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Travelers not only know Hoi An by its enchanting beauty from thousands of centuries-old houses, brilliant lanterns by night or peaceful countryside, but also of its nickname “culinary capital of Vietnam”. The city boast a huge  assemblage of finger-licking foods, fantastic drinks in company with their diverse ways of preparation. 

Cooking classes itself give us the chance to be closer to this abundance from exploring chaotic markets, approaching street food vendors, meeting up with home chefs who proudly teach true local cuisine to appreciating what never made before. Beside, we are confident to show new tasty dishes to family members/friends back home by a set of skills and knowledge learnt. Definitely they are happy with different experiences from Vietnam. For these reasons, it has been one of the most favored things to do in Hoi An that usually mentioned on best-seller guidebooks or reliable social media channels.

Hoi An Life knows that you are willing to do this kind of activity. Therefore outline a general gastronomy picture about our wonderful city as well as the complete guide for the best cooking classes in Hoi An to help you easier for choosing your most fitted lessons.     

Should see also Hoi An’s local food specialties to know all delicacies in town, best places to try them and guided tours.

An overall picture for Hoi An cuisine&cooking class

Hoi An cuisine

What make Hoi An foods well-known all over Vietnam?

Hoi An food is of outstanding values if compared to bountiful localities in the country, typically thousand-years old capital Hanoi, royal city Hue or Ho Chi Minh city melting pot. Its widespread fame today results from the variety of natural ingredients, ways of cooking and long history of cultural exchanges.

Locate at the end of majestic Thu Bon river, Hoi An is endowed with an exceedingly fertile alluvial-soil plain that perfect to grow diversified greens and proteins. Maze-like waterway systems plus its moderate climate also bring farmers good crops all year round.

During many centuries, Vietnamese generations lived here continously interchanged with native Cham people in cuisine. Specially from 16th century, the city functioned as a bustling international trading port between Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, and Portugese as well. This historic role helped Hoianese know different gastronomic cultures outside Vietnam. Over time, locals acquired these exchanges and created their own ways of cooking. Hoi An food stands out by harmoniously use of ingredients, expert food preparations, multiple selections of side dish until eye-catching decoration. Trying local specialties or engaging in cooking classes is the best way to fully make sense of them.   

Hoi An specialties

Hoianese gets holding a varying collection of yummy specialties including any number of famous dishes around the country like Cao lau (brown noodles topped with well-marinate pork slices, fresh shrimp, light-fried crackers and vegetables), Mi quang (white thick noodles eaten with flavourful pork slices&prawn, rich sauce and crispy rice cracker), Com ga Hoi An (steamed rice served with pleasant-tasting chicken salad, chicken soup and local chilli paste), Banh mi (crunchy barguette combined with juicy pork slices, homemade pork-liver pate, appetizing sauce and garden vegetables) or Pho Hoi An (Hoi An style beef rice noodle soup).  

Besides, there are plenty of delicious hidden gems such as Banh beo, Banh loc, Thit xien nuong, etc dealt in around lantern-lit streets of Hoi An. See our article about must-eat street foods to capture more ideas enriching your traveling days via http://hoianlife.net/must-try-street-foods-in-hoi-an/.

Cooking class-one of the most popular things to do in Hoi An

Market tour

Food-related things to do popularizes across the city. Basically, there are two most participated one-the cooking class and street food tasting tour. In general, these guided activities will take you to Hoi An’s markets aiming for increasing your interactions with local sellers, diving into Hoianese day-to-day way of life, practicing how to bargain in company with learning about never-before-seen ingredients.

Note: Most cooking class operators incorporate the market visit in your culinary experience package. If came to copious amounts of similar places previously, let them know in advance to skip it and focus on having fun during the main class only. However, not many places give you a discount for this selection.  

Cooking class with other activities

Apart from cooking classes with a market tour, local directors often combine it with other outdoor activities such as sightseeing, cycling, boating and much more. Particularly, stopping points generally cover main tourist attractions (Tra Que organic vegetable village for example) as well as hidden gems only known by locals. That’s a good for who travels with budget of time or with kids/childrens that really expects of awesome experience combos.   

Tips to choose your right cooking class

Hoi An Life highly recommends the cooking class for your holiday in Hoi An because it is a great way to expand your horizons. Very worth it! To have a fantastic culinary experience, finding your right lesson plays an important role.

