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da nang beach
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None of holiday planners delists gorgeous beaches in Central Vietnam from their travel bucket list, specially during sunny days. Da Nang to Hoi An seashore is a top star of the region because of its outstanding features. More than that, ‘city of bridges’ Da Nang also owns another long-crescent shaped stretch of sand along its bay.

Compare to Hoi An, Da Nang is much larger than. There is no difficult to understand that choice of which beach should go becomes not easy. Hanging on different places to stay, travel purpose, itenerary, time or personal needs, people have the different selection. In this article, HOIAN LIFE outlines a full travel guide to Da Nang’s beaches to give you information about every part of coast around the city as well as their own distinctiveness.

da nang beach

General information about Da Nang seashore and its beaches

Length and diversity

Da Nang’s coast has about 75 kilometer length with three major parts: the bay, the Monkey Mountain (Son Tra peninsular) and the Pacific ocean. It begins from Isabella tip to the Marble Mountains area. Additionally, its prominent Pacific ocean component also keeps stretching for over twenty kilometers until Vinpearl Resort&Spa Hoi An. This is considered as among most sensational shore in the country. Consequently, numerous mega resorts are constructed along it like Premier Village, Hyatt Regency Danang Resort or Sheraton Grand Danang. See all best Da Nang’s beach resort here.

On the other hand, beaches in Da Nang have a variety. While sandy beaches along Pacific ocean shore are well-liked refreshing and entertaining spots for tourist, their sisters along inner Da Nang bay boasts of the popularity to local residents. Some beaches on Son Tra peninsular are inside luxury resort but many places’re hidden and visited by pinickers occasionally.

What are public beaches in Da Nang?

There are five public beaches along shore of Da Nang bay (Lang Van, Xuan Thieu, Hoa Minh, Phu Loc plus Xuan Ha beaches) and in a same number to the Pacific coast including Tho Quang, Man Thai, My Khe, T20 and Son Thuy beaches. Meaningfully, the bulk of them is named like neighboring fisherman village. They’re free to access for everyone and free from danger into the bargain.

The best times to visit Da Nang’s beaches

In the year

The best times to visit Da Nang’s beaches during the year are in period from April until around September, corresponding to the dry season and beginning of the wet season. Just before this, February with Vietnamese new year festival, beaches are crowded by visitors. And price of almost everything often will be higher than common. Complementarily, tropical storms with rains like waterfall in its following months make beach opportunities not a lot.

In addition to, there are several anniversaries you need to take note of as well: Reunification day&International labour day on 30th Apr to 1st May or Vietnam independence day on 2nd Sep. Keep in mind that these vacations normally may be longer therefore consider your plan carefully to visit Da Nang’s beaches.

During the day

During days within the dry season (from February to August), the best times to visit Da Nang’s beaches are the morning and after mid-afternoon. Basically traveling in these parts of day, you are able to enjoy without midday’s strong heat. In the evening, almost every beach becomes quite oasis to chill, spend time with beloved persons and great for walking.

There is not easy to look for nice days in months of the wet season (from September to January next year). Particularly, the period of around September brings most chances to appreciate Da Nang’s beaches. ‘Break time’ between two storms is also noticeable because of its moderate weather. We think that checking the forecast online in advance is the best way you should do once make a plan. To know the best times to visit other attractions in Da Nang, browse our article here.

Things to know before start visiting Da Nang’s beaches

My Khe beach is one of world’s sexiest beaches by Forbes

In 2005, My Khe beach’s voted by Forbes magazine as one of six sexiest beaches all over the world. Basing on various criterias like free access to public, long stretch of fine sand, suitability of sunshine and waves for water activities, convenience in traffic, safety for beach-ers, world class standard resorts&villas and much more. In fact, people globally know better about it after this publication. It’s always first choice to sun seekers staying in Da Nang and beach lovers from Hoi An when the visit the city.

Prepare your swimsuit in advance

Not as same as Hoi An’s beaches, you will be more challenged when look for swimsuit shops near beaches in Da Nang. We know you are a smart traveler so never forget bringing your own pieces for swimming before start. Meaning that this is just in case. Moreover, you should prepare cash in Vietnam dong (VND), instead of USD to keep away from high rates of exchange.

Travel guide to all beaches in Da Nang

My Khe beach: the best known of its kind in Da Nang

Location of My Khe beach and how to get there

Eminent My Khe beach (Bai bien My Khe) situates at the intersection of Vo Nguyen Giap coastal road and eight-lanes Vo Van Kiet road that about 2 kilometers away from Da Nang center. It boasts of its name taken from nearby hundreds-of-years history village (meaning ‘beautiful stream’). By this central position, all vehicles are convenient to get it including car, taxi, bus, bicycle and motorcycle if stay overnight in Da Nang.

