect chance to enjoy the beach like a local when sit on a low stool, taste delicious bites and appreciate cool winds from the sea.

Annually, the best restaurants in the area step away from their kitchen to showcase the talents and skills during the An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival. Follow The Shore Club An Bang Beach to know latest information about it and plan to join at that time.

Restaurants at Cua Dai beach

Except luxurious spaces within resorts, we also have the selection for seafront local-styled restaurants showing living seafoods on-site to pick and whose menu written by simple English words. They cook good foods as well as provide friendly service with an affordable price. The stars are beachside establishments, see them in out our article via Alongside, off-the-coast Cao Cao Restautant is also within the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hoi An.

Off the coast, a number of noticeable eateries awaits you to come and savor their yummy cooking. Most of them line Truong Minh Hung and Cua Dai Streets. Beside that, Duoc Seafood Restaurant (10:30-22:00), Chinh’s Riverside Restaurant (11:00-23:00) and Queen’ Kitchen Hoi An (13:00-22:00) offer a transquil river view into the bargain.

Activities in An Bang Beach


In summertime, An Bang becomes a well-liked destination of getting fresh for everybody that out of the harm’s way. We and our children/kids absolutely feel free to go swimming within an easily observable ‘safe zone’ marked by little nippers. Hoi An beach rescue team is always ready in aid of beach lovers at peak times (the early morning and  late afternoon) that trained carefully and skilled locals included. Outside of these slots, give a call to whoever near you if need a help.

For lounge chairs on the beach, you have to order foods from the owning restaurant or pay directly about 100.000 VND (4.3 USD). Ladies responsible for the job often do not mention how long people can be on the chairs (really up to you). If be a renter, ask them for the restroom and fresh water to take a shower after spending time in the sea. Although finding swim suits for sale as simple as pie in An Bang, we still advise bringing your favourite items.

An Bang Beach-one of the best sunrise watching spots in Hoi An

Watching sunrise is another fantastic thing to do in Hoi An’s An Bang beach. When it starts the first lights, the whole sea and waves seem to be plated by a golden color iridescently together with blue islands on the far side. At this wonderland, there is no cover in front of you to witness the sun shinning on the horizon.

Compare to other beaches, you may catch more lively moments of life in An Bang beach due to its setting next to a village. The scene of fishermen who arrive home with smiles after a long voyage oversea, people busy to transport their gatherings in the previous night  or locals doing exercise before work. As a photography lover, that’s great to hold on hands couples of magnetic pictures. On the other hand, have the chance to learn about local daily life. Read our article to know other best sunrise-watching places in Hoi An.

Eating and drinking at An Bang Beach

An Bang beach is a prominent eating and drinking spot to either local people or tourist. More and more restaurant-bars have set up in recent years, especially after recent damages at Cua Dai beach to the South.

You are able to get locally-owned eateries in any corners of the village, from main streets, the beachfront to tiny alleyways. More than rest of the group, seaside establishments are equipped with full-packaged amenities composing of outdoor deck chairs, bartender space, private restroom and lounges on the beach. Their food menu overally has the variety of both traditional and international options (also cover wide list of seafood dishes). Living sea creatures are kept in water tanks to pick and then prepared in Vietnamese way of cooking.

Vegetarian meals in the beach, why not?

Many people think that beach has no 100% vegan restaurants? They’re wrong! Besides only-serve-protein places to eat, An Bang beach houses a group of vegetarian friendly eateries too. The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant tells us the story about its change from a seafood catering bistro to the vegan server today in order to reduce overfishing as well as ocean pollution. Vegetarian options are also vividly presented on the food menu of Phuong Beach’s Restaurant, Bikini Bottom or Rustic House Restaurant&Bar.

Things to do in An Bang Beach during the day

Water activities

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and jet-skiing are three most common-occurred water activities in An Bang beach. To book SUP in advance, contact to Drifters Paddle Co. via its Facebook page, email or telephone number (+84)338426659. The company offers board rental by hours, boards for sale (made by world-class manufacturers and suited for Hoi An beach’s conditions) and guided tours.

About jet-skiing, hourly, half-day and full day rentals are available at the Shore Club An Bang Beach. Give a call to telephone number (+84) 905892121 or send an email to make your reservation. You can decide to take it with or without an experienced guide. The private trip led by in-house skillfull staffs is availble if like to do but have no experience previously.

Although An Bang is not an ideal place for professional surfers to show their talented performances fully. Its gentle waves still get proper for beginners. Kids for sure will have fun with a new sport. Before August 2018, holiday makers had the choice for the parasailing with a price of around 1.000.000 VND (43.5 USD) per person. For safety, a round is only allowed for two participants at most. Local managers closed this kind of activity in Cham islands too.

Doing yoga and meditation classes

Yoga and mindful meditation classes in An Bang are set out ordinarily by the Nomad Yoga Hoi An. It’s the first dedicated yoga center in the city. In order to focus on the communication with learners right from first steps, it encourages to contact directly via its official Facebook page, telephone number (+84) 777184604 or email for further information.

Massage at An Bang

No massage, no holiday! Definitely, everybody needs a massage when travel. Different to Thai massage, Vietnamese massage treatments focus on working out your muscles’s knot through kneading techniques. More often than not, it costs cheaper than facilities in the Ancient town. Check all options and corresponding prices of the best massage parlours in An Bang in our article through

Nightlife in An Bang Beach

In the evening, An Bang turns into a chilling oasis for the night out. There are dozens of awesome chill spots and they give us worth-it experiences. Hoi An Life’s top choices as following:

#1 The DeckHouse An Bang Beach opens daily from 7 a.m until 11:30 p.m. It offers numerous comfortable deck chairs towards the sea. Its extensive menu covers tasty foods in varying styles, awesome cocktails, craft beers and a variety of bottled beer. Live music will be hosted here every Saturday. 

#2 The Shore Club An Bang Beach is a premier beachfront dinning and lifestyle destination opening from 7 a.m until 11 p.m. It confidently offers outstanding local&international dishes, world-class cocktails, mesmerizing mocktails as well as premium wine. Live music select evening starts at 5:30 p.m on Wednesday and Friday weekly, and much more events arranged here. Check its event reschedule updated on the Facebook page

#3 If look for a laid back nighttime or hanging out by the pool within a social vibe, Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club will be one of your best friends. Its delicious foods, drinks and cocktails are served from 8 a.m to 8 p.m day-to-day. Here, there is a small outdoor play area furnished with life-size connect 4 and checker games suitable for children/kid entertainments.  

#4 A real heaven of peace, atmospheric Soul Kitchen (7:30-23:30 everyday) provides large sofa with broad ocean views. Besides, it offers yummy bites, special drinks in an enjoyable live music from 7 to 10 p.m. This show takes place from Wednesday to Sunday in the summer and Thursday to Sunday in the winter. Many international performers&DJs as well as Vietnamese pop stars also present.  

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