Typically, there are three basic categories as demonstration class, hands-on class and workshops. If you are hunting for preparing different dishes by yourself, avoid the first type because of very little or no ‘hands’ experience in. On the another side, workshop itself takes very long session (sometimes whole day or more) therefore unsuitable for who have no time. Additionally, it also gets the highest cost among all as regards someone’s travel budget from country to country. However, it provides untimate senses of cooking know-how.

Tourists pay most attention to hands-on classes due to they will actually do something instead of watching chef’s performance only like the demonstration class or too confused of master knowledge within the workshop class. Can be said that it is a balancing option. But in peak seasons, you have to wait for participation in case of small-size groups. If book in a medium to big companies, the chef does not give you enough clear intructions. In reality, this is the most popular category among a bunch of cooking classes in Hoi An.

Top five best cooking classes in Hoi An

#1 Herbs and Spices Cooking Classes

About the Herbs and Spices Cooking Class

Establised by such a talented chef Mr.Son Tran since October 2013, Herbs and Spices Restaurant boast an array of stunning culinary lessons that now standing as some of the best cooking classes in Hoi An. Particularly, the Herbs and Spices works with the slogan “enjoy cooking-small group-great experience”. Unlike other places out there, its business completely concentrates on high quality courses so able to deliver you skillful and knowledgeable local chefs, impressive menu options plus authentic Vietnamese ways of cooking.

Address: 2/6 Le Loi Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An city

Telephone number for reservations: (+84) 5103 939 568.

Hotline: 01 233 924 568.

Email: info@herbsandspicesvn.com.

Options of Herbs and Spices Cooking Class

The Classic Menu

This first option of Herbs and Spices cooking class always is arranged in a small group (from 2 to 8 participants) in which you will meet new friends globally. It composes of five delicious dishes (Cha gio thap cam-crispy assorted spring rolls, Bun Cha-pork barbecue patties&vermicelli, Ca nuong la chuoi-grilled sea bass in banana leaf, Muc nhoi dac biet-special stuffed squids and Nuoc cham-Vietnamese dipping sauce). The lesson flexibly begins everyday from 10:30, 16:30 or in the evening within a duration ranging from 2.5 to 3 hours. Complementarily, the participants will learn under clear and funny instructions of very proffessional local chef.

Its cost covers about 800.000 VND (35 USD) per person. You also have the chance to explore the local market with a small extra fee (35.000 VND-1.5 USD) to deepend your understanding about [different] ingredients. Take a mental note of showing one hour in the restautant at 2/6 Le Loi Street before class starts if like to join.  

Hoi An Specialties

Led by a many-years experienced chef, you will learn how to cook five Hoi An specialties including Goi xoai xanh-green mango salad with tiger prawns, Cha gio vit-duck spring rolls, Bun cha-barbecued pork patties&vermicelli, coconut crème caramel and Nuoc cham-Vietnamese dipping sauce during 2.5-3 hours. This Hoi An specialties lesson costs each participants around 1.100.000 VND (48 USD) and an additional 35.000 VND (1.5 USD) charge if you want to take some walks into the local market with a mine of information.

As same as the Classic Menu option, everybody needs to present in Herbs and Spices Restaurant at 2/6 Le Loi Street one hour prior to class starting time. In addition to, a bottle of wine will be offered for whole group (from 4 to 8 peopleGoi xoai xanh-green mango salad with tiger prawn. Lastly, you have three options to start your class at 10:30, 16:30 or in the evening. Get in touch as soon as possible to Herbs and Spices cooking class for any reservations.    

Sensational Seafood Feast

The Sensational Seafood Feast is another stunning choice of Herbs and Spices cooking class that arranged daily on a basis of two-to-eight-people group. Because it focus on a seafood-based menu, you and other friends will make Goi cuon hai san (seafood fresh spring rolls), Chao Tom (grilled shrimp paste), savory Ca ngu nau chao (pan-seared white tuna steak), Nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce) together with coconut crème caramel within 2.5-3 hours. Forbye, this Herbs and Spices cooking class also provides  us three beginning times at 10:30, 16:30 and in the evening daily.

The class price is about 1.330.000 VND (58 USD) per person excluding visiting local chaotic market (extra 35.000 VND-1.5 USD if like to take part in). According to the program, it takes place one hour once the class starts, therefore you should show on time at 2/6 Le Loi Street to not miss out everything. Herbs and Spices Restaurant kindly provides a bottle of wine for group of minimum 4 people as well.