From Hoi An center, you just need to move on Lac Long Quan road for a distance of 25 kilometers. It takes from 45 to 60 minutes up to traffic conditions at the time you travel. Commonly, holiday makers combine this piece of heaven with the Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha Pagoda in the Monkey Mountain and attractions in Da Nang centre for one day out. The most popular vehicles are private car and motorcycle (browse here to know more). Between these options, private car is more proper to traveling with a group as well as family while the motorcycle gets suited to explorers.

While on tour from Hoi An to Da Nang’s attractions, discuss with local operator in advance if like to stop at My Khe beach. There is no additional fees in many companies.

Where to park?

Your bicyle and motorcycle will be legally kept in parking area near the Temple of Whale with a fee of around 5.000 VND. This service is often available after 7 in the morning and stops before 10 in the evening. Meaning that in earlier or later periods, you are able to put your own vehicle somewhere by the beach. Bring a lock in case you drive the bicycle.

Morever, car parking lots are arranged in front of My Khe beach’s restaurants. During tourist season, may be full of tour vans and buses so discuss with the establishment you like to eat out if needed.

Activities in My Khe beach

Except swimming, parasailing, jetskiing and surfing are most popular things to do in Da Nang’s My Khe beach. In other words, parasailing gets available in dry months and it costs about 500.000 VND (21 USD) per person. You will pay little more for jetskiing within 15 minutes duration. If would like to get it longer, an extra fee is offered. Make the reservation online or ask directly any canoe driver on the beach when needed.

Like Hoi An, go surfing is less known by locals in Da Nang too but in fact that more and more residents join it over time. This water activity gets popular to expats and My Khe beach is their stage for performances with waves. Contact Da Nang surf school (the Temple Danang Resort) if like to hire the board with a reasonable price as about 115.000 VND (5 USD) for an hour. Surfing class or stand up paddle lessons are other awesome things it provides. See its official webpage for further details.

Rescue team is always ready to help you in emergency situations at busy swimming spots in Da Nang like My Khe. For that reason, it lies in the list of most family-friendly beaches all over the country.

Restaurants in and around My Khe beach

A number of seafront restaurants, beach bars and cafes serving fast foods are established in the ground of My Khe beach. Particularly, restaurants offer tasty dishes in abundance of ingredient, style and way of cooking. Seafoods show their frequent presence on the menu at many eateries basing on a rich local source. On the other side, others like vegetarian or of traditional Vietnamese cuisine are still included. In general, you are given not too costy prices for basics and little more at Kyoto Sushi with Japanese foods. Additionally, if possible, make a reservation of sea-facing seatings to appreciate beaty of world’s sexiest beach. During the night, tranquil atmosphere (sea waves sound only) and distant Lady Buddha statue also are awesome to dine.

Restaurants behind row of multi-floor hotels on the coastal road are other good places to eat in My Khe beach area. While Non La introduces Vietnamese foods, Nha hang Troioichicken offers Korean style barbecue and appetizing chickens, Family Indian Halal Restaurant gets known by its delicious Indian dishes. If want to find Da Nang local foods, Mi quang Ba Mua will be suitable (this is a famous store chain presenting anywhere in the city so select one of it for time-saving). For healthy vegan meals, make sure you know Karma Waters. Furthermore, you have no difficult to see a seafood eatery along Ho Nghinh street. Keep in mind that staffs around there not speak well English.

Watching sunrise and stand-up paddleboard in My Khe beach: Hoi An Life experience

Our experience starts from Hoi An at 4 a.m to drive to My Khe beach. Following fourty-five minutes, we arrive and park motorcycles near it (possible in the very early morning but in allowed parking lots later).

To be different, we get SUP boards to appreciate brilliant scenery created by shimmering sea, clear sky, flocks of wild bird, distant fishing boats and elegant Lady Buddha statue. Price at the time is 100.000 VND ( apprx 4.3 USD). Along with picteresque landscape, authentic local life also makes us considerably impressive of. After having so much fun on the ocean, come back and take a trip around to see things never seen previously. We arrive at temple worshiping Ca Ong (whale) with stunning dragon decorations in the center of My Khe beach’s square (we talk with a local and he tells us interesting stories about). Prior to getting back Hoi An, do not forget morning coffee boost in vintage styled Trinh Coffee as well as taste mouth-watering fish bologna noodle soup at Bun cha ca 109.

Places to stay near My Khe beach

My Khe beach is the most famed stretch of sand on Da Nang coast, for that reason, medium to large hotels have been built much in its adjacent area since a long time. Meaning that searching the accommodation near it is not challenging. Overally, both their price and quality cover the wide range, depending on different places. Checking online is the best way to know which one suitable to your favour and budget.

