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Hoi An is a stunning destination for backpackers. And in fact, it’s always in their bucket list when travel to Vietnam. Not chaotic as same as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh mega cities, this Central gem brings to every its guest a variety of thing to see and thing to do. Wander around lantern-lit streets inside the Old town and hold on hands a ticket to find out its rich historied places one by one, explore a marvelous night scene made up by colorful lights, get a tailor for pesonalized garments, savour delicious foods, lounge on sandy beaches with lots of sunshine, cycle across magnificent rural villages and more, just await to experience. Outstandingly, all of these easy-to-addict things is within a small proximity. One more time, the city is perfect to have the awesome holiday.

Not “cold” like a hotel or high cost like a resort, hostels today are on safari of world backpackers due to its social vibes and pocket-friendly budget. Without doubt, ones around Hoi An are in the same situation, top-searched. This article we outline all you need to know, a complete guide to hostels in Hoi An and probably, list each star among them to make easier to pick your upcoming place to stay.

Places to stay in Hoi An: all areas compared

Small city but Hoi An houses a variety of different accommodation type spreading over in its boundaries, from atmospheric hostel, cozy homestays, high-end hotels to luxurious resorts. Yes, many choices but the work to find a good one doesn’t end. Travelers have to search which area suits for their wishes as well. Near Hoi An central core, charming beaches, calm countryside or somewhere between them?

In the fact that while the Ancient town surroundings bring the extreme convenience and beaches to the East offers tons of relaxing vibes, middle-points like Cam Chau balance both. Still vibrant but much less touristy and bustling. Pricing for nearly everything is more reasonable than others. However, there are quite a lot of efforts you put in moving from that places to most major destinations. For example, will cycle at least 15 minutes to either the Old town or Cua Dai beach if stay overnight in Cam Chau. Morever, purchase some taxi bills whenever you want to see lantern-lit streets, visit some tailors to get fashionable garments or shop around the night market. Read Hoi An Life’s article to know our expert comparison between every areas in the city, through http://hoianlife.net/where-to-stay-in-hoi-an-all-areas-compared/.

How to know a good hostel in Hoi An

A good hostel gives the guests many plus points what are more than just a clean bed. Location owns the first spot, due to its very importance. If you spend the night in somewhere nearby main tourist attractions or central core, you have not much difficulties to move. Consequently, time and money are saved effectively. By contrast, it seems that you always have to hire a bicycle, motorcycle or call the taxi for anytime you like to hang out. Your budget and travel time down for that reason.

Secondly, take note of price offered and staffs of your prefering hostel. Low cost, for sure, is really good but you should check out carefully what are things it covers. You may not have breakfast, free bicycle to go around, locker (must-have) or towel. For the case of people who you will interact with during whole stay, the best way to know is the online review on reputable international sites. TripAdvisor, Google Maps or Instagram are three helpful tools. Great people create great services and you receive them. Furthermore, knowledgeable staffs can help to make awesome ideas for trips ahead.

Lastly, make sure that your hostel has organizes activities or not. In Hoi An, popular ones are family dinner in which people share delicious foods and fun stories, social parties between every stayers with an invitation from the host, cycling tours around the city without cost (or walking tours) and more. If you’re a solo travelers, that would be great to meet up new friends all over the world.

Top reviewed hostels in Hoi An

Vietnam Backpackers Hostels

Address: 250 Cua Dai street, Cam Chau
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 936756755, webpage, Facebook page, Email (info@vietnambackpackerhostels.com)

Vietnam Backpackers Hostels stands between Hoi An ancient town, a must-see in the country and one of world’s finest beaches. In other words, it offers walkable and bicycleable distances to get these destinations. That’s fantastic to plan any travel iteneraries. Additionally, the hostel also arranges Da Nang airport private car to pick up its guests anytime they need, to bring them the most convenience. It costs around 17 USD (390.000 VND) for the service. There is easy to reach it by Grab and taxi as well.

About amenities, Vietnam Backpackers Hostel features a stunning pool, open-airy common spaces, one deck area overlooking breezy rice paddies as well as an alfresco style bar-restaurant. This Hoi An’s best hostel also provides two selections of high-security dormitory accomodation as mixed single dorms and female single dorms. Furthermore, there are three other clean-tidy private rooms for travel lovers worldwide to choose from, including standard double, twin standard and deluxe double. All brings the comfort to stayers with a reasonale price. If seeking for tours or experiences in Hoi An, its hospitate people on travel desk always happy to see you and give advices. Ask about your privileges in case you like to spend the night in one of its hostel chain (six establishents now in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue or Nha Trang). So, you can get an amount of money-saving to explore different awesome things to do.

Sac Lo Homestay and Hostel

Address: 144 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam Chau
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 936756755, webpage, Facebook page, Email ()

In the nearly end of “Road of vegan restaurants“, Sac Lo Homestay and Hostel owns a well-placed location in Cam Chau. To get sunny Hoi An’s beaches, lush rice paddies, the Old town or local markets, it takes its guest not more than 15 minutes by motorcycle and taxi. Riding the bicycle also is smooth, convenient and popular. Interestingly, the founders name their hostel Sac Lo (Vietnamese way of calling for Charlie Chaplin comic actor) to express their admiration to this world-famous figure. They also share that it can bring the joy to people similarly.