#2 Red Bridge Cooking School

About Red Bridge Cooking School

Two kilometers away from colourful Hoi An ancient town, Red Bridge Cooking School is set gracefully in a green oasis made up by vast nipa palm forests and windy rice paddies. This position makes the cooking school becomes an ideal place for introducing Hoianese wealthy cuisine knowledge. Furthermore, fresh vegetables used in every Red Bridge cooking classes sources from its self-growing gardens.

-Address: Thon 4, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city.

-Telephone number: (+84) 235 3933 222.

-Email: info@visithoian.com

Selections of Red Bridge Cooking School

Half-day tour (8:15-13:00)

With its twelve years continous operation, Red Bridge half-day cooking class is mentioned on every major guidebooks including legendary the Lonely Planet. There is no doubt to say that this full of interesting culinary lesson has a position on the list of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Your experience begins at Hai Café (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) with a lovely welcome drink. Then visit the market with other friends once getting 30 minutes leisurely boatride on Hoi An river. When arrive, Red Bridge staffs will take you around herb gardens and afterwards learn how to cook five true Vietnamese dishes (Banh trang-wet rice papper, Goi cuon-fresh spring rolls, Banh xeo Hoi An-rice pancake with shrimp, bean sprouts, herbs and peanut sauce, Goi hai san-seafood salad with Tra Que herbs, Quang Nam styled chicken noodles). Local chef also gives you the guidance to make by yourself the tomato rose and Vietnamese hand fan. After cooking in two hours, it’s time to sit down, relax and enjoy your lunch with flavourful dishes pre-made as well as additional barbecued beef wraps offered by Red Bridge. No worried if you are a non-protein lover, vegetarian option is highly available.

The class costs about 800.000 VND (35 USD) and includes transfer back to city center, a fresh water bottle plus swimming pool use (towels/showers provided). Full charge will be applied for adults/childrens above 7 years-old and free of charge for kids/childrens under 7. To save newborn lives throughout Vietnam, two more USD are recommended to all bookers. Browse https://www.newbornsvietnam.org/ for further details.

Deluxe day tour (8:00-15:00)

Among the most selected cooking class in Hoi An, Red Bridge deluxe day tour starts day-to-day at Hai Café (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) in the morning. At first, the minivan will take participants to beautiful Tra Que organic vegetable village in order to visit herb gardens, see up-close farmers at work, learn about different kind of greens and try special herbal drink in a local house.

After leave Tra Que village, you will go to Red Bridge Cooking School headquarter where get the hang of preparing four toothsome dishes led by a Hoianese professional chef: Pho bo (beef noodle soup), Ca kho to (fish and fresh dill cooked in clay pot), Tom nuong la chuoi (grilled shrimps in banana leaf) and Goi hoa chuoi ga nuong (banana flower salad with grilled chicken). Especially, the participants have the opportunity to work with traditional cooking utensils (still in use today). Then appreciate luch feast with your dishes pre-cooked and return Hoi An city center by river cruise in 30 minutes.

The price of this well-liked cooking class is about 1.300.000 VND (59 USD) and also includes a drink at lunch, informative recipe booklet as well as swimming pool use (towel/shower provided). Similar to the half-day tour, adults/childrens over 7 years-old will pay a full price and free-of-charge for kids/childrens under 7. To help Vietnamese special-situated babies via its chartity fund, Red Bridge also would like to recommend 2 USD extra. Browse https://www.newbornsvietnam.org/ for further details. 

Evening Cooking Class (18:00-20:00)

Your first works are chilling with a welcome drink at Hai Café (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street). Prior to dine your end-results, Red Bridge will instruct and explain carefully three appetizing dishes: Cha gio tom Hoi An  (deep-fried prawn&vegetable spring rolls), Goi bo Hoi An (beef salad with mint, coriander, green mango, sesame rice cracker and crushed peanuts) and Ca nuong la chuoi (grilled fish in banana leaf) in two hours.

During dinner time, Red Bridge also offers two additional Hoi An specialties as Bong hong trang (white rose) and Hoanh thanh chien (fried wonton) for the group. If you are a vegetarian friendly person, no worry because vegan option gets always available. Each class has a limitation for 10 people who pay indiviually around 530.000 VND (23 USD) and two more if say yes to join hands in baby-saving charity program (further details through https://www.newbornsvietnam.org/). Take note that full charge will be applied for adults/childrens above 7 years-old and no any payment for kids/childrens under 7. Bring your child members to the class, Hoi An Life thinks that they are excited to witness how their mom/dad and chefs to prepare Vietnamese foods.  