If looking for stunning ocean view, hotels along Vo Nguyen Giap street will be perfect choices. Many of them offer fastinating rooftop bar as well, like A La Carte Danang Beach or Belle Maison Parasand Danang Beach. Think of chilly time with cool breeze from the sea after taking pleasure in things to do in Da Nang. To expand your horizon about all places to stay around the city, browse our article here.

Bai Bac and Tien Sa beaches: Private beach of resorts

Bai Bac beach inside InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsular Resort

Bordered by two jungle-soaked mountains and owning an unspoiled stretch of white fine sand, Bai Bac beach (meaning ‘North beach’) was selected to carry out the project of contructing world’s leading luxury resort-the InterContinental. It’s extremely peaceful, of crystall-like water and close by full beach amenities. For that reason, suitable for travel with family or recreational holidays. Get in touch soon to reserve (especially in vacation seasons) to avoid overbooking and get your favourite.

Nearby sites: Thousand-years-old banyan tree, hiking route to Ban Co peak, Bai Rang (the nicest snorkeling spot in Da Nang).

Tien Sa beach inside Tien Sa Retreat Da Nang

On West side of green Son Tra peninsular, serene Tien Sa beach (‘fairy ladies decending beach’) stands out by clear blue seawater, gentle waves, fine sandy and headed by forested mountains. It lies near the route allowed for motorcycle going up to the mountaintop therefore convenient to combine with other sites around the Monkey Mountain. If like to access and enjoy qualities of this charming part of shore, get in touch with Tien Sa Retreat Da Nang for an instruction.

Nearby sites: French solders cemetery, Ban Co peak, Tho Quang wharf (the largest home of fishermans in Da Nang).

Man Thai beach: Off-the-beaten-path shore with a local morning fish market

Three kilometers away to the North of well-known My Khe beach (in front of Beach-front Villa), Bai bien Man Thai differentiates to the rest of Da Nang’s beaches by its authentic morning fish market. Daily starts from 5 a.m and last sellers stay around 7. According to local people, the freshest seafoods are likely to be found here (lots of them still alive), besides Tho Quang fish market on 20 Van Don street. Habitually, exercisers often stop to buy squids, shrimps, snails or varied fishes to bring home for cooking.

Bai Rang of the Monkey Mountain: The best snorkeling spot in Da Nang

Private-like Bai Rang locates to the East of the Monkey Mountain, 10 kilometers away from My Khe beach. To get this small-peaceful beach, you need to move along pretty coastal road-Hoang Sa (‘Paracel islands’). There is only Nha hang Bai Rang Ho Binh restaurant what totally are able to provide snorkeling service within lovely days of summertime. Make sure you contact in advance to the restaufant for their best preparation and to know the price you will pay for. Following enjoyable time with wonderful sealife underwater, you can have a look to its food menu for lunch.

Nearby sites: Lady Buddha Pagoda, Obama stone beach (some thatch-roofed huts serving foods, stones diverse in shape and Da Nang city view), Thousands-year-old banyan tree, viewpoints along the coast.

Bai bien Lang Van (Leprosarium beach): Hidden pretty beach for a day out and camping overnight

Why call Leprosarium beach?

Nestled under foot of spectacular Hai Van mountain pass, Bai bien Lang Van was used to be a lepper colony from 1968 until 2012 by its remoteness to outside world. At the time, the patients here cultivated wet rice on the paddies and catched fishes in nearby sea besides treaments. Nowadays, just few people stayed back in this special village and anybody can come to it whenever.

Guide to explore Bai bien Lang Van

Like the past, Bai bien Lang Van is inaccessible to vehicles including motorcycle, bicycle and car. Getting boat from Xuan Thieu beach area will be most convenient way of transport but it seems not available all the time. As a result, local residents prefer traveling on foot when like to spend a day out on tranquil Lang Van beach.

Lots of people pick Cafe Hoa Sua to begin their trip due to the shortest distance. It costs around 10.000 VND for keeping your own motorcycle in the day and 20.0000 VND if overnight. From this place, you need to go down on a path until see Vietnam’s North-South railway tracks and then turn left. Keep going for few hundred meters and you have no difficulty to see the beaches from above. Lang Van is the largest one. To make it, walk along the tracks for about 30 minutes and follow the path down to your right-hand side.

For campers, nearly-pristine Bai Xoan (‘berrytree beach’) is the greatest spot to stay overnight as well as watch first lights of a new day after. At the end of major beach Lang Van, you will see one path leading to it to the left-hand side corner. If you are sunrise lovers, experience in this serene land is totally worth-it. Browse Hoi An Life’s article here to know other best sunrise spots in Da Nang.