Currently the hostel stands as one of Hoi An’s best hostels due to accommodation, great location, very friendly service and nice people who always willing to the guests. Its every dormitory room features three to four beds (no bunk one existed), large balconies, spacious bathroom with hot/cold shower and a locker to secure your valueables. In case you need the private room, no worries it’s available in Sac Lo Hostel as well. Generally, whichever selection you book is equipped with air-conditioner, fans, wireless wifi and free towels.

What are the best hostels near Hoi An Ancient Town?

Tribee Hostel Chain: The best hostel for solo travelers

Tribee Kinh Hostel&Bar

Address: 103 Ba Trieu street, North of the Old town
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 2353863153, webpage, Facebook page, Email (tribeekinh@gmail.com)

400 kilometers away from Hoi An ancient town, Tribee Kinh Hostel&Bar offers good-value-for-money accommodations with a bar, welcoming services from local staffs, social atmosphere, free private parking, a funky common lounge as well as tour desk where you can find fitted experiences to your budget and travel purpose.

About selections to stay over, its dormitory rooms house no bunk beds for 6 people at most, air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom with hot/cold shower and full toiletries. Unlimited buffet breakfast and drinking water all day long are often included in Tribee Kinh’s price. Check out the details of your booking information about to make sure all benefits known. Additionally, this Hoi An’s best hostel also arranges on-site exciting evening entertaiments or fun outdoor activities to bring its guests a memorable time. Bicycle and motorcycle rentals are available during the day, with an additional charge. Contact the hostel for more details.

Tribee Ede Hostel

Address: 30 Ba Trieu street, North of the Old town
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 2353930444, webpage, Facebook page, Email ()

This Hoi An’s best hostel is another fanfastic business offered by Tribee chain. While its sister on the same street is named as Tribee Kinh (majority people in the country), the founders use Ede hill tribe for his next one to bear the solidarity of Vietnamese ethnics like a family. From here, UNESCO-listed ancient town’s just in walking distance (5 mins walk). Meaning that the guests have very convenience to discovery all of its stunning things to do, without any difficulties.

As same as other members within Tribee Hoi An community, the hostel provides air-conditioned dormitory rooms, hot/cold shower bathroom and locker area to keep your personal belongings in a high security. Six people maximum in each one and group bookings (more than three persons) will be prioritized to arrange inside the same room if possible. You’re advised making your reservation early to have many choices to choose and keep in mind to cancel at least 24 hours when needed. Furthermore, Tribee Ede’s social shared room on the ground floor also becomes a chilly evening oasis to refill your energy or connect with other travel lovers living in different parts of the world. Especially, that’s great for solo explorers to meet up, talk with or further, take a trip together with new-found friends.

Tribee Bana Hostel

Address: 30 Phan Boi Chau street, East of the Old town
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 2353862116, webpage, Facebook page, Email ()

Few steps away from Tribee Bana Hostel, most landmarks and fabulous things to do of Hoi An ancient town are within your reach. Meaning that you really do not need to get any rentals or transfer ride to get this UNESCO world heritage site. Consequently, take the bonus time to relax or deepend your understanding about the local rich culture. If like to make some personalized fashion garments, some of leading tailoring shops position right in this Hoi An best hostel’s surroundings. Last but not least, about location, its base Phan Boi Chau street features top art galleries such as Precious Heritage By Rehann, March Gallery.

Like any other sister and brother in Tribee family, each air-conditioned dormitory accommodation of Tribee Bana Hostel provides a couple of comfortable beds for 6 people maximum (no bunk bed existed), bathroom with hot/cold shower, fans, locker and towels. Group bookings (more than three persons) will be prioritized to arrange to stay into a same room if possible. Similarly, the pricing here is competitive and well-corresponding to its qualities the guest receive. Keep in mind that cash accepted only in this Hoi An’s best hostel. In case not available, no worries, there are many ATM points around due to its city centre situation. Get in touch with Tribee Bana people you meet for a help, to know travel recommendations and advices from local perspectives. Believe that they’re really willing to support all the time.

Serendipity Hoi An Hostel: The best party hostel

Address: 27 Le Quy Don street, near Hoi An Confucius Temple (Van Mieu Hoi An)
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 773568686, webpage, Facebook page, Email ()

Because of a well-placed position in city centre, Serendipity Hoi An Hostel brings the ease of convenience to its experiencers. In other words, just short walk to get the ancient town, 15mins drive to set your foot on Vietnam’s nicest sandy beaches or cycle to tranquil countryside lands from this Hoi An’s best hostel. If seeking for something special like a handicraft workshop, Blue Lotus Leather one stands right in its neighbor. You can check out several high-end stylish leather bags over there also (it stands as one of four best shops around the city). In the evening, bustling night market nearby offers great chance for you to shop some survenirs for beloved people back home.