#3 Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class

About Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class

General information

Thuan Tinh island cooking classes are set up many years ago by Uncle Thai who has a special love for Hoi An and its delicious foods in particular. Your cooking lesson will be arranged in an ecological island in the heart of Rung dua Bay Mau (Cam Thanh’s coconut forests) where great to refresh yourself. There is nothing more than have lunch/dinner by do-it-yourself dishes in this peaceful place. From expats, Thuan Tinh island cooking class gives learners good values in terms of fun, time, quality, adventure plus money. That’s reason why it becomes a favourite choice of numerous gastronomic-experience seekers. Currently, as one of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Telephone number: (+84) 906 477 770.

Email: reservations@hoiancookingtour.com

Behind Thuan Tinh island Cooking Tour success-Uncle Thai stories

Success of Thuan Tinh island cooking classes are laid the foundation and developed by Mr.Thai who adored Hoi An in the first sight in 1995. He had a special love for foods inspired from his mom delicious home-cook dishes in the childhood. After living in France and the United States many years, he came back and was willing to contribute to grow the city by his all abilities. Over plenty of ups and downs, finally he established successfully a cooking school in which tourists worldwide have the chance to know more unique values of Vietnamese cuisine.

Choices of Thuan Tinh island Cooking Class

Half-day culinary tour-Market trip and boat ride

You have morning session (8:45-13:30) designed for early birds who enjoy busy-crowded market and afternoon session (11:45-16:30) designed for zen souls who prefer peaceful meals by the riverside. Each one costs 910.000 VND (39 USD) per person including four most iconic dishes of Vietnamese cuisine (recipe for dietary restrictions available), pick up&drop off at hotels within Hoi An (additional fee if pick up in Da Nang), a market trip, 30 minutes relaxing cruise going through transquil Cam Thanh coconut forest and great guidance from Thuan Tinh’s masterly chefs. Full charge for adults/childrens above 12 years-old, 50% off for childrens in between 5 and 12 years-old and lastly, free of charge for kids/childrens under 5.

About four signature dishes, there are Banh xeo (crispy rice pancakes served with dipping sauce), Bun bo (sauteed beef noodles topped with peanuts and beef jus vinaigrette), Goi cuon (pork and shrimp fresh spring rolls eaten with peanut dipping sauce) and Pho bo (beef noodle soup).    

Note: Thuan Tinh island team will start picking up the bookers 45 minutes before class beginning. As one of high-ranking cooking classes in Hoi An, they are always be on time. Make sure that you are all ready when the team comes.    

Sunset Tour-Family dinner

This option is designed for families as well as couples who want a romantic, chilling experience at a serene location away from hustle and bustle. Notably, suitable for authentic Vietnamese family dinner seekers. During 3 hours (from 16:00-19:00), professtional local chef will teach comprehensively how to prepare Ca kho to (braised fish in clay pot), Rau muong xao toi (stir-fried morning glory with garlic), Cha gio chay (vegetarian fried spring rolls) and Bap cai cuon thit (cabbage wrapped with minced pork&tomato sauce). Besides, Thuan Tinh island team serves tasy detox soup, Nuoc cham (Vietnamese-styled dipping sauce) and steamed rice for your dinner.

According to public prices on its website, it costs 610.000 VND (26 USD) per adults/childrens above 12 years-old. If your son/daughter is under 12, just need to pay half of the price. Free of charge applies for kids and childrens under 5. Particularly, the inclusions cover pickup&drop off service for all hotels within Hoi An and a small extra fee if you stay in Da Nang, short boat ride going through Cam Thanh coconut forest, lessons about local vegetables at on-site humble gardens and one cup of coffee/tea.

Note: You have another choice for picking up, Ha An hotel’s garden at 6 Phan Boi Chau Street (close by the Old town) instead of your accommodation. Thuan Tinh team will be there as early as 45 minutes once the class starts.

#4 Green Bamboo Cooking School

About Green Bamboo Cooking School

Green Bamboo Cooking School has offered small personalized gastronomic lessons from two to twelve people and paid center of attention to tasty homemade meals. Differentiate to four other best cooking classes in Hoi An, it has one full-day option only with purpose of making Vietnamese long-standing cuisine no longer a stranger to people around the world.     

Headquarter: 21 Truong Minh Hung, Cam An (Cua Dai Beach area)

Telephone number/Whatsapp: (+84) 905 815 600.

Email: van@greenbamboo-hoian.com

Full day class (8:00-15:00)-only culinary lesson hosted by Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo Cooking Class menu

Unlike plentiful cooking classes in Hoi An, each participant will select his/her most favourite dish from a wide menu specifically designed by Green Bamboo Cooking School. It composes of 50 protein along with 16 vegetarian options. After selecting, final menu for whole class will be combined your beloved choice and others.