Bai bien Xuan Thieu (Red beach): Historic landmark, stone reef and sandy beach

Location of Xuan Thieu beach and how to get there

Fifteen kilometers from central Da Nang’s Dragon bridge, Xuan Thieu beach (Bai bien Xuan Thieu) composes of a stretch of sand near rocky reefs. Due to being next to Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road, it’s trouble-free to every vehicles. No parking service at this place so keep in mind to prepare a lock in advance for your bicycle. There is rare to see motorcycle robberies around it (lock the neck before move to the beach) and Da Nang city in general.

Name origin of Red beach and its relation to Vietnam war

According to a local oral explaination, name of Red Beach orginates from color of the sea when Hai Van mountain pass’s red soil pouring into it during heavy rainy days. Someone guess that big bombings to that mountain range in war periods caused serious landslide and then soils moved to the sea making it turn into a red color.

Xuan Thieu-Red beach associates to first American military solders landed on the country in 1965. This event marks the direct participation of the United States into Vietnam battlefield. In 1973, eight years later, last one left following the Paris agreement. Interestingly, French set foots on Da Nang for their first time as well (traced by Y Pha Nho cemetery in the Monkey Mountain). Differently, just the beach itself, there is no other tangible relics relating to the historic landmark.

Seafood restaurants around Xuan Thieu beach

You are likely to expect for fresh seafoods cooked in authentic Vietnamese cuisine, cool breezes flowing from the sea and all within a very local vibe at restaurants around Xuan Thieu beach. About prices, they’re much cheaper than sisters and brothers in parts of the Pacific shore due to only Da Nang residents come. However, variety of dishes, drinks plus way of cooking is unsimilar to each other. If like to taste something special, come to Quan goi ca Thanh Huong for giving a try to famous the fresh fish salad.

Xuan Thieu beach’s green moss season

Moss season in Xuan Thieu beach occurs after Vietnamese new year festival on February. The best time to photograph the scene of multi-shaped stones covered by a green carpet is the morning (low tidal).

Nam O fish sauce making village

Lang nuoc mam Nam O is the village near Xuan Thieu beach and it gets well-known by its traditional fish sauce making craftmanship established from the beginning of 20th century. Year after year, villagers only use fresh and locally-sourced anchovy catched in lunar March (April in Western calendar) and salt imported from Nha Trang. Fishes are not washed by fresh water to avoid the decrease of final sauce’s flavour and then set neatly on a jackfruit tank with proper amount of salt. After 12 months, the first drops are collected. Currently, Nam O fish sauce making tradition is registered by the govermance as a national intangible cultural heritage. See our article here if you like to deepend your understanding about two other craft villages in Da Nang, Tuy Loan and Non Nuoc.

Bai bien Hoa Minh, Phu Loc and Xuan Ha: Non-touristy beaches along Da Nang bay

Bai bien Hoa Minh, Bai bien Phu Loc and Bai bien Xuan Ha are three public beaches on Da Nang bay’s shore that as daily spots to local people in the morning or late afternoon. Refreshing stalls (selling sugarcane juice for example) and fast food vendors are arranged many in these immediate zone. For sure, local restaurants’re also in abundance. More special, a fish market is on Bai bien Phu Loc beach every afternoon (near the bridge). If come but not see it, reach Thanh Khe Dong fish maket close by to find fresh and living seafoods (this is second largest of its kind in Da Nang).

Bai bien Tho Quang: City view and fisherman basket boats

Once enter the Monkey Mountain, you will see Tho Quang beach with its plenty of bamboo-made basket boats. These unique vessels were created in French colonial time in past centuries by fishermans to not pay taxes. If seawater is too shallow (or low tidal), they become very helpful to carry people to bigger boats oversea. In Hoi An’s water coconut forest, it is used to bring visitors (browse here for further information). Additionally, you’re easy to find a private corner for taking sun bath or swimming in Bai bien Tho Quang but it seems that tourist facilities have no presence there.

Top restaurants: Hai san Nam Danh (in the list of best seafood restaurants), Madam Hanh, Hai san Ba Cuong and Nha hang Ba Ro.

Bai bien Non Nuoc: A peaceful beach near the Marble Mountains

Two kilometers to the North of must-see Marble Mountains, Bai bien Non Nuoc shares its pretty shore with The Song Danang Beach Villas and Hyatt Regency Danang. Due to far distance from city center, this place is quite and mostly visited by local people plus guests from neighboring mega resorts.

When come, leave your own vehicle at parking lots near the main path reaching beach. As same as other places, you will pay about 5.000 VND for your motorcycle (the most flexible one to travel Da Nang’s attractions). Balancing your time properly in the Marble Mountains and this peaceful stretch of sand to enjoy both.

There is no standalone cafe and restaurant offering you the lounge chair in Non Nuoc beach. If like to get it, contact with a nearby resort like Hyatt Regency Resort. Ask carefully price and inclusions to compare with other beaches of Da Nang for finding out your best choice.

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