Unlike many establishments, Serendipity Hoi An Hostel offers both dormitory and private rooms. You have two options with first type of accommodation as mixed and female dorms. Each one single bed amid them features a high security and all necessities for pleasant stay from comfy-clean pillow and blanket set, working light and phone charging points, wireless wifi to locker. The restroom and bathroom are separate, often kept tidy. About the private one, there are deluxe double and double with garden view rooms to pick out. Both are equipped with good amenities just to make sure you have a relaxing time after discovery beautiful Hoi An.

Hoi An Love.Ly Hostel: The best local feel hostel

Address: 46 Thai Phien street, North of the Old town
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 982488135, webpage, Facebook page, Email (hoianlovelyhostel@gmail.com)

As a fan of local foods, make sure you know Thai Phien street and its adjacent area where Hoi An Love.Ly Hostel bases. You can find one of the best Banh mi sandwich stores (Madam Khanh), well-known places to admire Cao lau noodles and much more delicious dishes around this culinary street. There are not all stunning things about the hostel, it also offers the guest standard accommodations, engaging atmosphere as well as hospitate service made by awesome people. Especially, Ly (a local, the founder) always wears her bright smile when meet anybody. She put her heart and soul into everything she does.

Up to the present, globaltrotters have a couple of shared dormitory rooms in cozy Hoi An Love.Ly Hostel to base. Five people maximum within each accommodation to keep the comfort for all stayers and no bunk beds existed. Right from first moments, its people give you helpful information about where you should go to see or exiciting activities like a cooking class. In the evening, Vietnamese family styled dinner with tasty foods is usually arranged. The owner Ly wants to connect everybody staying in the hostel to be closer through. Feel free to join any preparation stages if you like to. Furthermore, this Hoi An’s best hostel also features a spacious lounge area where you can socialise and make new friends living around the world.

Hostels near Hoi An’s beaches

Under The Coconut Tree Hostel: The best hostel in An Bang beach

Address: An Bang beach, Cam An
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 5106529168, webpage, Facebook page, Email ()

An Bang village is a very good place to stay in Hoi An. No matter where you book, it will be close by the beach rated as Vietnam’s finest stretch of sand and numerous fantastic seafront restaurant-bars. To know all things to do in An Bang area, browse our article through http://hoianlife.net/an-ultimate-travel-guide-for-hoi-ans-beaches/.

Together with hotels or homestays, An Bang’s hostels are well-liked choices of country-to-country backpackers globally. Amid dozens of this kind of accommodation, Under The Coconut Tree emerges as a star, perfect nest to unwind and stop the clock. It features beautiful thatched-roof bamboo huts/bungalows tucked away in green trees. Other structures also are used environment-friendly materials with a design of ideas from local fisherman village. Each one room provides every essentials to ensure your time truly enjoyed. This Hoi An’s best hostel arranges family dinner with traditional cookings and style like a local, sitting on the floor daily. Let its staffs know early if you’re willing to participate.

Not only social hostels, An Bang also houses a couple of cozy homestays. Check out what are the best ones among them here.

Paddy’s Hostel&Sports Bar: The best hostel near Cua Dai beach

Address: 97 Cua Dai street, Cam Chau
Contacts (how to book): Telephone number (+84) 5103939988, webpage, Facebook page, Email (info@paddyshostel.com)

Because of an ideal location, all the guests of Paddy’s Hostel&Sports Bar have a great convenience, firstly to approach one of Hoi An best beaches (five mins walk) and then must-visit places in town. It takes you not more than 20 minutes to ride on the bicycle to get Hoi An ancient town and experience exciting things to do in it. Sure, much less if drive motorcycle or be on a taxi. Keep in mind that the hostel offers free bicycle for bookers. You should get in touch early to its front desk to secure your spots during peak tourist seasons. Last but not least, peaceful countryside is just next door, absolutely fabulous to have a day out. For full-packaged information about, browse our article through http://hoianlife.net/things-to-do-in-hoi-an-countryside/.

Cua Dai beach is one of two most popular parts of Hoi An coast, parallel with An Bang to its North direction. You can find fully breezy corners to chill on a lounge under the shade of hundred palm trees in this little heaven.

About the accommodation, this Hoi An’s best hostel has single, double bed dorm rooms and a couple of private ones. Each selection provides clean, comfortable features and their own shower&toilet. Indiviually, anybody has the spacious locker to keep her/him valueables safe during whole stay. The guest policies are attractive in fact, for example free breakfast daily, free beer from 6 p.m, free family dinner on Thursday weekly, free drinking water all day long or cycling tour to Cam Kim island. Beside that, Paddy’s Hostel’s Irish bar also bring worldtravelers finger-flicking local&western foods as well as a long list of beers, spirits and ciders by night.

If you’re the sport fan, ensure you add the Paddy in your bucket list. Every interesting match from Premier League, AFL, NRL to Rugby Union is all shown on its big projector screen. Bartenders and people around you are excited to talk with you about. Its beer garden with outdoor swimming pool becomes cool-off sanctuary within hot summertime of Hoi An.

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