-Hightlights of protein option: Hoianese signature Cao lau noodles, Bo nuong la lot (barbecued beef with local piper leaves), Canh chua (Vietnamese fish sour soup), Bun cha (grilled pork patties noodle soup), Ca kho to (caramelized fish cooked in clay pot), Muc nhoi sot ca chua (pork/prawn stuffed squid with tomoto sauce, Tra Que vegetable village specialty Tom huu (fresh rolls ofshrimp, boiling pork and herbs), Goi hoa chuoi tom thit (banana flower salad with shrimp and pork).

-Vegetarian option delights: Ca ri chay (slow-cooking vegetarian curry), Ca tim kho to (braised eggplants cooked in clay pot),  Mi xao chay (white rice noodles stir-fried with tofu, mushroom and others), Canh chua chay (Vietnamese vegetarian sour soup).

Note: Keep in mind that Green Bamboo Cooking School have the request to indicate your likest dish, hotel name and room number when confirm the reservation. Text them on Whatsapp, Email or Facebook homepage once any lesson begins to ensure they received your information.

Price and how to book Green Bamboo Cooking Class

You will pay around 1.030.000 VND (45 USD) with inclusions in pick up&drop off services at your hotel, a local market visit, all ingredients used, a pretty gift (worth 5 USD) and amazingly awesome instructions from Ms.Van whose intense love for Vietnamese traditional cooking. Due to timing for lessons is in the middle of 8 a.m and 3 p.m daily, she will make the response to your email and messages after 16:00 until 18:00. You can call her by personal telephone number (+84) 905 815 600 to book direct. This is the fastest way to take your slot cooking with Van.

Additionally, Green Bamboo Cooking School accepts both of cash (mainly VND or USD) and globally popular debit/credit cards. With slogan “no rush to pay”, every participant makes a payment after the session done.

#5 Vy’s Market Cooking School

About Vy’s Market Cooking School

Contact information

Vy market’s cooking shool boast the largest collection of culinary experiences and coressponding levels of cooking expertise in comparison to any cooking classes else. In addition to, three well-equiped teaching areas also provide us the most immersive culinary space. All people living in the city will agree to register it on the list of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Email: cookingclasses@tastevietnam.asia

Hotline: (+84) 914 044 034.

Vy’s market teacher-a pearl of great price

Behind the success of every single Vy’s market cooking class, there is uncountable contributions from two amazing ladies: Ms.Vy and Ms.Lu. Definitely you will see at least one of them led your lesson.

Ms.Vy, a native Hoianese is extremely proud of her family whose noodle store run by three generations. Like father like son, she opened her first restaurant named Little Marmaid (first eatery catering foreign tourists at Hoi An) in 1992. After plentiful years working in the business, Vy decided to arrange the classes for sharing her wealthy dictionary of kitchen secrets from the request of her friends. That was the date Vy’s market cooking class was borned. Although as a businesswomen, she still hosts daily lessons to keep her great fire of passion inside.

Another star of Vy’s market cooking class, Ms.Lu started out in a small restaurant where the diners want to come back just because of her cookings. After left the familiar workplace, she met and collaborated with Ms.Vy in teaching traditional Vietnamese cuisine to people around the world. Today, both beautiful ladies-Vy and Lu are irreplaceable figures of Vy’s market brand.        

Options of Vy’s Market Cooking Class

Vietnamese Street Food Tour-Two hours

This two-hours Vy’s market cooking class is a fun and interesting way to learn about Hoi An’s famous street foods.  There are two lessons held everyday from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 until 20:00. Especially, it will be downed to one only beginning from 17:00 to 19:00 during Tet (Vietnamese new year).

Following the program, knowledgable guide will show you live demonstrations and samples of Banh xeo Hoi An (crispy rice pancakes), Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) and Cao lau noodles right at the counters. For sure, going along with his/her in-depth explainations about what you are trying. Before say goodbye, Vy’s market cooking class also give the participants a cooking gift to take home. The cost is 575.000 VND (25 USD) per person applied for group of 2 to 6. Because it has being one of the most sought-after cooking classes in Hoi An for food lovers, so you should check its availability via Vy’s market hotline.

Private or Family Class-Two and a half hours

Designed for small group form 2 to 4 people, family with childrens and who wants a class without Hoi An central market tour. At Vy’s market restaurant (03 Nguyen Hoang Street) from 10:00 to 12:30, you get the hang of the most iconic local dishes under the instructions of an accomplished chef. This cooking course often gets closed in Tet-Vietnamese new year holiday. If visit during that time, call Vy’s market hotline to check their working days.  

Unlike to any other sessions, the bookers will pay 4.600.000 VND (200 USD) for entire this class. Meaning that you need to look for “class partner” when solotravel or contact early to Vy’s market employees for a help. Hoi An Life believes that they really do not mind to introduce you to another food lover (at least) and announce the matching day for learning altogether. Being patient for this veteran member of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.      

Holiday Masterclass-Half day

From 8:30 until 13:30, Holiday Masterclass hosted by Vy’s market begins with pleasant boat ride from Vy’s market restaurant at 03 Nguyen Hoang Street reaching local market in order to know more Hoianese eatings and daily ways of living. Then watch live demonstration of numerous foods at their birthplaces, join hands on appetizing dishes in two hours with a funny chef once feast with your end-results within very atmospheric space. Already on its 18th year, this fabulous activity is listed in major guidebooks plus Trip Advisor as amongst the best cooking classes in Hoi An. Call hotline (+84) 914 044 034 to ensure you will experience in the expected day if book less than 12 hours.

It costs 736.000 VND (32 USD) encompassing of one cooking utensil as a gift along with full recipe about what you learnt. Lastly, Vy’s market always keeps amount of participants from 12 and 20 people because it is willing to deliver the nicest experiences to bookers.  

Advanced Masterclass-Five hours

From local expats, this ‘advanced class’ is a gastronomic session contented to suit very keen cooks and proffessional chef with goof knife skills who cook often at home or work as well as confident in the kitchen. There are four-course Vietnamese traditional family style lunch awaiting you ahead.

After getting on relaxing river cruise and wandering around the market to buy all necessary ingredients, you will prep, clean, chop, slice, shred and cook with a group of 4-12 people on a large table during five-hours untimate hands-on class. You will pay 966.000 VND (42 USD) encompassing of detailed recipe and one cooking utensil bringging back home. Take note that this in-depth session is held by Vy’s market every Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 to 13:30. For any reservations less than 12 hours the class begins, give a call to its hotline (+84) 914 044 034 to check the availability.

Cooking Class and Countryside Bike Tour-Five and a half hours

Basically, the cycling tour and cooking class are two must-do activities in Hoi An. To help tourists to combine them into one program in which absolutely enjoy both. For that reason, this 5.5 hours Vy’s market cooking class and countryside bike tour was designated. It’s worth it for who loves exploring authentic experiences about Vietnamese culture.

Within a group of 8-20 people, your English speaking guide will take you around on scenic rural roads  through rice paddies, herb gardens at Tra Que organic vegetable village, visit only Cao lau maker in Hoi An, bean sprout growing family, open-air countryside market and for sure, 4 well-known Hoianese foods (Bong hong trang-White rose, Banh xeo-crispy rice pancakes included). Every experiencer has one cooking utensil as a gift and all-inclusive recipe following lunch time. The price is 966.000 VND (42 USD) per person.  

Just available on Monday and Thursday at 8:30-13:30, therefore keep in mind to ensure you book right day if do not wish to omit a highlight of Vy’s market cooking classes.

Gourmet Class with Ms Lu Lu-Five and a half hours

Recommended to skilled cooks, qualitied chefs or food enthusiatists keen to gain an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese rich culture and abundant cuisine. Accordingly, only ready for either adults or childrens above 18 years-old to participate in. It gets held weekly on Wednesday and Sunday from 8:30 until 14:00, except Tet holiday. Nearly everything closes alike, so check the calendar carefully before you plan to go anywhere in Vietnam.

As same as other awe-inspiring Vy’s market cooking classes, it starts with a laid-back boat trip to approach the central market. At here, the group (6-12 people) comes to street food stalls where able to sample and witness lively performance from the vendors. On the next step, you will meet one of first-rate Vy’s market chefs-Ms.Lu Lu for learning how to prepare four delicious local dishes (Muc nhoi thit-stuffed squid with pork and Hoanh thanh chien-fried wonton consisted) during three hours. Besides that, she shares their nutrition values and Vietnamese philosophy hidden in too.

It costs 1.035.000 VND (45 USD) per person including all activities mentioned on the program, detailed recipe and one useful cooking utensil as a gift. Beyond doubt, this gourmet lesson gets well-deserved to be among the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

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